Singapore Conception

<@Jaito> As a jeep approaches the quietest little police barricade, anyone with active AR gets a static-y overlap onto their vision
<Night> (4 on ze lore)
<@Jaito> Night becomes immediately aware of a sudden, potent presence manifesting…then calming. And smaller presences fleeing out of range. Something escaped the hospital, but the lingering miasma is stronger than ever.
<@Jaito> There's so much mystical NOISE, anything could be in there
<Night> Oh, lovely. She pinches the bridge of her nose, quietly cursing a variety of parental figures, most of which aren't hers, and a few deities.
<@Jaito> - Disable the corrupting transmisssion. Pleasepleaseohgodplea-
<@Jaito> - Survive
<@Jaito> - Cease the rising dead production.
<@Jaito> - Destroy the Voice of Madness
<@Jaito> - Rescue the protector of children
<@Jaito> - OPTIONAL: Rescue the scion of Izanagi
<@Jaito> - OPTIONAL: Parley with the Mother of Night
<Night> Scion of Izanagi would be Shir-"What."
<@Jaito> A man in a dark coat with a big pistol looks at the approaching jeep and sighs. "…you know what? Just go in. I assume you know what you're doing."
<Night> "What. What-" Oh, look, a person she doesn't care about. "You. Can you explain what's going on here, or should I just keep walking?"
<Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei frowns. "The only one of those I recognize is the Guild Leader."Mis
<@Jaito> "I can provide some basic background, but I suspect that you more than I do, Miss…Naito, if my files are accurate?"
<@Jaito> "And…hmm. Yamazaki Masaru…and who's that?"
<@Jaito> He points to Shousei.
<Masaru> Killing the engine in the jeep - not that he could lock it, being milspec - and taking his time to get this handled. Looking over the hospital. "I imagine it will become obvious enough when we get in there. We should probably prioritze handling the people who need rescuing." Glancing over. "He's my little brother. Who're you with?"
<Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei raises an eyebrow. Who is this person, and how do they know Night and his brother?
<@Jaito> "Ah. I was only tangentially involved in a routine inquiry into major Yamazaki players. I…am at least tangentially connected to Interpol, the IMF, the Vatican, the Church of Latter Day Saints, and the Freemasons. Not surprisingly, only the IMF pays well."
<@Jaito> This is all said in a calm, casual and explanatory tone.
<Masaru> "That would be about right." Nodding.
<Night> "You actually accepted work from the LDS?"
<Night> Night is judging. Night is judging so hard
[19:22] <Masaru> "More importantly, what's the situation?"
[19:22] <@Jaito> "They have the most complete genetic geneology in the world. Do you have a genomic and true-name database?"
[19:23] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "…That's a good question." Given the giant artificial intelligence.
[19:23] <@Jaito> He turns to Masaru with a nod of approval. "Will Lawrenson and glowing, demonic entity have already entered to neutralize what appears to be a highly illegal co-option of the world by a mysterious alliance of players."
[19:24] <@Jaito> *He
[19:25] <Night> "Will? Oh, so you're the ones who picked her and Xiao up?"
[19:25] <Night> Yeah, she's involved. Night doesn't particularly care what he thinks he can do about it.
[19:25] <@Jaito> He nods. "Xiao's still in containment…which is for the best. Lawrenson is under the impression that her missing wife is in the facility in some capacity."
[19:25] <Masaru> …Masaru rubs his eye, blinks a few times. Long day. "The glowing one is one of mine. Thank you, we'll handle it as best as we can."
[19:26] <@Jaito> At this point, a great amount of dust and shrapnel burst out of the sliced-open doorway.
[19:26] <@Jaito> Which is followed by a solid percentage of the second floor.
[19:26] <@Jaito> *second floor
[19:26] <@Jaito> Gray looks over his shoulder. "You're welcome to do as you find wise. This is officially a scene to be contained."
[19:26] <Masaru> "I should go."
[19:27] <@Jaito> He takes out a phone. "20 minutes. After that, there is likely to be a tragic gas explosion."
[19:27] <@Jaito> Same deadpan.
[19:27] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei winces.
[19:28] <Masaru> Heading for the door, to determine if the lobby's even a viable entrance point….
[19:29] <Night> Well, now seems like a time to bring Jack on out…
[19:29] <@Jaito> Misha: …after his compliment and the resulting dustcloud. Where IS he?
01[19:30] <Misha_Nikaia> ….a very good question, and that is /not/ a good thing to leave unanswered for very long.
[19:30] <@Jaito> A hand grasps Gray's shoulder. And a surprisingly-soft, accented voice follows. "I have been impressed. I am done here. Will anyone try to stop me?"
[19:30] <@Jaito> Night: Discipline
[19:31] <Night> (1!)
[19:32] <@Jaito> (4) - Night, mark your third social stress box.
[19:32] <@Jaito> Your gift FLARES in memory. It's him. him. HIM.
[19:33] <Night> "…Oh fuck."
[19:33] <@Jaito> Gray…doesn't move.
<Masaru> Fine, if everyone else is going to be scared, Masaru will be the one to turn around and see what's going on.
[19:34] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shouse is too scared /not/ to look.
[19:34] <Shousei_Yamazaki> He bristles like a cat as he turns.
[19:35] <@Jaito> Looking back at him is six feet of dark skin, finely-honed features…and very familiar glowing runes traced across his body. "Ah. The discarded princes. Perhaps I should stay after all…but it's too soon to end this. It's hardly begun…finally, I can resist."
[19:35] <@Jaito> Slowly, he licks his lips. "Your flesh means little to me. Not nothing, but less than it did."
[19:36] <@Jaito> His voice is oddly soft and serene…almost familiar. A lot of his little affections remind you of Michael.
[19:36] <@Jaito> *affectations
[19:37] <Night> Night quietly debates whether she can summon something like the World-Eater without moving. Sure, the contract won't go, but it'd be one hell of a distractions…
[19:37] <Masaru> "Oh, look, Shousei. Another madman playing at being a god." His tone is deadpan. Not completely sarcastic, but certainly not the same terror everyone else seems to be experiencing. "And he even speaks in riddles. Really, I'm getting tired of this."
[19:38] <@Jaito> He frowns, as if he fears he may have offended. "I was speaking plain truth. Little has been explained, I s-" He pauses. "…ah. It's nearly done. Perhaps my role will not be needed…"
[19:38] <@Jaito> As the dust further clears, another glow can be made out from within.
[19:38] <Shousei_Yamazaki> …The idea briefly occurs to Shousei that maybe Michael turned into this or got eaten by this, whatever it is. Whatever /it/ is. Hopefully, probably not.
[19:39] <Masaru> Glancing behind him, then back at the other runed figure. "You're here for Michael, aren't you?"
[19:40] <@Jaito> "Yes. Misha Nikaia is destined to tear the gift out of my skull with bare fingers…or vice versa. However? Today need not be that day. I feel put upon. Too many gods thinking they have a /right/ to my body…"
[19:41] <@Jaito> His bare foot grinds down some broken glass to dust.
[19:41] <Night> "Can't imagine what that's like."
[19:42] <@Jaito> Misha: Oh. He's with your friends.
[19:42] <@Jaito> That's much better.
01[19:42] <Misha_Nikaia> …much worse.
[19:43] <Masaru> Nodding. Psychopathic demonling with delusions of godhood or not, that's something he can understand. "Then this can be forestalled. There's a few people who need to die in the meantime, and few who shouldn't. I'm not asking for your help, just that you're not going to make this harder for us."
[19:43] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei takes a couple of steps back from the weird new guy, looking further into the dust. Michael? Is he all right?
06[19:43] * Misha_Nikaia straightens and tries not to limp down there. He manages, if barely, even if it is like walking on broken glass with every step.
[19:44] <@Jaito> He glances back towards the rubble. "There's someone else I want. I cannot /stand/ princes." He heads towards the doors again, about to cross paths with Misha.
[19:45] <Night> "I don't think the prince dies in the first act." Alright, Niddhog's out, maybe Charon? Tiamut. Something big and shiny and explody.
[19:46] <Masaru> Rubbing one of his temples and shaking his head. "…I suppose there's no negotiating with the rabble." And glancing back at Misha and the other man.
06[19:47] * Misha_Nikaia is keeping a very, very careful eye on him.
[19:48] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Is tha-
[19:48] <Shousei_Yamazaki> One eye twitches shut.
[19:49] <@Jaito> With a crouch, he leaps up into the structure of the second floor and out of sight.
[19:49] <Night> "…Michael, when did you find the time to change?"
[19:49] <@Jaito> …leaving them, for the moment, alone amidst moans, wails, and moving children's finger-paintings along the broken walls
01[19:50] <Misha_Nikaia> And letting, for now, the veil of his other self go.
1[19:51] <Michael_Lin> "W-what I-I w-was wearing w-was d-destroyed b-before…" his body language is entirely himself again, all fluttery and nervous.
[19:52] <Masaru> …And here he got his hopes up, you looked competent for a moment. "Are you all right, Michael?"
[19:52] <Night> Well then. Night looks back up the building, then at the…ruins of the door, before sighing. A dress while you become a missile…well. All his limbs appeared to be there and glowing like a rave.
[19:53] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei's hand flies up over his eyes, trying to will the mental image of whatever is in front of him away. Away. Away.
[19:53] <Shousei_Yamazaki> He peeks- nope. Still here. Has to be real. Damnit.
[19:54] <Night> "That isn't a good coping mechanism, Shousei."
[19:54] <Night> "Trust me."
[19:54] <Shousei_Yamazaki> He shakes his head and decides to focus on the important part that his brother has already gotten to- raising an eyebrow at Night.
06[19:54] * Michael_Lin nods timidly. "Y-yes." Bruises don't count, and his headache and blurred vision are too minor to count either. His bones are far more intact than he expected them to be.
[19:54] <@Jaito> Gray nods. "Denying the world is for children. Deal with what's apparent."
[19:54] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "Hrrmph."
[19:55] <Night> Night just gives him a flat look. Don't question her on this.
[19:55] <@Jaito> "As I said - 20 minutes."
[19:56] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "Oh, don't /you/ start," he snaps at Gray. Night he can deal with. He doesn't need words of 'wisdom' from random strangers.
[19:56] <Shousei_Yamazaki> He looks up at the second floor, then around for the exits, poking his AR and trying to call up a map, preferably one with objectives with the little blinking dots. That would be so useful.
[19:56] <@Jaito> Gray raises an eyebrow, confused.
[19:56] <Night> "20 minutes, he's either going after Shiro or Roosterhead, whatever the fuck that crazy bitch is doing is still happening…I think I read this book."
[19:57] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Unlikely to happen, being useful, but useful nonetheless.
[19:57] <Masaru> "Shousei, if you want, you can take Michael out of here. I can't promise either of your safeties beyond this point." He's not even turning back, instead looking for what would be the safest way through to the upper floors, which is likely where the important players are.
01[19:57] <Michael_Lin> If they have a time limit to get things done….
