Sleep To Dream 2

At some point during class, Michael finds himself with a note on his desk.
10:42 PM Myca
Which he picks up and reads.
10:45 PM Jaymie
/Good afternoon./ The note is in precise handwriting, on precisely-folded notebook paper… he may recognize it already. /I've finished most of my part of the essay. Would you like to talk it over after classes?/ It skips a line. /There might also be other things we should talk about. When and where you like./ Shousei's signature is scribbled at the bottom.
10:53 PM Myca
turns over the note, considers for a moment, and writes in also very precise handwriting that…Michael pauses. Chews on his pen. Tries to consider what would be the safest location-
10:54 PM Myca
…finally, he writes down the name of that coffeeshop that keeps being visited. Upstairs should be okay. And he'll drop the note on Shousei's desk once class is over.
10:55 PM Jaymie
And thus a meeting was arranged.
10:56 PM
Shousei would be precisely on time for such a meeting, give or take the ordering of a juice drink and a snack.
10:56 PM Myca
Michael will be waiting upstairs, reading his book, with no kind of food or anything in front of him.
11:02 PM Jaymie
Shousei heads over, waving slightly at Michael before sitting down.
11:02 PM
11:03 PM Myca
11:03 PM
he lowers his book.
11:05 PM Jaymie
Hmm. Still frightened. Shousei takes his nicely-printed copy of the project out and sits it on the table between them.
11:06 PM Myca
Michael leans over and looks at it.
11:08 PM Jaymie
His writing style is a bit different from Michael's, but the research seems legit.
11:11 PM Myca
"I-it l-looks n-nice."
11:15 PM Jaymie
"Good…" Shousei looks awkward for a minute, sipping his drink. "Well."
11:15 PM Myca
11:22 PM Jaymie
He taps his finger against his drink, not exactly looking at Michael. This is more awkward than he'd expected.
11:23 PM Myca
"O-other t-things?" pause. "I-I'm s-sorry i-if y-you d-don't want t-to t-talk about them."
11:23 PM Jaymie
"…I wanted to apologize," he rushes in, "before I- I mean. The thing the other day. I'm sorry for following you. I just… didn't want you to get hurt or for those idiots to get one over on someone, but… it… might not have been my business?"
11:23 PM
"The, uhm, baseballs. You know."
11:24 PM Myca
"O-oh. T-that w-was y-you?"
11:24 PM Jaymie
"Mm." He gives Michael a thin-lipped smile. "Yes."
11:26 PM Myca
"T-thank y-you."
11:32 PM Jaymie
"…" He smiles more genuinely. "Did you really appreciate it…?"
11:33 PM Myca
"Y-you d-didn't h-have t-to d-do e-even t-that…" part of him does, even while he doesn't /want/ anyone to fight for him.
11:35 PM Jaymie
"It doesn't really matter what I /have/ to do. It… seemed like you needed help, and if you did, it was the right thing to do. I was just worried… er, I mean from what that idiot said. There are people who don't want you to vanish because we kind of like you."
11:35 PM
"But that… tends to mean not interfering someone, you know? … I'm rambling."
11:35 PM
11:36 PM Myca
"O-oh." Michael blinks: the idea of someone liking him is entirely foreign, except for his aunt, and the idea of someone who doesn't want him to disappear is equally almost as foreign.
11:37 PM
"Y-You a-aren't."
11:37 PM Jaymie
He chuckles slightly. "I'm not sure, but I might be getting the hang of this friends thing…"
11:39 PM Myca
opens the small pocket dictionary he has in his bookbag to 'friend' and shows it to Shousei questioningly. He guesses maybe based on that, though why anyone would even want to with him is beyond him, even if it is his half-brother.
11:40 PM Jaymie
At first, Shousei just blinks.
11:41 PM
Then, he looks kind of mortified, slipping down in his seat a little and chuckling into his hand. "Oh… you /do/ have a sense of humor."
11:42 PM Myca
"N-not r-really…?"
11:43 PM Jaymie
Now he just looks confused, but he shakes his head. "…Well. Either way."
11:45 PM Myca
kind of glances away awkwardly. "O-oh?"
11:49 PM Jaymie
"I mean… that was cute." He looks a little bit of a different kind of awkward now. "Uhm… and I'm happy you're all right. You /are/ all right, aren't you? Is that guy still…"
11:49 PM Zephyr has joined the channel.
11:52 PM Myca
"S-still?" pause. "T-talking, y-yes."
11:52 PM Jaymie
"…Well, I was hoping he wasn't bothering you."
11:56 PM Myca
"H-he s-still i-is." Resigned to it.
11:57 PM Jaymie
Shousei frowns.
11:57 PM Myca
blinks at him.
12:00 AM Jaymie
"…Do you want help with /that/?"
12:00 AM Myca
Michael shakes his head.
12:02 AM Jaymie
Shousei picks irritably at his almond tart. "All right. If you change your mind… hell, Night would probably eat him alive."
12:02 AM Myca
"D-don't t-tell h-her. P-please?"
12:02 AM Jaymie
"Don't let him hurt you or anything."
12:03 AM
"If you don't want me to, I won't."
12:03 AM Myca
just nods, timidly.
12:05 AM Jaymie
…This is really an /amazing/ almond tart. Shousei is momentarily distracted by it.
12:05 AM
He's going to have to come here more often.
12:05 AM Myca
lets him be distracted by the almond tart for a moment.
12:06 AM Jaymie
Mmf. "Was there anything else you wanted to do or talk about?"
12:07 AM Myca
Michael shakes his head timidly, and then pauses. "E-except."
12:11 AM Jaymie
12:13 AM Myca
"P-please d-don't f-fight f-for m-me."
12:16 AM Jaymie
Shousei thinks about that a moment. "Do you mean, 'please don't fight on my behalf', or 'please don't fight when it involves me'? Because those are two different things."
12:16 AM Myca
12:17 AM Jaymie
He pauses again, an odd glimmer in his eyes. "Then how would you feel if something else happens, and I fight because it's the right thing to do, and you simply happen to be involved?"
12:20 AM Myca
"T-then t-that's a-alright."
12:22 AM Jaymie
"Well… I like you, but that is what I've been doing. So I think we're on the level."
12:22 AM
…Huh. Maybe he answered someone's question.
12:23 AM Myca
nods, quietly, in response.
12:27 AM Jaymie
"I'll keep that in mind, though."
12:27 AM Myca
"T-thank y-you."
12:27 AM Jaymie
"Not a problem."
12:42 AM Myca
"W-who h-has t-to g-give t-this t-to N-Night?"
12:43 AM Jaymie
"…Up to you?" He shrugs.
12:46 AM Myca
takes the bundle of papers timidly.
12:47 AM Myca
Before quietly exiting.

12:48 AM Jaymie
"…Bye." Shousei waves.
12:49 AM
This place has really good food…