Slice Of Heaven

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[5:06pm] Jaito: The Slice of Heaven is honestly advertised - even the smell is quite lovely. With its ongoing challenge to create an exotic yet satisfying flavor that one's heard of, it also has an expansive menu of one-time challengers. Few has passed, however - the proprietor is notoriously difficult to impress.
[5:07pm] Jaito: Also - there's a full bar, a juke box, and karaoke on Sundays.
[5:07pm] Jaito: Open style - booths are teenagers.
[5:14pm] Night_Misaki: Night eyes the menu, and sits down to think over a flavor. Normal pizza instead of Okonomiyaki…and she wants something she'll actually eat, as well. After a long moment of thinking it over, she orders-shrimp, mushrooms, yakisoba noodles and onions on mozarella, with a bit of chicken and basil thrown in as well-and slumps over the bartop.
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[5:18pm] Jaito: The proprietor sidles up, wearing a red bandana and cowboy hat along with an otherwise unassuming dress shirt, slacks, and tie. "Drink, Miss…?"
[5:19pm] Night_Misaki: "Mm?" She blinks, admiring this…unique sense of dress, and then remembers. Yes, drink. "Sake'll be fine, thank you."
[5:23pm] Jaito: "You need sleep, not sake. Sadly, sleep is top shelf and high in price." He fiddles about, before returning with a cup and warmed flask. "Drink in health, kid."
[5:24pm] Night_Misaki: "Sleep is sadly unlikely in my future, anyway. " She pours carefully-no good spilling from dulled reflexes—before taking the cup, mentally sorting through…everything.
[5:26pm] Jaito: "Oh, sleep is guaranteed, honey. It's the future that isn't."
[5:27pm] Night_Misaki: "To sleep, perchance to dream…ay, there's the rub. Or so it goes, isn't it?"
[5:31pm] Jaito: "Stupid question. Nobody chooses not to be. Even choosin' death is bein' something." He shrugs, cleaning a mug like it's some sort of requirement for standing behind bars. "The question…is WHAT."
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[5:32pm] Night_Misaki: "…You'd be a little wrong. Some people want to be nothing. Not to die, but to never exist…an impossible wish, but a wish nonetheless." She shrugs, indifferent.
[5:37pm] Will: Lost in her laptop, with earbuds in, Will sits quietly in a corner, trying to piece together bits of the GnOSis code and figure out how the bloody hell it works. None of the standard commands or tags seem to do anything to or with the damn mess, in any language that Will's familiar with (and a few she's not — she tried some Googling to see). Finally, she takes her earbuds out with a growl of frustration, and only the fact that they'
[5:37pm] Will: re tethered to the hardware in front of her keep the earbuds from ending up halfway across the pizzeria. Most of her pizza is gone — a Sicilian blend of hot sausage (shut up, twelve-year-olds), Canadian bacon (otherwise known as ham), and hamburger with onion and parmesan sits cooling on the table.
[5:42pm] Jaito: "Nope. Even those people just don't know what they're really wishin' for. Trust me - I seen a trail or two." On the Road of Inconsistent Accents, apparently.
[5:43pm] Night_Misaki: "…Where are you /from/?"
[5:45pm] Jaito: "Round 'n about, ma cherie jolie…" From Texan twang to servicable French. Yeesh.
[5:46pm] Jaito: Will: This damned code…it's like it doesn't respond so much to the code itself as to some sort of…rhythm….poetry…it's intentionally complex as a cipher, or it's just trying to describe variables Will has never heard of.
[5:46pm] Jaito: It's practically not computer language at all.
[5:47pm] Night_Misaki: Night snorts. "Speak all kinds of languages, do you? Then I wonder if ya can keep that up in more'n one." She switches to Japanese instantly, not even bothering to mask the Osaka accent. Oh yes, two can play at that game.
[5:47pm] Night_Misaki: Keep it up and she'll start up in Latin.
[5:48pm] Jaito: "If I wanted to sound like some bumpkin islander. he counters, then switches to Russian. They have the best pizza in Osaka. Wars fought over it.
[5:49pm] Night_Misaki: "Don't have russian." Hindi now, but she smiles. "But I know the word for pizza. Fond memories?"
[5:51pm] Will: And Will's never been good at writing much. Even codebreaking doesn't seem to… The hacker's ear twinges at the musical sound of Japanese and the rolling consonants of Russian, and she glances up at the register. And there stands Night. Innnteresting… With a quirked eyebrow, she grabs her glass and goes up to the counter for a refill.
[5:51pm] Jaito: "I know 'memory'…but not the rest." Then, Gaelic. I have traveled miles in search of the true name of enlightenment.
[5:53pm] Will: "An' what name'd at be, boyo?" she breaks in at that. In English.