01[19:57] <Michael_Lin> Then going to turn around and start walking back inside.
[19:57] <Night> "Masaru, he's escaping."
<Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei is… not going to respond to that.
<Masaru> "That's more action than the previous seventeen years…" Grumbling, but following Michael inside.
<@Jaito> A mini-map comes into view before Shousei's hands: a few exits are marked. A side stairway is still intact, leading down to the #basement, but the way up is damaged. The way to the roof is current blocked or unknown, requiring an exploration of the halls…which may or may not cross paths with the other glowing being.
<Night> Night takes a deep breath, before following inside. She wants…she wants…that woman. Freyja. Freyja should be easy to find.
<Shousei_Yamazaki> "Do I remember correctly that Shiro went down into the basement?"
<Night> "Yes."
<Michael_Lin> "T-there's two people down there."
<Night> "Give you two guesses who the other one is."
<Shousei_Yamazaki> "Then… is there any reason we shouldn't try to get down in there?"
<Shousei_Yamazaki> His voice is cautious.
<Masaru> "So are we saving your friends, or are we going to try to strike at one of the major players?" Crossing his arms and waiting for a response.
<Shousei_Yamazaki> He's just… not certain what the hell to do now. "I would personally prefer to save as many people as possible… that's the… rational response, anyway." Hurting whoever's responsible would be really nice, too.
<Michael_Lin> "S-someone s-should g-go after M-Mother."
<Night> Night considers asking why anyone thinks she has friends, but now may not be the time. "…I think I need to go find her."
<Night> "I repay my debts, and I have a great deal I owe her." Night cracks her knuckles and smiles in a rather ghastly manner.
<Michael_Lin> "T-then y-you a-and E-elder B-brother g-go a-after h-her?" very timid suggestion.
<Shousei_Yamazaki> "Mmh." He tugs at his sleeve. "We'd probably be a lot more likely to be successful staying together. No offense."
<Michael_Lin> "I-I'd o-only b-be a liability d-dealing w-with M-Mother."
<Shousei_Yamazaki> "If that's the way you choose…"
<Night> "You've been in enough fights already, haven't you?"
<@Jaito> Shousei gets a PM: "We made it out okay. Look after my sword, n00b! - Draugr"
<Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei blinks.
<Shousei_Yamazaki> "…Who's Draugr?"
<Michael_Lin> Very timidly. "O-only t-two." he can still walk. He can still do things. Make himself useful.
<Night> "The kid from the park. He had the sword…"
<Masaru> "If you want to save your friend, let's do that first, and quickly. Misaki and I can handle the rest later."
<Shousei_Yamazaki> "Wait. Which sw- no. I'm not going to bother asking."
<Night> "Exposition later."
<Michael_Lin> If there's a side staircase, he is going to head for it.
<Night> "Masaru, we should probably go in groups…" With only twenty minutes…well, it was doable.
<Shousei_Yamazaki> "I said I'm not going to bother…" He sends the PM to Night.
<Masaru> "Do we want to just let them go, then?" Glancing over. "We need to act now."
<Masaru> "And look, Michael decided. Whoever's helping him, /go./"
<Night> "I know the kid. It wasn't his sword, but whatever-" Night looks at Michael and Shousei. "Shousei, go."
<Night> "…On a guess, Emily will be up." Where are undamaged stairs up?
<Masaru> Stalking down one of the halls. There had to be another way up, and he was going to find it.
<Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei grimaces. "Fine. If you die, and I somehow don't, I'm… going to tell Wen you confessed undying love for him on your deathbed."
<Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei turns and dashes after Michael.
<Night> "If you do that I will haunt you." She goes down the hall after Masaru, casting a sense out for…wherever the hell she was.
<@Jaito> So far, Michael and Shousei are heading towards the #basement, while Night and Masaru head towards the #halls?
<Shousei_Yamazaki> "Then take it how it's meant!"
Michael_Lin is going to jump directly down, then. How he's managing to do this in three and a half inch heeled boots and a frilly dress will never be known.
Jaito: …where the hell did he GO? Michael decided to leap down a hole in the ceiling. Is Shousei going to take the stairs or tuck and roll?
[12:17am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei frowns. Did he remember to bring a light he can shine?
[12:17am] Michael_Lin: And going to pull the veil of his other self over him again.
[12:17am] Michael_Lin is now known as Misha_Nikaia.
[12:19am] Shousei_Yamazaki: It's just ten feet. He can hop down that half-asleep- but he'd like to check and make sure there isn't a pile of horrible sharp things or whatever first.
[12:20am] Jaito: (Quick Alertness for both of you.)
[12:21am] Shousei_Yamazaki: (0! As usual for Shousei.)
[12:21am] Misha_Nikaia: (-1)
[12:22am] Jaito: Things appear fine, at least for now.
[12:23am] Jaito: Until cold, clammy hands grip like a vise around the back of Misha's throat from the RUBBLE.
[12:23am] Jaito: (Grappled!)
[12:24am] • Misha_Nikaia has had entirely enough of being grabbed for tonight.
[12:24am] Jaito: …though the pressure is immediately a corpse sails through the air, slams into the ground beside Shousei, and proceeds to explode in flames.
[12:25am] Jaito: As Michael turns, he finds the hands alone are still attached. And a powerful young man with a gown wrapped around his waist like a kilt still poses with an outstretched fist. "….y-yo." He's sweating
[12:25am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei leaps back, refexively drawing his sword.
[12:25am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Oh…
[12:25am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Wen! You're not dead!" He looks almost as startled as by the corpse.
[12:26am] Jaito: Wen smirks. "I could say the same for you, gorgeous. Great! I need your help!"
[12:26am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Wa-" That does not even make any sense. "What's going on?"
[12:27am] • Misha_Nikaia delicately pries the hands off and tosses them aside. "Were you going further down?" soft. But not stammering: Wen has never heard that before.
[12:27am] Jaito: "…whoa."
[12:28am] Jaito: "Who's your girlfriend, Shousei? I thought…I mean, I didn't think-….wait, what's going ON here?"
[12:28am] Shousei_Yamazaki: More familiarly, Shousei glares at Wen like he's an idiot. "That's Michael. I suspect asking would be a waste of time."
[12:29am] Jaito: "I'm not an idiot, Shou-chan. Michael's…not that strong!"
[12:29am] Jaito: He peers closely. "Is he?"
[12:29am] Jaito: "Hit me in the face, day-Glo!"
[12:29am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shou-ch- ts- ff-
[12:30am] Misha_Nikaia: One slim eyebrow raises. "We do not have /time/ for me to hit you in the face right now. Perhaps later."
[12:30am] Jaito: "Yeah, that isn't Michael, Showy. Let's hurry up and go! We've got a zombie outbreak to halt!"
[12:31am] • Misha_Nikaia is just going to keep going.
[12:32am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei's fists clench. He takes a moment, closes his eyes, and counts to five. All right.
[12:33am] Shousei_Yamazaki: After a few moments of poking at his AR, he opens his eyes again and smiles. "I'm not going to argue with you. Try to keep up." He dashes on after Michael.
[12:34am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Stabbing things and Wen. This he knows how to handle.
[12:34am] Jaito: He heads after, groaning. "All right, all right! There's a Faerie War mod running somewhere, but I've been busy ever since all the kids disappeared..!"
[12:34am] Jaito: (Alertness again, to find a route!)
[12:34am] Shousei_Yamazaki: (2! Wow.)
[12:35am] Misha_Nikaia: (4)
[12:35am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "When did that happen?"
[12:36am] Jaito: "Maybe 10 minutes ago. Someone…someone organized them. It was like a little tribe of asura. It was…screwy. This is the WORST dungeon ever. They ever hear of upbeat storytelling? This is worse than Silent Hill…"
[12:37am] Jaito: Nikaia - There's only so much territory you haven't damaged. Finding a path further down to the generator rooms isn't hard
[12:37am] Jaito: …generator…rooms. Faerie War. Crap.
[12:37am] • Misha_Nikaia sighs. Of course. /Again/.
[12:38am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Damnit…" Shousei pauses, then- "Wait. Tell me /you've/ noticed all the bizarre things happening?"
[12:38am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "I can't imagine someone's more out of the loop than I am, even if it's you."
[12:39am] Jaito: "Of course I noticed. The game's becoming real, but this is just disturbing. Like someone who HATES the game is running the shots."
[12:40am] Jaito: "…who could hate a game so awesome?"
[12:40am] Misha_Nikaia: "Mother."
[12:40am] Shousei_Yamazaki: …Shousei facepalms.
[12:40am] Jaito: "Your mom? She seemed nice."
[12:40am] Shousei_Yamazaki: He's. Not sure how to feel about any of that.
[12:40am] Jaito: "Heck, I came down here because I saw her headin for the ped-ward."
[12:41am] Misha_Nikaia: "Appearances are deceiving."
[12:42am] Jaito: "…I'm gonna have to punch out your mom. Awkward…I hope Michael doesn't mind."
[12:42am] Jaito: you come upon a barred doorway, with another swinging door to the side - out of which four zombies stride.
[12:42am] Jaito: "…crap. Morgue! Duh!"
[12:43am] Misha_Nikaia: "You will have to wait in line. Night and Elder Brother were on their way upstairs looking for her."
[12:43am] Shousei_Yamazaki: …How can people not tell the difference between Michael and Michael in different clothes with slightly different mannerisms?
[12:44am] Jaito: With a howl, the shambling, dessicated, and glowing beasts head towards them
[12:45am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Anyway. Zombies.
[12:45am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei's going to attempt to lure one off to the side and behead it.
[12:46am] Topic changed to "INITIATIVE: Misha, Murakami Seven Veils, Zouchouten, RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW" by Jaito.
[12:47am] • Misha_Nikaia sings, soft and sweet, the same song that he had used against the Brazilian. Calling, summoning, binding the winds.
[12:49am] Jaito: ATTACK: 5 vs….
[12:49am] Jaito: DEFENSE: 0, 1, 2, -2 - ALL SPIN!
[12:50am] Jaito: The red-glowing, blue-glowing, and yellow zombies all explode.
[12:50am] Jaito: Just shredded to nothing with a gale of slicing wind.
[12:50am] Jaito: The green one starts to glow BRIGHTER.
[12:51am] Shousei_Yamazaki: That is… good to know.
[12:51am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "…Good /job/."
[12:57am] Jaito: says the ninja, as the last one's head rolls off before it can do anything dramatic.
[12:57am] Jaito: Wen stops mid-charge…and pouts.
[12:57am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei hides a chuckle behind his hand. "There'll be more."
[12:59am] • Misha_Nikaia is going to examine the barred doorway. There might possibly be something that can be done with it.
[12:59am] Shousei_Yamazaki: He glances at his map. "…All right. Did you see your friend anywhere, Wen?"
[01:00am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "We also need to destroy the zombies, and something called the Voice of Madness."
[01:01am] Jaito: Wen looks up. "Friend? What friend?"
