Shousei Yamazaki

Summary Page

Name Shousei Yamazaki Player Greenling
Primary Impression Destiny Delayed Risk Factor The Fool, Reversed
Flags Wind-Tossed Snowflake Heart Tell Me About Your Character
A Foolish Consistency Grace, Poise, and Flow
Quantum Entanglement -
Stress Refresh Rate -3 / -11
Physical [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Consequences Aspect?
Mental [X] [ ] [ ] Mild
Social [ ] [ ] [ ] Moderate
Other? -- Severe

Functional Utility Baseline Assessment Results

Skills Used/Cap 40 of 47
Rating # Skills
Superb (+5) Athletics, Stealth
Great (+4) Discipline, Conviction
Good (+3) Weapons, Scholarship, Endurance
Fair (+2) Intimidation, Might, Presence, Lore
Average (+1) Deceit, Empathy, Alertness, Resources, Investigation

Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, uh… French. Yes.

Demonstrated Resources

Cost Ability
-1 Persona - Emperor, Oberon. Really not what he'd expected, but everyone else thinks it fits…
-2 Greater Potential - Magic plot deelibobs.
-4 Demonic Arts - I presume this is also equipped Persona?
-2 Resistance - See equipped Persona
+2 Weakness - See equipped Persona

Resources by Line Item

Emperor: Oberon
  • Resist: Elec Weakness: Wind
  • Skill Shuffle: None (First Persona)
  • Specialties: (Temporary recommendation) Elec Power +1, Slash Power +1
Demonic Arts
Art Name Roll Type Action Stress Cost Strength Effect
Zio 4 Elec Magic Attack 1 3 Strike an enemy with electricity, SHOCKED on spin.
Arm Chopper 2 Phys Slash Attack 1 2/2 Two Power: 2 Slash attacks in succession. FEAR on spin.
- - - - - - -
Chariot: Zouchouten
  • Resist: Strike Weakness: Wind
  • Skill Shuffle: Fists +5, Stealth +1, Deceit +0
  • Specialties: ??????
Demonic Arts
Art Name Roll Type Action Stress Cost Strength Effect
Brutal Force - Phys Strike Attack - - Add your furthest physical Stress box to the Damage of this attack.
Manifest 1 - Phys Strike Special 0 End Make Might attacks/maneuvers/contests using the Persona. Range: 1 zone
Rakukaja - - - - - Give yourself or an ally Armor: 2 for all attacks causing physical stress (3 exchanges)

Significant Relationships

Arcana Name Status Rating Consequences
0. Fool ???? ???? ?????
I. Magician Mei Mei Han Shoot From the Hip! Average (+1)
IV. Emperor
V. Hierophant Mamat I Am What I Do Average (+1)
VII. Chariot Anthony Wen Maybe I Am Impressed… Fair (+2)
XI. Justice Marissa Lereaux Can I Still Be Someone's Knight? Fair (+2)
XIV. Temperance Yamazaki Kazue Keeping A Calm Home Average (+1)
XVII. Star Yamazaki Izumi My Voice Will Be Heard Average (+1)
XVIII. Moon Misaki Naito Anything You Can Do (I can do better) Average (+1) -
XX. Judgement Michael Lin Quantum Entanglement 0 -

Supporting Documents

Historical File

Include a paragraph or more about the character's childhood and upbringing, up to Event Convergence.

Subject is the son of Makoto Yamazaki*, a rising businessman for Argon, a major manufacturer of consumer electronics, particularly cell phones and (more importantly) game paraphenalia. Of Japanese extraction, the family moved to Singapore in [??] following a promotion. One older brother, possibly younger siblings, one half-brother of the same age. Generally not very close to anyone, slightly teased as a child, decided to excel at school to put his mind to something. Now attends a rather high-level school.

*See also subjects: Michael Lin, Masaru Yamazaki.

Related Flags Insert relevant Aspects

Psychological Profile

Go into detail about key traumatic events or positive influences upon your character, adding Aspects again as appropriate.

Out of game, subject is withdrawn and distant, finding difficulty with non-superficial social interaction. He spends much of his free time alone, though he seems to go out of his way to schedule himself very little of it. This is possibly due to the level of study and responsibility subject takes on, but further evaluation suggests some sort of internal fear or doubt, or something similar. Subject is bright and clearly capable, consistently near (though not at) the top of his class, but he indulges in few interests or ambitions; of those, music and dance top the list, though the game seems to have recently become an outlet rather than a perceived obligation to his father.

In-game, subject tends to prefer "rogue"- or "assassin"-type characters, an inversion of his out-of-game persona. Inference from his profile and in-game "alignment" actions suggest that this may be a deliberate inversion for the sake of "roleplaying", rather than repression of antisocial behavior or strict escapism, but subject has not yet logged enough hours, nor is his behavior consistent enough, for this impression to have a high percentage of accuracy.

Subject has recently exhibited signs of using game to express another side to his personality- increased extroversion, curiosity, risk-taking behavior among the differences. Further investigation necessary. Player handle is Seven Veils; currently seems to stick to RP and PvE events.

Related Flags Insert relevant Aspects

First Contact

Introduce your character in-depth to the supernatural world through their first adventure, adding Aspects relating to that contact.

Subject has largely ignored the stranger events surrounding the game, including at least one attempt at deliberate introduction. Subject may be annoyed or (?)frustrated by such topics; a skeptic?

Related Flags Insert relevant Aspects

Significant Experience

Determine ties with other PCs and shared adventures. Rivalries, ships crossing the dark, shared tragedies - all are valid connections or sources of Aspects.

Upon entering the game, subject has gained some social ties which might become long-term, including a fortuitous meeting with a boy he has yet to learn is his brother…

Related Flags Quantum Entanglement

As we sleep, so shall we wake
The shocking clarity revealed
As if a veil was somehow lifted
Disclosing what it once concealed

Rain falls down

Advancement Notes

Switch: Endurance (4) with Stealth (3); +1 Stealth (now 5) (part of 1st Major Milestone)
which means I need to bump Conviction (now 4) and Weapons (now 3) (two significant)
Lore to 2 (3)