[01:01am] Jaito: (Misha: Scholarship!)
[01:02am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "The one from your old guild. He put out a video of him running down here."
[01:03am] Jaito: "Shiro's here!?" He looks panicked immediately.
[01:03am] Shousei_Yamazaki: He nods, smirking slightly. "He's an optional objective, and I feel like being completionist tonight. Don't you?"
[01:03am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Don't worry, though. I'm sure we can find him."
[01:04am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "…" He frowns at the door. "Is there any reason we can't just beat it down?"
[01:04am] Shousei_Yamazaki: What's it made of?
[01:05am] Misha_Nikaia: If there is a key…going to cautiously peek further into the morgue, to see what was in there.
[01:05am] Jaito: Solid steel. You're welcome to make an attempt.
[01:05am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Mm. If this is a video game, the key will be hidden on some enemy.
[01:07am] Jaito: "I bet the key's on some mid-boss or in a chest…"
[01:07am] Jaito: "and don't worry about Shiro. He's the Emperor, for Chrissakes."
[01:08am] Misha_Nikaia: "This building will be completely leveled in fourteen minutes."
[01:09am] Jaito: As Misha peeks around the corner, she sees four more corpses lying in open cabinets…just waiting. There's a terminal inside, as well as a familiar digital guard.
[01:11am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Feh. You're the one who started to panic. Understandable, I guess," he mumbles.
[01:11am] Misha_Nikaia: And ducking back. Quietly.
[01:12am] Jaito: "It's not that…I just…" He reddens a little. "I wanna be useful to him…"
[01:13am] Shousei_Yamazaki: He waves a hand. "It doesn't matter."
[01:13am] Misha_Nikaia: "Four more corpses waiting in that room. And a terminal." very quiet.
[01:14am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei nods. "Let's scour this place. We'll have to find something useful, if we can do it quickly enough."
[01:14am] Jaito: (Same initiative, plus the Guard on 0 as well. Fighting or trickery?)
[01:15am] Misha_Nikaia: (I would like stealth and trickery)
[01:15am] Misha_Nikaia: "And a guard." he adds, after a moment.
[01:18am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Heh.
[01:19am] Misha_Nikaia: (5)
[01:19am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Poor bastard.
[01:21am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei looks at Wen. "You can have first shot at the zombies," he says quietly, then slips into the shadows and disappears, making an end run around the zombies and towards the guard…
[01:21am] Jaito: Within the morgue, the guard is currently examining a digital map with a crossed arms. The zombies do not move yet as Nikaia sneaks in towards the terminal. There is a mail menu currently open.
[01:21am] Shousei_Yamazaki: (4)
[01:23am] • Misha_Nikaia is going to glance at the mail menu on the terminal.
[01:23am] Jaito: Message titles include: STONE SHIPMENTS, THE ARRIVAL, and BE AFRAID
[01:24am] Shousei_Yamazaki: The guard loses his weapon. Then there's a hand over his mouth. Then he gets tugged into the shadows…
[01:24am] • Misha_Nikaia is going to look at them in order.
[01:25am] Shousei_Yamazaki: (3)
[01:26am] Jaito: STONE SHIPMENTS - The fairy dust harvest is going according to schedule. The harvesting device works much better, but we suspect we can use it to enhance an existing demon. Pending arrival of a test subject.
[01:26am] Jaito: THe guard never saw it coming.
[01:27am] Jaito: You get: PISTOL - WEAPON RATING: 1, BUFU STONE
[01:28am] Jaito: THE ARRIVAL - We've acquired a Cerberus from a rival devil summoner. He will have no comment on parting with it. We've attached the hoses successfully - it doesn't seem pleased. But this new method can be converted on our enemies…much better.
[01:29am] Jaito: BE AFRAID - Hiroyuki Naito may be coming to intefere with this scene. Present no reason for engagement - consider her highly dangerous.
[01:30am] Jaito: That one has a different mail address - beyond@(REDACTED)
[01:30am] Jaito: At that point, an Vid call pings onto the screen: ACCEPT?
[01:31am] Misha_Nikaia: …ah.
[01:31am] Misha_Nikaia: And going to accept the call, then.
[01:32am] Misha_Nikaia: He suspects that declining the call would do him, or anyone else, no good.
[01:32am] Jaito: "Excellent. I was worried you'd take the short-sighted route and attack that woman directly. Suicide…"
[01:33am] Jaito: The voice is warm, calm, and has a distinctly British tinge - not Queen's English, but actually British. A familiar silhouette from the last Faerie War displays, but no clear face.
[01:34am] Misha_Nikaia: "/I/ have not." And while he is speaking, is going to message both his brother and Night.
[01:35am] Jaito: "…ah. Michael Lin…or shall I say Misha Nikaia? I wish you good luck on your quest for a reason to exist. That said, you must not have my daughter with you. She is…not restrained."
[01:36am] Jaito: "…unless she is, in which I request you release her immediately. For your own safety."
[01:36am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "…"
[01:36am] Misha_Nikaia: "I would not be fool enough to try to hold her."
[01:37am] Misha_Nikaia: "She is…attempting the direct route. Or was."
[01:37am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei frowns. "Another one involved in this…"
[01:37am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Are you trying to destroy the world too?"
[01:38am] Jaito: There is a long sigh. "…like her mother in that regard. And isn't that somewhat rude to ask a stranger, Yamazaki-san?"
[01:38am] Jaito: "…though, to be fair, I've negated my own point."
[01:38am] Shousei_Yamazaki: He winces slightly, but recovers more quickly than he'd expect. "That… would mostly depend on your answer."
[01:41am] Jaito: "I somehow doubt you'd appreciate my answer. So I'll give you the abridged version- I am giving you the opportunity to save it."
[01:41am] Jaito: "Though you should perhaps see to the problems at hand." An item manifests on the screen: GENERATOR KEY
[01:43am] Misha_Nikaia: One slim eyebrow raises, but takes the key. "Thank you." very politely.
[01:44am] Shousei_Yamazaki: He sighs, glancing back at the zombies. "Thank you, then. And, frankly, thank you for giving the abridged version rather than doing the cackling oh you fool my power grows by the moment or whatever. It gets as tiring as I'm sure dealing with random newbies becomes."
[01:44am] Jaito: Wen….is looking at the containers with a great big pout.
[01:45am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "…Would you like me to kick one so that it lunges at you?"
[01:45am] Jaito: "Not at all. I like 'random newbies' as it were. It's refreshing, after dealing with byzantine betrayals and sexual politics."
[01:45am] Jaito: Wen nods at Shousei. "Go for it! Pull away, rogue!"
[01:45am] Jaito: "…oh, wait!"
[01:45am] Jaito: "Can I have permission to woo your girl!"
[01:45am] Jaito: "Certainly…and my wish of good luck."
[01:46am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "…" Shousei looks down and shakes his head, smiling. He really did not expect to- yes. Yes he did.
[01:46am] Jaito: Not sarcastic at aaaaaaaaall
[01:46am] Jaito: "Score! The hard part's over!"
[01:46am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei leans over, slipping his sword blunt-side-up under one of the cots and knocking it over.
[01:46am] Misha_Nikaia: "…no, it is just beginning."
[01:46am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Twit."
[01:47am] Jaito: Wen punches one of the zombies THROUGH it's container, locking it by sheer force.
[01:47am] Jaito: "Next!"
[01:47am] Misha_Nikaia: Nikaia is quite questioning his own taste. And his other half's taste.
[01:47am] Jaito: BURNING UP! - +3 attack power!
[01:48am] • Misha_Nikaia turns his attention back to the call. "Do you have any other information that you wish to tell us?"
[01:48am] Jaito: "…as…interesting as that was, I leave stopping Emily's signal up to you. But my advice - you aren't ready to face her directly. Avoid a confrontation at all costs. Especially if she still retains the Hito-Shura's Magatama. She possesses at least 2."
[01:49am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei winces. He's still listening, but he walks over and flips the other container.
[01:49am] Misha_Nikaia: ….
[01:49am] Jaito: PUNCH!
[01:50am] Jaito: The next two go just as easily…
[01:50am] Misha_Nikaia: "Understood."
[01:50am] Jaito: (Anyone want to do a quick Scholarship? -2 if you don't have Doctor)
[01:50am] Shousei_Yamazaki: He doesn't know what a Magatama is, but he's pretty certain it means some kind of horrible monster.
[01:51am] Jaito: wen is breathing pretty hard…and his skin is terribly pale for all the activity
[01:51am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "…You're not going to have another attack."
[01:51am] Jaito: "I'm fine!"
[01:52am] Misha_Nikaia: "Please do not overexert yourself. There is /far/ worse ahead."
[01:52am] Shousei_Yamazaki: He frowns. "Damnit… I'm an idiot. And Night would be smacking me over the head right now."
[01:52am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Calm down. We still have to find Shiro. "
[01:52am] Jaito: "…hmm. Perhaps a bit of a dowry is in order. This is…a choice." An item flashes on the screen for half a second before going into Wen's inventory.
[01:53am] Jaito: "I wish you all the best. You are the future, after all." Then, the terminal deletes itself.
[01:53am] Jaito: Just…disappears.
[01:53am] Misha_Nikaia: "…Shiro is in a great deal of danger right now." …there went that idea.
[01:53am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei sighs.
[01:55am] Misha_Nikaia: "When he left, the Other mentioned that he was looking for someone else. And that he could not stand princes."
[01:57am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei takes a quick glance around the room for anything they've missed. "Let's keep going, then."
[01:58am] • Misha_Nikaia has the key, so is going to walk back towards the door.
[02:00am] Jaito: Wen looks down at his hands…and then nods. "The Emperor needs me…let's do it."
[02:01am] Misha_Nikaia: And back to that barred door, then.
[02:07am] Jaito: The door responds to proximity with the key. "A PRESENCE AWAITS INSIDE. ENTER?"
[02:07am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "…"
[02:08am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Do we get the opportunity to save the game first?" he asks, half-joking.
[02:10am] Misha_Nikaia: "Cerberus again, most likely."
[02:10am] Jaito: Wen punches the door. "Let's finish this off!"
[02:11am] Misha_Nikaia: And going to open the door.
[02:13am] Jaito: Inside, a beast writhes under wires…a dessicated husk of what a Cerberus used to be. it's nothing but veins (too many veins), bones, and sharp claws. "H-h-HELP mE!!!!"
[02:13am] Jaito: Wen…shudders.
[02:13am] Jaito: "Th….that's not the usual code. Let's…let's kill it quick. That's gotta be terrible."
[02:13am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei… looks shocked for a moment, then ill.
[02:14am] Misha_Nikaia: …yes.
[02:14am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "There's… no other way to help it, is there."
[02:15am] Jaito: (Scholarship or Lore?)
[02:15am] Misha_Nikaia: (2 on Scholarship)
[02:16am] Jaito: DYNAMIC OPTION: Law - Reverse the device, empowering the beast. CHAOS - overload the device to create additional spell stones.
[02:16am] Jaito: Warning: The beast may become hostile.
[02:17am] Misha_Nikaia: "Two other options: either reverse it, which would empower it, or overload it, which would also kill it but create spell stones."
[02:17am] Misha_Nikaia: "With either option, it may become hostile." and by may, he expects 'will'
[02:17am] Shousei_Yamazaki: He shakes his head. "Can we try convincing it not to bother trying to attack us?"
[02:18am] Misha_Nikaia: "I doubt it."
[02:19am] Misha_Nikaia: "Whatever we do, we must decide quickly."
[02:19am] Jaito: 10 minutes
[02:19am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei looks irritable. "Well. That's my vote. If we don't, though, let's at least destroy this horrible device… and try not to have it explode on us this time."
[02:24am] Misha_Nikaia: "Then let's try that."
[02:25am] Jaito: The cerberus glares down at the three of them. "…H-h-hHELP…pLe-PLEASE!?"
[02:27am] Misha_Nikaia: "If we heal and release you, will you not attack us?"
[02:27am] Jaito: (Rapport.)
[02:32am] Jaito: It snaps its jaws at Nikaia. "LIES! LIES! liEs! HEAL ME! THEN I DECIDE!"
[02:33am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei frowns. "Listen. We've killed a Cerberus once already. I'm only suggesting we do this out of pity, and we don't have much time to deal with your nonsense."
[02:34am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "If we heal you, behave, or your death will only be more painful."
[02:34am] Shousei_Yamazaki: (…2)
[02:36am] Jaito: "…I wilL decide oNcE I aM HEALED! IF YOU BETRaY, DEatH!"
[02:36am] Jaito: It's…an improvement?
[02:36am] Misha_Nikaia: "I suppose this is the best assurance we are going to get."
[02:36am] Jaito: Wen just glares. "You are between me and my lord. I will fuckstart your skull with my fist."
[02:36am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei shrugs and looks to Michael and Wen. "You two decide."
[02:36am] Jaito: "…." The cerberus waits.
[02:37am] Misha_Nikaia: Going to flip the switch to reverse it, then.
[02:37am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei takes out his sword and waits to see what Cerberus' 'decision' is.
[02:37am] Shousei_Yamazaki: He looks calm.
[02:42am] Jaito: The Cerberus ROARS hard enough to shatter the device on its own. It stands, white-furred, but with a mane burning with red and blue flame. "GET. ON….!!!!!" It looks irritated.
[02:42am] Shousei_Yamazaki: …He smiles.
[02:43am] Misha_Nikaia: …well, that is a way to certainly travel swiftly.
[02:43am] Jaito: Wen dives on. "Giddyup!"
[02:44am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Thank you. I believe we're going upstairs." Shousei hops up behind Wen.
[02:45am] Misha_Nikaia: How Nikaia can sit politely and ladylike on a Cerberus, no one knows.
Jaito: Night: You get a sense of several…malevolent, but weak entities along the path. Stairs lead up to the second floor, you think…but there's distorion. Likely damage of some sort…and there is a MASSIVE presence on the second floor. And not a pleasant one.
[12:17am] Night: That's probably our new friend Apotheosis Poncho…"…Stairs are damaged, and there's likely enemies in this halls." She rubs at her temple. "They're weak, but the newest psychopath is also up there."
[12:20am] Masaru: "Then we should head up. We can't risk a conflict with the other one, but Emily needs to be handled now." Let's stair climbing.
[12:21am] Night: "We can probably distract him, he didn't strike me as intelligent." Stairs, stairs…what was Emily doing? And— Jack, look alive, there's gonna be trouble.
[12:22am] Jaito: …Understood, boss!
[12:22am] Jaito: Just as you mention that, you see a dessicated, hollowed-out corpse burst out from the stairwell door, grappling with a demoness.
[12:22am] Night: …Ew.
[12:22am] Night: Which demoness, is the important question?
[12:23am] Masaru: …Hmm. "Want to help the demon and end this quickly?"
[12:24am] Night: A lilith…"…Eh, she'll be fine."
[12:24am] Night: *lilim
[12:25am] Night: "Just keep moving."
[12:25am] Jaito: (You may choose to bypass this battle, for better or worse.)
[12:26am] Masaru: "Jack, what's your take on it?"
[12:28am] Jaito: …Catfight. Two hot ladies beating on each other!
[12:28am] Jaito: If you count a night demon and a cadaver as 'hot ladies'
[12:29am] Night: "…You really don't want his answer to that."
[12:29am] Night: .He was asking if you thought we should save her ass, Jack.
[12:30am] Jaito: …Can we keep it after?
[12:30am] Night: ……I was going to summon Kikuri-hime if we survived, pick one.
[12:31am] Jaito: …Japanese girls are too high-maintenance. But so are girls big on Biblical Apocrypha. Let's eat 'em BOTH, hee-hoo!
[12:32am] Night: …Night rubs at her forehead. "He doesn't seem to be interested in saving her."
[12:34am] Masaru: "Right, let's be off, then." And ignoring the demon, woo!
[12:35am] Jaito: The second floor is quieter than the first, but for a perhaps…problematic reason. Lilim are perched on top of TVs, one's lounging across the nurse station counter, and another is digging an arm into a vending amchine.
[12:36am] Jaito: Zombie pieces, scorched and shredded, lay around the floor in a path heading towards the back.
[12:36am] Masaru: "One of your friends is having trouble back there." He offers blandly, gesturing toward the stairs.
[12:38am] Jaito: They all snap up, hiss, and then take a defensive stance. The one crouched on the counter bares fangs. "MALE! Give us tribute or we'll rend your heart from your chest!"
[12:38am] Jaito: Night is utterly ignored.
[12:39am] Night: She is never going to be able to get her arm far enough up that to get anything out…Night takes a deep breath and debates, very carefully, throwing a table at the lot of them.
[12:40am] Masaru: …Playing with his tie some. "I would go save your sister before anything. She didn't seem to be doing particularly well."
[12:43am] Jaito: They shrug. "There's always more sisters," one says. "What will you give us, male? Your blood? Your soul? Your…seed?"
[12:43am] Jaito: (Feel free to engage in social or actual attacks at any time. We'll fall into initative. Or we can chat through it. I'm game whatevs.)
[12:43am] Night: "No."
[12:44am] Masaru: "Actually, I've got information you'll find very important." He raises a finger. "And if that's insufficent, we can negotiate further, but I promise you, this is something you want to know."
[12:46am] Jaito: They look at each other…and then slowly turn back to listen, wings low and ready to pounce if dissatisfied.
[12:48am] Masaru: "This building's going to be completely destroyed in roughly fifteen minutes." He smiles, giving a shrug somewhere between helpless and vaguely amused. "Out of my hands, unfortunately, and it will be quite thorough. If you don't wish to die, and I imagine that none of you lovely ladies wish to, now that you've found your way into this world, you may want to leave very soon."
[12:50am] Night: Count to ten. Be calm. Take the time to locate…Freyja, if not Emily directly. A big snarl of Gn0sis, that'd work, anything to not be fantasizing about defenestrating demons. They have wings. It won't work.
[12:50am] Jaito: (Night: Lore again to pinpoint)
[12:51am] Jaito: Masaru: Roll Rapport? +2 for being entirely accurate.
[12:52am] Masaru: (6)
[12:52am] Night: (5 for lore)
[12:53am] Jaito: One of them runs on all fours across the floor into a side room. There is a rasping whisper…and then it peeks its head out. "This is sufficient tribute. Mother is satisfied. Next time, though, male, she'll haveyour flesh."
[12:53am] Jaito: Night: Your perceptions guide you…there's a clump of hostiles just down this hall - another stairwell, this one leading to the roof.
[12:54am] Night: Oh, lovely. Night rolls her eyes, and sighs. "Hostiles down the hall, and then the stairs up the roof. She's there, or something she'll be looking for is."
[12:55am] Night: She will question later why she is now a creepy person radar.
[12:56am] Masaru: "It never can be simple, can it?" But casually walking through the crowd of Lilim, toward the next staircase. He'd come too far to not strangle the life out of this woman personally.
[12:58am] Night: "I have forgotten what simple looks like." Night shakes out her hands, quietly considering the fastest way to destroy the demon types she's seen here so far. Lilim are one thing, undead…are another an entirely disgusting thing.
[12:58am] Jaito: The path towards the back is littered with corpses. Scorch marks, ripping claws,and even stranger scores, runes, and other oddities mark a road right to the stairwell….where an oozing black substance covers the steps.
[12:59am] Night: Runes? What runes?
[12:59am] Jaito: Curses - ancient hebrew. Death curses.
[01:00am] Jaito: The lilim? Where they fighting a WAR on this floor?
[01:00am] Jaito: Odd, since there's signs of other demons at work here…but no other bodies or bits of gore - only dried zombie remains.
[01:01am] Night: "…" A war. Lilim fighting a war. Enemies of a lilim?
[01:01am] Night: "…If there is an angel around these stairs I am going to have to register a complaint about the cliches around here."
[01:02am] Jaito: At that point, an angel falls and crashes into the ground at the door, shattering into blue dust and very red blood.
[01:02am] Night: "…" Night says something in hebrew that is redacted for the PG-13 rating.
[01:02am] Jaito: The black ichor starts to congeal and rise…masks bubbling out of it. Four in total.
[01:04am] Masaru: "Register it after we've killed her. We need to figure out a way past this, immediately." Backing up some. How were they going to handle something that ate everything that touched it…?
[01:05am] Night: What even were these? Night eyes them and then her own hands before…sighing. Jack, let's see if they're flammable.
[01:05am] Jaito: Jack manifests. "Leeeeeeeet's RUMBLE!"
[01:07am] Topic changed to "INITIATIVE: Naito(in cuteywear), Jack, Masaru, RED MAYA, RED MAYA, BLUE MAYA, BLUE MAYA" by Jaito.
[01:07am] Jaito: Night!
[01:09am] Night: So let's review. At the end of a very long day, Night has, adding insult to injury, been gifted something out of a bad superhero comic. With this in mind, Night looks for the nearest piece of furniture or other object to fling at these fuckers until she's sure she can punch them safely. "Burn them all."
[01:10am] Jaito: …"Roger!"
[01:10am] Jaito: Night: Attack with Fists, weapon rating: 1
[01:16am] Night: (5)
[01:17am] Jaito: HIT! POWER: 1 vs. ARMOR: 0 = 3 stress! One of them bursts apart.
[01:18am] Jaito: WEAKNESS! One of the blue-masked creatures doesn't just sizzle - it MELT
[01:40am] Misha_Nikaia: And going to send both Masaru and Night a text message - Night's father is making his presence known: he called to a terminal down here with a warning. Confronting Mother is suicide.
[01:41am] Night: …and where the fuck has that been for the last five fucking years?
[01:51am] Jaito: Wen is breathing pretty hard..
[01:51am] Jaito: (Disregard)
[01:51am] Night: (wen stop stealing the TARDIS)
[02:01am] Masaru: Pausing for a moment, and considering. He had his powers now. Perhaps they could work here. Aiming at one of the red-masked shadow creatures, and then forcefully, matter-of-factly extending a hand. "Come forth." There's a sound like breaking glass, and there's a figure of a chinese demon garbed in reds and whites, sitting on a throne behind him, and a spike of shadow matter launching up from the ground underneath it.
[02:03am] Jaito: It shatters apart, the mask splitting perfectly in two.
[02:04am] Jaito: The last one, concerned, throws a gout of flame at Masaru.
[02:04am] Jaito: ATTACK: 3 vs. ….
[02:06am] Jaito: DEFENSE: 3 - hit! POWER: 3 vs. ARMOR: 0 - 3 stress! - The flames nearly sear his clothes…his suit hardens in response - AUTO-EQUIP: ROSA CANDIDA EXPRESS Model 202 - ARMOR: 2 Physical
[02:07am] Night: Fire, then…Night considers for a moment, tosses her common sense out with the remnants of her sanity, and kicks one of the fallen Maya's masks directly at the last one. She doesn't have time for this.
[02:08am] Night: (3)
[02:08am] Jaito: HIT- the last mask is shattered.
[02:09am] Night: Now what the hell is this text message-oh they have got to be kidding her.
[02:09am] Jaito: The path is clear, just as you hear a shout…followed by echoed, reverb-laden laughter.
[02:09am] Masaru: Shaking off the burns some. It hurt like hell, but beyond his scowl deepning, he wasn't going to let it show. "What does it say, Misaki?"
[02:10am] Night: "….They got a call from my father." The fact that she sounds like she's about to start laughing is…likely a bad sign. "Apparently it's suicide to attack her head on."
[02:11am] Masaru: "So what do they suggest, that we run away?" The irritation at the whole situation was beginning to creep rather readily into his voice.
[02:13am] Night: "I don't know. You could call them and ask?" Night snorts, before shrugging. "Or trap her in the building for the air strike."
[02:13am] Night: "…Actually."
[02:13am] Masaru: "…Get out of here."
[02:13am] Night: "Are you about to suggest staying behind in any form?"
[02:14am] Masaru: "She has some ability to get into your mind, but it doesn't seem to effect me. If there's something or someone we need on the roof, I can likely do so without her further complicating things."
[02:15am] Night: "…If she's working with the coding, I don't need to be up there, but I need to know what's going on, Masaru."
[02:15am] Night: "If you're willing to be my eyes, you have to *not die.*"
[02:16am] Masaru: He considers this for a moment. "If something happens to me, you need to promise you're not going to try to charge back into the building with it's pending destruction. But I'll be your eyes."
[02:17am] Masaru: "Now. Go."
[02:18am] Night: "I'll just drag you out of hell and be very cross." Night manages a faint, shaky smirk. "So don't fuck it up." Right, back to the stairs and…out to find somewhere she wouldn't be interrupted while she did this.
[02:19am] Jaito: Well, you have a temporary treaty with the lilim. Maybe it will hold?
[02:20am] Night: It's something. There's not time to go all the fucking way back down.
[02:20am] Masaru: He'll give her a moment, and then head upstairs to the roof on his own. Flying blind wasn't his ideal circumstances, but if he could keep her busy just long enough, maybe what he lacked the power to handle, a few thousand pounds of cutting explosive could.
[02:21am] Night: The greenspacing of the hospital should have Gn0sis in it. What she's doing definitely does. All she needs is to find a place to sit and look for it.
[02:21am] Night: …And hope someone was alive to carry her ass back out of here later. Ah, well, she'd worry about that then.
[02:22am] Jaito: As he touches the door, a warning flashes into view: "YOU SENSE MULTIPLE PRESENCES: ENTER?"
[02:22am] Jaito: As she heads down, the lilim hiss. "You stink of magic…"
[02:23am] Night: "I'm busy." Night gives the lilim a cutting glance. "Shouldn't you be clearing out of here before the air strike?"
[02:23am] Jaito: "Mother made a promise. We leave at the last minute, in case any more humans happen by…"
[02:23am] Jaito: The other hisses. "Don't tell her we can't kill her, stupid!"
[02:24am] Jaito: The third sighs. "Morons…" She lounges on the counter again.
[02:25am] Night: "I either don't exist or can't be killed anyway, doesn't matter." Night breathes out, picking a chair to sit down in. "What does Mother want with humans?"
[02:26am] Jaito: "Very little." One says. "Flesh and blood," says the second. "The key-bear-" "ShHHHH!"
[02:27am] Night: "Key bearer?"…At this point… "Not interested. She has any opinions of what's happening up there?"
[02:31am] Jaito: "She hopes to kill any who dare to claim dominion over demons. Do YOU claim dominion?"
[02:32am] Night: "I ask for mutually equitable partnership, I don't want dominion over anything. I do, however, want to stop that woman."
[02:33am] Night: "Which is why I am down here, stinking of magic, as you say, hoping to break her toys and trap her for that airstrike in enough time to get the hell out of here with Masaru and the others. I don't really have that much time, so if you don't have a problem with any of this plan, I'd like to get to work?" …Possibly not the best time to mouth off, but politeness happened to other people.
[02:35am] Jaito: "Oooh…she's got attitude. You think she might have demon blood?" One asks.
[02:35am] Jaito: "Certainly," says the other. "Can't you smell it? She's no human."
[02:35am] Jaito: They turn to ignore her.
[02:35am] Night: "…" Going to ignore that.
[02:36am] Night: She has shit to do.
[02:36am] Night: Like look into what the Gn0sis even looks like around here.
[02:37am] Jaito: Lore again!
[02:37am] Night: (5)
[02:41am] Jaito: The GnOSis is overrwriting the entire hospital, most strongly concentrated on the full demons now manifesting- wait. What just…oh. A very BIG demon just took full shape downstairs. And…oh, god. The OTher…it is shaping HOW the gnOSis comes into being. The territory follows his image, at least subtly.
[02:41am] Jaito: …what would happen if Michael were alone at one of these events?
[02:41am] Jaito: …but that's not immediately relevant.
[02:42am] Night: Science later, problems now. Where is this coming from? It's not just the Other, there has to be a source, something that can be halted.
[02:43am] Night: …Or a leash that can be broken. Let them be real, but the control…
[02:44am] Jaito: The satellite. It's powered by a generator below…and by Emily herself above.
[02:44am] Night: …Then that's what she has to stop. The generator…hmm. They're downstairs. Perhaps all she needs is to give the control to the demons?
[02:45am] Jaito: BOOM
[02:45am] Jaito: So much for that generator
[02:45am] Night: That's one problem solved!
[02:45am] Jaito: The lights go out.
[02:45am] Night: "…Hey, Jack."
[02:45am] Night: "Bring out that lantern."
[02:46am] Night: Now to break Emily's control in the midst of that.
[02:46am] Night: How about…giving it all back to the demons themselves? Yes that sounds lovely.
[02:50am] Jaito: …Jack manifests. Yeah, boss! Let's do it! What're we doin…?"
[02:50am] Night: "I believe there's a fight upstairs, and I'm giving the demons here freedom from the bitch controlling them, then I might go upstairs and kick her a bit before this building blows up."
[02:51am] Night: "Also, who is the Mother of the Lilim, out of curiosity?"
[02:51am] Jaito: "Umm…Lilith?"
[02:51am] Jaito: "…Yeeeeees?"
[02:51am] Jaito: From behind Night's left ear.
[02:51am] Night: "…Right—oh, hello!"
[02:51am] Jaito: "Names ave power, you know."
[02:51am] Jaito: *have
[02:51am] Night: It's kind of surprising how little that surprises her.
[02:53am] Night: "Of course, that's why I'd rather not call it without permission" Night smiles…actually completely cheerfully. Much like her father, actually. "But I'd wonder if it's in your interests to help destroy that woman upstairs and her pet?"
[02:54am] Jaito: "Oh, most certainly. Just as it's in my interest to destroy you, Naito Misaki."
[02:54am] Jaito: "You…are a threat to me." She strokes the girl's hair.
[02:55am] Jaito: "So much potential…"
[02:56am] Night: "Can we discuss this later? This one's kind of on a time limit, and I feel like this is a conversation that shouldn't be rushed."
[02:57am] Jaito: "A shame life doesn't work to ideal conditions. A deal…I will assist you…but in exchange? You will owe ME a boon of my choosing. Agreed?"
[02:58am] Night: "I agree to those terms, Lilith."
[02:58am] Jaito: "Then, Misaki, lovely forgotten child…see a mother's love." And She kisses Night's ear…and WHISPERS.
[02:58am] Jaito: (Night gains 50 chaos.)
[02:58am] Night: (and badtouch)
[02:58am] Jaito: (Er, I mean, 6 shifts of power on a ritual casting.)
[02:58am] Night: (so much badtouch)
[02:59am] Night: (WHAT SAN.)
[02:59am] Night: (also should I roll lore?)
[03:00am] Night: (that is 7, plus those six shifts. c: )
[03:01am] Night: (SUCK ON MY OCCULT SCORE, EMILY.)
[03:03am] Misha_Nikaia is now known as Michael_Lin.
[03:10am] Jaito: Night: You feel a sudden, wrenching spirtual bond. Pure faith in you, conviction, and a burning warmth akin to love suddenly shifts under her skin
[03:10am] Jaito: She knows…someone's contracted with her.
[03:10am] Jaito: On her inventory? Zouchouten.
[03:10am] Night: …He did not just fucking.
[03:10am] Night: He did //not
[03:10am] Night: She is going to fucking murder him and scatter the ashes!
[03:10am] Jaito: ….Aw, I love you, too.
[03:10am] Night: Oh my god what part of 'not into you' means 'turn into a demon'?!
[03:11am] Jaito: ..I only love you as a wife!
[03:11am] Night: No means no!
[03:11am] Jaito: …Your father gave his blessing!..
[03:12am] Night: //No, he really didn't.

[03:13am] Jaito: …He gave me the HEART OF SHADOWS!
[03:13am] Jaito: …Being a demon feels AMAZING!
[03:13am] Night: …I hate you and you still have to do your homework.
[03:14am] Night: …and I'm letting Shiro get to you.
[03:14am] Jaito: …You should really try not to get so worked up.
[03:15am] Night: …You have no idea how justified my anger is right now.
[03:15am] Jaito: …Your anger's always justified. But you're stronger than that.
[03:17am] Night: …Well right now this is kind of-look, one, I am pretty sure you're not actually into anything I actually /am/, right down to the fact I am a girl, and two, /not my type./ Also three WHEN DOES TURNING INTO A DEMON EVER BECOME A GOOD IDEA?!
[03:19am] Jaito: …I never said I wasn't into women! You've got spectacular breasts! And I don't give up easy. Besides…I was already dying…
[03:20am] Night: …You do realize 'not interested' is not an invitation to try harder? And yes, I was //aware.
[03:23am] Night: …
…Besides, aren't you into shousei?
[03:23am] Jaito: …
Shousei isn't into himself. You're much more confident.
[03:24am] Night: …
That isn't answering my question in the /slightest/."
[03:26am] Night: And…now seems like the time to go upstairs and get everyone the fuck out of dodge.
Masaru: And up the stairs he goes. All he had were his wits, a surprisingly stylish new suit, Chi You, and a sword. All told, this probably wouldn't be useful in the slightest, but he was as armed and ready as he could get.
[02:27am] Jaito: Three things become immediately apparent:
[02:28am] Jaito: 1. A handsome young Japanese teenager is charging at a Brazilian demigod. With a katana.
[02:28am] Jaito: 2. A satellite device laced with mystical runes and a baleful green glow is transmitting into the heavens.
[02:28am] Jaito: 3. Emily Lin is leaning nude against it, whispering like one might share tender secrets with a lover.
[02:29am] Masaru: ….Masaru couldn't help but smile just a little bit. You have to love it when a plan comes together like this.
[02:29am] Jaito: It's at this point that the demigod CATCHES the katana and snaps it in half. "It's not even a game item. You…are a fool." He proceeds to throw Shiro into the fence hard enough to dent him INTO it.
[02:29am] Jaito: Shiro..looks shocked.
[02:29am] Jaito: When Emily gestures and the links twist into barbed wire and shred the shirt from his chest?
[02:30am] Jaito: …the looks considerably changes.
[02:30am] Jaito: *look
[02:30am] Jaito: "Misbehaving children were left to the elements in some cultures. Only the strong survived. Isn't that lovely…to be strong? To be alive?"
[02:30am] Masaru: Heading towards Shiro. Not because he particularly cares for him - they'd never met - but because his enemies seemed to have an interest in killing the man, and disrupting that sounds like a plan. "He's on another level entirely. You need to leave now."
[02:33am] Jaito: "…no! I…I have to do something! It's my duty!" Shiro tears against the fence, raising bloody trails across his skin. A gem hangs from a thong around his neck and he reaches for it. "Just…need…time."
[02:35am] Masaru: "You have none. And there are others who need your help more, in the lower levels of the facility." Unsheathing his sword, and standing somewhat in front of the young man, with his back to him. "Besides… Is your life really worth so little?"
[02:38am] Jaito: Shiro narrows his eyes. "…I can't just walk away. There are too many people who are going to suffer if this isn't stopped…"
[02:38am] Jaito: The Other smiles. "Isn't he brave, brother? Isn't he a hero?"
[02:38am] Masaru: "Did she damage your hearing?"
[02:38am] Masaru: "Are you concussed?"
[02:38am] Jaito: Emily hums to herself. "Five…minutes…"
[02:39am] Masaru: "Perhaps you're simply stupid."
[02:39am] Jaito: …there is more than five minutes until the airstrike.
[02:39am] Masaru: "Leave. You can't hope to win this fight."
[02:39am] Jaito: The Other shakes his head. "He fights. He dies. You are not relevant to this story, human. Leave."
[02:40am] Jaito: A ROAR shakes and trembles the entire hospital.
[02:41am] Masaru: "Human? I am Masaru Yamazaki, little demonling. And as I told you before - there's a few people who need to die, and few that shouldn't, before I have time to play with you, spoiled child." Pausing as the place shakes from the roar, but keeping his guard up.
[02:42am] Jaito: The Other's eye…twitches. "You sound like the other Yamazaki. You die, too."
[02:44am] Masaru: "Please. That old man chases ghosts frantically attempting to make something more of himself. I? Have plans." Please, Misaki, be doing something about this damned place already, and stupid kid behimd me, get the fucking hint already before I piss him off /too much/.
[02:44am] Jaito: It's at this point that a giant goddamned lion blasts through the roof and on top of the Other.
[02:45am] Masaru: …Well.
[02:45am] Masaru: No, no.
[02:45am] Masaru: I can use this.
[02:45am] Jaito: …are…are his allies ON the lion?
[02:46am] Jaito: "I AM INVINCIBL-"
[02:46am] Jaito: (Alertness for the people on the lion.)
[02:46am] Jaito: A hand bursts THROUGH it.
[02:47am] Shousei_Yamazaki: (1)
[02:47am] Misha_Nikaia: (2)
[02:47am] Jaito: The fist wraps around Wen's throat and yanks him THROUGH the other end of the Cerberus as it explodes into dust.
[02:47am] Jaito: LEaving the others to roll aside.
[02:47am] Shousei_Yamazaki: -Never good-
[02:48am] Masaru: "Michael. Shousei-kun. Good timing."
[02:48am] Jaito: Emily looks up. "Oh. Hello, afterbirth. Hello, Shousei. Hello, Anthony. Welcome to the party.
[02:48am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei winces. Poor thing. Poor /Wen/- poor-
[02:48am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Still no parental controls. He brushes himself off as he rolls to his feet, wincing.
[02:49am] Jaito: "Your timing leaves much to be desired. There's very little time left, so I'm going to have to just hurt you until you learn manners."
[02:49am] • Misha_Nikaia turns to face his mother, all grace and control. "You were wrong about one thing, Mother."
[02:49am] Jaito: (Any hostility will lead to initiive.)
[02:49am] Jaito: "Oh…?"
[02:51am] Misha_Nikaia: "You thought that Michael would not survive the Magatama." very gentle. "You were /very/ wrong about that."
[02:51am] Masaru: While Michael handles that, Masaru moves to yank the other guy off of the fence. "Still with us?"
[02:53am] Jaito: Shiro falls to his knees. "…of course. What else could I do? But I have no weapon…"
[02:53am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei moves very carefully forward, sword to the side, glancing up occasionally to watch the crazy demon-woman's reaction- he's trying to see where Wen got dragged into.
[02:55am] Jaito: Wen is struggling as the Other casually chokes the life out of him, one-handed. For all he strains…it's as if he were so very, very frail.
[02:55am] Jaito: Emily flinches as if struck. "Michael is dead! You're just a ghost of stolen power!"
[02:55am] Jaito: She raises a hand…which starts to glow black with power.
[02:56am] • Misha_Nikaia shakes his head. "You only see ghosts because we never were what you wanted."
[02:56am] Masaru: "You can still be a hero. I need your help. Likely not too far from here there's a girl, Naito Misaki, who means a very great deal to me." Offering him a faint smile. "If we're not outside in five minutes, you need to drag her and the government agent downstairs away from here. Believe me, the world will need a hero, if we fail here."
[02:57am] Shousei_Yamazaki: …Shit. Shit. "…You!" He hisses at the thing. "Please- damnit- stop!" That probably won't work. He knows that. But he also knows that he's probably not stronger than either of these things, much less both.
[02:58am] Jaito: Shiro nods, but then follows Shousei's line of sight. "…Zou!" He charges towards it.
[02:58am] • Misha_Nikaia is trying to get her angry enough to make a mistake.
[02:58am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "…Gah! Idiot-"
[02:58am] Misha_Nikaia: It will very much hurt him.
[02:59am] Shousei_Yamazaki: This is probably happening far too quickly for Shousei to try to do anything other than trip the man with the blunt edge of his sword.
[02:59am] Jaito: (You may attempt to do so. Weapons!)
[02:59am] Masaru: Seeing what caught his eye and following, grabbing his own sword. Sometimes you have to do it the hard way. "No, idiot!"
[02:59am] Jaito: Emily chooses this time to cast a spell at Michael.
[03:00am] Shousei_Yamazaki: (3)
[03:01am] Shousei_Yamazaki: (+2 = 5)
[03:01am] Jaito: Shiro lunges, but when Wen reaches out and shouts, "NO!!!", Shousei feels a sudden strength. Shiro goes down before Shousei's even sure of his actions.
[03:01am] Misha_Nikaia: (3)
[03:01am] Jaito: …the look of horror and rage on his face is vast, deep, and dangerous.
[03:01am] Shousei_Yamazaki: If Wen dies… if /Shiro/ dies, Wen-
[03:02am] Jaito: Shadows burn into the ground around Michael's feet, before a blast of sheer animosity brings him to one knee, trying to drag him DOWN…down, back into the dark.
[03:02am] Jaito: (FEARFUL social consequence. Yay Mudo.)
[03:03am] Shousei_Yamazaki: …At this point, Shousei's only plan is to grab everyone, blow up the roof, and run.
[03:03am] Shousei_Yamazaki: If only that were possible.
[03:03am] Jaito: INITIATIVE: Michael, Shousei, Emily, Masaru, everybody else
[03:03am] Misha_Nikaia is now known as Michael_Lin.
[03:06am] Michael_Lin: It doesn't /kill/ him, but it /rips/ the veil of his other self - the only way for him to be strong - from him, leaving him only himself. Shaking, but there are people here. People that matter. People that must live. He struggles shakingly back up and sings, every note wavering but a spell nonetheless, sapping strength from those who hear him, directed at his mother and the Other.
[03:07am] Jaito: Wen…closes his eyes. "…You're gonna…love this, Misaki-chan…let's see your Harvard boy do THIS…" A crystal heart manifests in his hand…and he SHATTERS it.
[03:07am] Jaito: And breaks down into a pile of red dust.
[03:07am] Jaito: Shiro gasps, "ZOU!!!!"
[03:08am] Jaito: And then the Other is knocked from the OTHER side, into the fence right next to Shiro's indentation.
[03:08am] Shousei_Yamazaki: What the hell is he-
[03:09am] Jaito: …and a red-skinned, armored demon stands in its place…with flame-red hair and glowing eyes…but a very familiar smirk. "I…WILL NEVER DIE…!!!!"
[03:09am] Jaito: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [X]
[03:09am] Jaito: ZOUCHOUTEN
[03:09am] Masaru: …Even Masaru smiles, despite himself, at the sudden reversal of things. "Nice trick, boy."
[03:09am] Jaito: Owner: NIGHT
[03:09am] Shousei_Yamazaki: …
[03:09am] Michael_Lin: ….
[03:09am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei smirks. Well, all right then.
[03:12am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Well. Now that people have stopped trying to get themselves killed…"
[03:17am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei's gaze turns from Wen and lands on the satellite generator, currently shooting out some kind of horrible green- well, whatever it is, 1) it's probably bad, and 2) the woman who just tried to kill Michael is sitting on it. So, he raises his hand, and the form of Oberon manifests, glaring imperiously, a bolt of lightning streaming from it towards the generator…
[03:18am] Jaito: "A Persona? Really? …you have no idea what you're playing with."
[03:19am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "You are the /eighth/ person today to say that, and frankly I have /long/ since stopped caring."
[03:19am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "If I die here, I die. So long as I can take someone out with me."
[03:20am] Shousei_Yamazaki: (5 or possibly also other things.)
[03:21am] Jaito: Attack: 5 vs. Defense: 5 - HIT. POWER: 3 vs. ARMOR: 2
[03:21am] Jaito: [x] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
[03:21am] Jaito: The generator doesn't fare as well, starting to smoke…
[03:21am] Jaito: "…How DARE you!" Her eyes turn a golden yellow.
[03:22am] Jaito: "Insolent CHILDREN!"
[03:22am] Jaito: She gestures and the black circle appears under them all.
[03:23am] Jaito: Attack: 5!
[03:23am] Masaru: (5)
[03:23am] Shousei_Yamazaki: (4 D:)
[03:24am] Jaito: AWESTRUCK for Michael
[03:24am] Jaito: Masaru is fune.
[03:24am] Jaito: *fine
[03:25am] Jaito: Shousei: FEARFUL
[03:25am] Jaito: WEN: FEARFUL
[03:26am] Jaito: It's this point that the generator gutters…and then dies.
[03:26am] Jaito: The image of a woman in blue wireframe appears, laughing. "I reject you. You have to play by the RULES, you vicious bitch."
[03:26am] Jaito: Then she disappears.
[03:26am] Jaito: "…what…but…my power-"
[03:27am] Jaito: Her eyes narrow. "Where. Is. NAITO?!!!"
[03:27am] Jaito: "Where is he?"!!!"
[03:27am] Jaito: "WHERE?!!"
[03:27am] Masaru: Masaru is briefly enveloped by the darkness… and appears to be loosening his tie when the wave fades around him. "You never had any power, you old harpy."
[03:27am] Night: Night pops out of the stairwell at about this time. "You called?"
[03:27am] Jaito: "YOU FILTHY WITCH!"
[03:28am] Masaru: He turns for the staircase, snaps his fingers, and Chi You lobs a bolt of pure shadow at Emily "This is how you cast that spell, by the way."
[03:28am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei's eyes are wide, and he seems to be sweating. How did his brother learn to keep his cool like that…?
[03:28am] Jaito: ATTACK: 6 vs. DEFENSE: 2 - SPIN!
[03:28am] Jaito: POWER: 3 vs. ARMOR: 2
[03:29am] Jaito: [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [X]
[03:29am] Jaito: She narrowly manages to crush the bolt in her hands, but starts to visibly sweat.
[03:29am] Night: "I'm quite clean, I'll have you know, but it's nice of you to notice~"
[03:29am] Jaito: "Hito-Shura! Kill them!"
[03:29am] Jaito: "…nah."
[03:29am] Jaito: "…excuse me?"
[03:30am] Masaru: Glancing at the other demifiend. "Oh, right. You might want to get out of here, by the way."
[03:30am] Jaito: "…No, I think you've embarrassed yourself enough." He walks over to her. "Give me my Magatama or I will use your spine as a whip."
[03:30am] Jaito: "…This. Isn't. Over!" She tosses something at him.
[03:30am] Jaito: "No. It's far too soon." He leaps off of the roof.
[03:30am] Night: "I think the party's about over for all of us, actually. Wen, I'm giving you to Shiro, pick him up and move your sexual harassment."
[03:31am] Jaito: "He's not a devil summoner," Wen adds, grinning. He helps Shiro up.
[03:31am] Night: "I can fix that."
[03:31am] Jaito: "No."
[03:32am] Jaito: Shiro tears the gem off of his necklace. "I suggest you all run."
[03:32am] Jaito: "Imperial treasure…"
[03:32am] Night: "You'll look dashing as his bride-you're coming too, idiot, there's an airstrike called in."
[03:32am] Masaru: "Stay your hand, boy."
[03:33am] Jaito: His hand was starting to burn. "But…I can destr-UGH!" His eyes flash with flame, then fade. "…what…what the…But I can-"
[03:33am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei glances at Emily. Whatever she tossed at the other thing, Michael has one too, doesn't he?
[03:33am] Jaito: Emily smirks. "Too much power for you…"
[03:33am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Hmm…
[03:33am] Night: "I don't see you running. Why is this."
[03:33am] Jaito: Wen starts to drag Shiro off he roof. "Mistress' orders!"
[03:34am] Jaito: It may be time to leave.
[03:34am] • Michael_Lin shakingly begins moving.
[03:34am] Jaito: Unless people would like to continue combat?
[03:34am] Masaru: "Shousei! Michael! Move /now/!" This was his serious, no-more-arguing voice.
[03:34am] • Michael_Lin is not in any condition to argue, not that he would.
[03:34am] Night: …She will be picking Michael up and slinging him over a shoulder as she starts to move the hell out.
[03:34am] Night: Too short, too slow.
[03:35am] Masaru: Masaru's going to stand there with Chi You until everyone's down the stairs, to make sure that Emily doesn't try to do something stupid in their retreat, and then he's following as fast as he can.
[03:36am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei ends up somewhere in the crowd as they run…
[03:36am] Jaito: Emily shakes her head. "…how ridiculous. But no matter. I overreached." She turns and walks to the roof…then steps over it.
[03:37am] Jaito: A light glints high above like a star.
[03:37am] Jaito: You all make it outside, with little time to spare. Gray's cordon has already left.
[03:37am] Jaito: …a bright flash descends…and then NOTHING happens.
[03:38am] Jaito: No explosion. Nothing.
[03:38am] Night: "…Uh-oh."
[03:38am] Jaito: In fact? When they next look? The doors are back on.
[03:38am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei sighs.
[03:38am] Night: …
[03:38am] Masaru: "What just happened…?"
[03:38am] Jaito: A PM goes to Night and Masaru. Come calling when you have a wish. I have made accomodations.
[03:38am] Jaito: - Love. Mother.
[03:38am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Probably the air strike got eaten by demons or something while we weren't looking."
[03:39am] Night: "…No, Lilith did it."
[03:39am] Masaru: "We… We would be so lucky, little brother."
[03:39am] Night: "I need a drink."
[03:39am] Night: "I need several drinks."
[03:39am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Oh." He crosses his arms… "Right."
[03:40am] Jaito: …where's the jeep?
[03:40am] Night: "Masaru, are…you're completely unhurt."
[03:40am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Of course he is.
[03:41am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Do we have time for a nap before the world ends?" Shousei says weakly.
[03:41am] Masaru: "…I'm a little tired?"
[03:41am] Night: "…I'd imagine so, yes."
[03:41am] Night: "I…think I need to move my books. And my cat. To the bunker."
[03:41am] Masaru: "I'm getting a bit of a headache…"
[03:41am] Night: "And then drink heavily and possibly cry."
[03:42am] Jaito: Shousei's hand is bleeding.
[03:42am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "…Oh. Michael. …Er. Are you all right?"
[03:42am] Jaito: Badly.
[03:42am] Masaru: "I scuffed my shoe while we were lea-no, no, that's just dust."
[03:42am] Masaru: "I guess I'm fine."
[03:42am] Night: "Shousei what did you do to your hand."
[03:42am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Really, really not happy right now.
[03:42am] • Michael_Lin nods, even more timidly than usual.
[03:42am] Jaito: …dude, where's the jeep?
[03:42am] Jaito: ….and why is there a note on the ground?
[03:42am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Probably something really stupid, but-" He hands Michael the writhing pliers-snake thing.
[03:43am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Is this yours?"
[03:43am] Night: Night's voice has gone flat and extraordinarily tired. And she'll just. Pick up the note.
[03:43am] Jaito: "Place exploding. Sure you'll be fine - Prince."
[03:43am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "She gave the other one to the huge guy."
[03:43am] Night: "…Fuck you, Cam Bradley.
[03:43am] Night: "Fuck you with a cactus."
[03:43am] Masaru: …Fishing his phone out. Time to call a cab. Hopefully cabs still work.
[03:44am] • Michael_Lin takes it. "T-thank y-you."
[03:44am] Jaito: It starts to snap and writhe towards Michael's face.
[03:44am] Night: If they don't, Night will hotwire an ambulance.
[03:44am] Masaru: Oh, and since Wen's now a permanent addition to the group… Hugging Night while he makes that phonecall.
[03:44am] Jaito: His eye, specifically.
[03:44am] Michael_Lin: …
[03:44am] Night: She's …okay with this.
[03:44am] Jaito: Wen glances….then fades into Night's COMP.
[03:44am] Jaito: PM to Shousei: …This is better than dead. Right?
[03:45am] Night: "I need to hit my father."
[03:45am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei looks… worried about the horrible snake-thing.
[03:45am] Night: "Repeatedly. in the fac-what."
[03:45am] Jaito: …it snaps INTO Michael's eye, boring in.
[03:45am] Night: Oh my god what is even happening.
[03:45am] Michael_Lin: Anyone else would probably be screaming in horrific pain right now.
[03:45am] Night: …We're sorry. The Night you have dialed cannot be reached.
[03:45am] Jaito: There is a flash of red, even across the glowing lines…and the sound of meat and bonebeing wrenched aside.
[03:45am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Gaaah!"
[03:45am] Jaito: …then it's gone.
[03:45am] Shousei_Yamazaki: What the fuck
[03:46am] Jaito: Michael's eyes are briefly blood red…then go back to normal.
[03:46am] Shousei_Yamazaki: whatthefuckwhatthefuckwhatebfhekcuwns
[03:46am] Masaru: Even Masaru looks a bit horrified at this.
[03:46am] Michael_Lin: Michael can't find the voice or the words or anything at all to scream.
[03:46am] Masaru: Blink. Blink. "…Yes? Yellow cab?"
[03:46am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei sits down in the street.
[03:46am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Head in hands.
[03:46am] Night: "…I am. Going to very carefully pretend the last two minutes weren't real. for the sake of not screaming forever."
[03:47am] Michael_Lin: "I-I'm s-sorry…"
[03:47am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "…"
[03:47am] Night: "Where is my earring?"
[03:47am] Night: "Michael did you lose it."
[03:47am] Masaru: "Michael. Don't apologize."
[03:47am] • Michael_Lin hands it back to her with shaking hands
[03:47am] Night: She will…take that and stare at it.
[03:47am] Night: She isn't sure her hands are steady enough.
[03:47am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "…It's okay. Not your fault. What did that do?"
[03:48am] Masaru: "Anyways, yes, I need a cab to Khoo Teck Puat Memorial Hospital. We have five people, so one of the full-sized ones…"
[03:48am] Michael_Lin: "I-it g-give m-me m-my p-powers…"
[03:48am] Masaru: "And air conditioning."
[03:48am] Masaru: "Michael. Stop stuttering."
[03:49am] Masaru: "Anyways, yes, that will be fine. Fifteen minutes? No problem. Thank you."
[03:49am] • Michael_Lin just stops talking instead.
[03:49am] Night: "…So."
[03:49am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "…" He sighs.
[03:49am] Night: "You got a call from my father." She'll just…look at Shousei.
[03:49am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "He did, mostly. But… yes."
[03:50am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "If you don't mind my saying so, he seemed like a reasonable person?"
[03:50am] Night: She isn't even sure what she expects to hear about any of this. "…He's been missing for five years."
[03:50am] Shousei_Yamazaki: You never know with parents these days.
[03:50am] Masaru: "I'm going to make a few more phone calls very quickly." Kissing the top of Night's head and stepping back. "Yell for me when the cab gets here."
[03:50am] Night: Night…actually sounds shaky. Vunerable. Legitimately upset.
[03:52am] Shousei_Yamazaki: He frowns, giving her an empathetic look. "I'm… sorry."
[03:52am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "He seemed… rather concerned about you."
[03:53am] Night: "…Ha."
[03:53am] Night: That does not seem to be making it better, if the fact she's starting to giggle like a deranged hyena is any sign.
[03:54am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "…" He tugs at Night's pants, implying she should also sit down.
[03:54am] Night: Does sort of collapsing in a heap count?
[03:54am] Shousei_Yamazaki: At this point? Sure.
[03:55am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "What do you want to know?" he says softly.
[03:55am] Night: Then there we go. She's….still giggling and has pulled her hat down to cover her face. "…Five years. And he was concerned enough to call you but not…"
[03:55am] Night: "…What did he say? …And what the hell did he tell Wen?"
[03:55am] Night: "Because that is a whole new level of inappropriate."
[03:56am] Shousei_Yamazaki: He shook his head. "He didn't know you weren't there. He just saw /someone/ I guess he associated with you at one of those game terminals."
[03:56am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "He said hello to Michael and wished him good luck, then said we must not be with you, because you wouldn't have taken the safe route."
[03:56am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Or… something. Wouldn't be restrained."
[03:57am] Night: "I would be murdering Emily in her sleep if I could, yes."
[03:57am] Shousei_Yamazaki: And then he made a bondage joke, or something. Shousei's going to pretend that didn't happen.
[03:57am] Night: Likely for the best for everyone.
[04:00am] Night: "…I…he's really…here and alive, then." She's stop laughing, but the way her voice is shaking…
[04:00am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "Ah… she told us that Michael's mother was not to be confronted directly, especially if she had the Hito-Shura Magatama- which I suppose were those… horrid things," he continues. "And then Wen started gazing forlornly at the zombies, and I had to wake them up so that he could punch them without it being 'unsportsmanlike'…"
[04:00am] Shousei_Yamazaki: …He gingerly pats her on the shoulder. "I suppose he is."
[04:01am] Night: "…Then all of this has been….real." She kind of half-laughs it. "Oh, I need to get really drunk."
[04:01am] Night: "Not be sober. Thinking. Any of this…"
[04:02am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "If you want, we can break open my father's wine cellar?"
[04:02am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Small smile.
[04:02am] Night: "I don't think that was in any way negotiable."
[04:02am] Night: "Also, you're technically too young for that, kiddo."
<Masaru> He walks back, and sits down by them. "Sorry about all of that. I just needed to check on a few things." He's silent for awhile. "Shousei-kun… Little brother."
<Shousei_Yamazaki> "I didn't say I'd be /drinking it," he glares, "but frankly, if I want to have a glass of sake after realizing the world is about to end and I may or may not be a soulless game puppet I-" Oh. Masaru.
<Shousei_Yamazaki> He looks a little embarrassed.
<Masaru> "You and Michael really were invaluable today. I very much doubt Shiro our I would be alive now. Thank you." Looking back up at the sky, and sighing. "It's been… six years since we've been under the same roof, hasn't it?"
<Shousei_Yamazaki> …He lets out a breath he didn't know he was holding. /Someone/ called him useful. He almost can't believe it.
<Shousei_Yamazaki> "Something like that. A long time."
<Shousei_Yamazaki> "It's good to see you again."
<Masaru> "I suppose all of my efforts to keep Makoto's attentions from the rest of you were unsuccesful. My apologies." He smiles at that, though. "It's good to see you too."
Shousei_Yamazaki: …He lets out a breath he didn't know he was holding. /Someone/ called him useful. He almost can't believe it.
[04:12am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei smiles back… genuinely happy. "Heh. You can't- you couldn't have helped it."
[04:13am] Shousei_Yamazaki: He seems like he's about to say something else, but then realizes he's starting to cry, and that's /really/ embarrassing.
[04:14am] Night: It is kind of an amazing club of embarrassing crying on this sidewalk right now.
[04:14am] Masaru: "I thought maybe a diversionary tactic would be best. Own stock in his corporation, gain a respectable profession that allows me the knowledge to run a corporation. Did you know I've been on several investment lists? I was going to form a corporation of my own. Run him into the fucking ground." He chuckles. "How foolish that all seems now…"
[04:15am] Night: "I don't think most plans can reasonably expect actual apotheosis attempts, Masaru."
[04:15am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "He- heh- decided to skip all that and become God. No, I think- heh," he wipes his eyes- "you got one over on him."
[04:16am] Masaru: "Clearly, I just have to steal that from him too." Stretching out and laying back on the sidewalk. Fuck how expensive this suit is. It's comfortable and he's tired.
[04:16am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "I would call /not/ turning into an RPG villain a moral victory."
[04:16am] Night: "…You don't need to be a god to be a better man than he ever was."
[04:17am] Night: …Why is she on the same brainwave as Shousei?
[04:17am] Night: This seems slightly worrisome.
[04:17am] • Michael_Lin just nods timidly in agreement.
[04:17am] Shousei_Yamazaki: It really does.
[04:17am] Masaru: Chuckling. "I don't know, little brother. I've always wanted multiple forms and a giant tower to call my own."
[04:17am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Maybe they're both just on the 'what's best for Masaru' brainwave?
[04:17am] Night: "Masaru."
[04:17am] Masaru: "Now, do I want wings or not…."
[04:18am] Night: "Masaru."
[04:18am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei sniffs. "Well I guess you already kidnapped a princess."
[04:18am] Shousei_Yamazaki: He pre-emptively ducks.
[04:18am] Night: SWAT.
[04:18am] Night: "I am not!"
[04:18am] Masaru: "Thank you, Shousei."
[04:18am] Night: "It's only kidnapping if it isn't consensual."
[04:18am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei falls over laughing. Which just makes him start crying more. It's not very long until he's red-faced and out of breath.
[04:19am] Masaru: "…Michael."
[04:19am] Night: Night sort of…stares at him for a while, kind of debating if she needs to remember first aid or something.
[04:20am] Michael_Lin: "Y-yes?"
[04:20am] Masaru: "Two things, Michael."
[04:20am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei is a total wreck (and happier than he's ever been in his life), but he doesn't seem to be dying?
[04:21am] Night: That is a good sign. Perhaps if she pokes him in the ribs…
[04:21am] Masaru: "First… We're brothers, and I'll always respect you and your life decisions, so long as they make you happy."
[04:21am] Masaru: "Corollary to that, you pull off that dress /alarmingly/ well."
[04:21am] Night: …Alright, scratch that, now she's laughing.
[04:22am] Night: More like snickering, but.
[04:22am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "…" Shousei is calming down a bit. Somewhat more redfaced.
[04:22am] • Michael_Lin curls up a little more. "I-I d-don't h-have a-anything e-else t-to w-wear r-right n-now."
[04:22am] Michael_Lin: Shoving away the fact that this /does/ make him happy somewhere down deep and behind glass.
[04:23am] Masaru: "Secondly… You know you have a younger half-sister, yes?"
[04:23am] Masaru: "I think you'll like her."
[04:23am] Night: "Well, once she stops panicking…"
[04:24am] Michael_Lin: "N-no?"
[04:24am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "The magical dog probably did a lot to help with that…"
[04:24am] Masaru: "She's going to stop panicking when she sees his tattoos. She's always loved things like that."
[04:24am] Masaru: "Oh yes, we summoned Cerberus to protect her."
[04:24am] Masaru: "You're not allergic to dogs, are you?"
[04:25am] Night: "…That's…gonna be a problem with Vassago, isn't it?"
[04:25am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Shousei rubs his cheeks, glancing at Michael. "Er… About that… if I've ever said anything stupid, I… sorry, I didn't know about that."
Michael_Lin: "N-no." in query to allergies question, but why would that matter? pauses. "I-it's a-alright. I-I t-thought y-you k-knew."
[04:26am] Shousei_Yamazaki: He shakes his head. "Nobody tells me anything." Small smile.
[04:27am] Michael_Lin: "O-oh."
[04:27am] Masaru: "You have an aunt you live with, right? We'll need her too…." Masaru Yamazaki: deciding things for you since 1991.
[04:27am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "I'm not- going to pretend this isn't a bit weird, but… you're my friend, if you want to be, so… being my brother can't be that bad."
[04:27am] Night: Night quietly decides not to mention she knew about that before Shousei did.
[04:27am] Night: Now is not the time.
[04:27am] Michael_Lin: "A-as o-of e-earlier t-tonight?"
[04:28am] Michael_Lin: Pause. "W-what?"
[04:28am] Michael_Lin: He isn't sure that he heard Masaru's intent clearly.
[04:28am] Night: "We're keeping you."
[04:28am] Michael_Lin: ….
[04:29am] Masaru: "We have a nuclear bunker underneath the house and the world is ending."
[04:30am] Masaru: "You and your aunt are coming with us. I'd call anyone else you're worried about as well."
[04:30am] Michael_Lin: But their mother…he can't…
[04:30am] Night: "I think Kazue-san knows."
[04:30am] Night: This is, sadly, meant to be helpful.
[04:30am] Michael_Lin: "E-even s-so. I-It's t-too much t-to a-ask o-of her."
[04:31am] Masaru: …
[04:31am] Shousei_Yamazaki: He glances at Night, then at Shiro, but keeps his thoughts to himself for the moment.
[04:31am] Masaru: Backhanding Michael.
[04:31am] Masaru: "That's the last I want to hear you say something like that."
[04:31am] Shousei_Yamazaki: "…" Shousei flinches.
[04:32am] Michael_Lin: Well, that was a tiny Demifiend that just ended up knocked off his feet.
[04:32am] Michael_Lin: "I-I'm s-sorry-" instinctive response.
[04:32am] Masaru: "You are not a Yamazaki, but you are my half-brother, and you are important to us all. There is /nothing/ I wll not do for blood." Crossing his arms. "I told you to stop apologizing."
[04:33am] Night: "Masaru, the cab is coming, this may not be the time to be beating the shit out of an underage boy."
[04:33am] Masaru: "What're they going to do, press charges?"
[04:33am] Masaru: "The world's ending. I'm putting this on my card."
[04:33am] Night: "…Masaru."
[04:34am] Michael_Lin: …that is very definitely the oddest threat he has ever heard.
[04:34am] Night: "I'm saying hit him when we /get/ to the bunker."
[04:34am] Masaru: "No, then I have to explain it to Izumi. It'd be awkward."
[04:35am] Shousei_Yamazaki: And the world is still intact: everyone I know is insane.
[04:35am] Night: "Get in the car."
[04:35am] Shousei_Yamazaki: Maybe it's all right if I'm insane too.
[04:41am] Michael_Lin: The world is insane along with us.