[5:54pm] Night_Misaki: "Gaelic? Ah, no, I was never taught much of the islands' languages." The fact that her accent in english has the faint lilt of a upper-class londoner might make that a bit suspicious. And then she blinks, and glances over at Will. "…Well, that's convenient."
[5:55pm] Jaito: He looks over at Will. "Full." He winks. "Need a fresh drink, sweetie?"
[5:55pm] Jaito: All English now.
[5:56pm] • Will 's eyebrow quirks again, this time at Night's phrasing, and then nods to the man. "Right ye are. Jes some tea, hey?" Then she looks at Night. "Wot's so convenient 'bout a lass gettin' out o' 'er flat an' gettin' some food?"
[5:57pm] Jaito: "Usually, what comes after…" the proprietor offers with a wink. "These fashionable kids these days…" Tea is served.
[5:58pm] Night_Misaki: Night rolls her eyes, and coughs, digging into her bag…and opening her notebook to a page with a copied sigil. "I wanted to talk to you about this."
[6:00pm] Jaito: …that looks a lot like a partial character in the GnOSis code.
[6:02pm] Will: That looks… Will picks up her glass of tea and takes it back to her table. "Walk wi' me," she says half-distractedly to Night, racking her brain to place the sigil until… She opens up a file on her laptop when she gets back to her table, enlarges a block of code, then turns the screen around so Night can see it. "Seen any more like it? Like 'is?" One of the characters in the code block looks remarkably like the sigil.
[6:05pm] Night_Misaki: Night takes her sake carefully, sitting down into the chair, and peers over at it. "…These specifcally, no. But…" She hesitates for a moment, before pulling out the photo, and sliding it over to Will. "The characters in this are Indo-Aryan in origin, unless I'm mistaken. It seems more like a cypher than anything else. I could work it out, but by myself it'd take a…very long time."
[6:05pm] Jaito: Where Night would see impressions from Scandivian runes, Babylonian cuneiform, and any number of Eastern symbolic languages, Will might notice more ideas of branching logic segments going in different paths - the code might even be read vertically instead of horizontally…backwards? Diagonally?
[6:05pm] Jaito: Each symbol seems to relate somehow to each of its neighbors.
[6:06pm] Jaito: (Will, gimme a quick Investigation.)
[6:06pm] Night_Misaki: "…My god, this is amazing. They're weaving languages together like some kind of tapestry."
[6:06pm] Jaito: …languages. Weaving them together…
[6:06pm] Will: (2)
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[6:09pm] Jaito: …that woman. Down to the cast of her eyes, it could be the woman you met HERE. Rose. The hair and clothes are different, but…
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[6:10pm] ashlayne: "Waitasec. D'ye ken who she be?" Will taps the photo on Rose's image.
[6:11pm] ashlayne: Dammit. Now Will wishes she'd asked Rose, or whoever she *really* might be, where she worked.
[6:11pm] Kaji: "Her? She looks familiar, but I can't think where. This was in one of my father's photos…probably before I was even born."
[6:15pm] Kaji: Night reaches out for the laptop, looking for the patterns. Where are the words connecting…"…I got a call from someone wanting a very strange item I picked up. They seemed to think that…whatever's happening is connected to what's causing the Divers."
[6:18pm] ashlayne: "…" Will *really* wishes she'd asked Rose where she worked, now. She shakes her head, refocusing on the code. "What kinna very strange item? Like, one o' them overlarge demon files, 'r somethin' like?" She lets Night have the laptop. Now that the other mentions the weaving of languages, Will tries to come at it from a different perspective, trying to force her brain away from the coding aspect of it. How would Freyja have looke
[6:18pm] ashlayne: d at something like this…? These characters and this etymology relates here, and… Hmm…
[6:19pm] ashlayne: (3)
[6:19pm] ashlayne: (4, actually.)
[6:20pm] Kaji: "A sword. Hershey's might have mentioned it if you've seen her lately." She looks…downright annoyed at the mention of the admin. "It did real damage to a kid, out of the game. Apparently, it becomes real if you'll believe it'll do real damage."
[6:22pm] Jaito: Love…friend…power…power rises from friends…bad friends…
[6:23pm] Jaito: Will's eyes decide to painfully cross at that point. (A point of mental stress, not that it should be a huge deal.)
[6:30pm] ashlayne: "Bleedin' Christ…" Will looks away from the screen. This is *part* of the reason she's using her laptop instead of the virtual whiteboard screen she has set up in her AR glasses, to *avoid* these headaches with this shit. She refocuses on Misaki's words. "A sword, hey? Wouldna 'appen t' be over a terabyte in size, would't? If I be right, Xiao *did* make mention o' it last we talked. 'At, and th' Danu file, an' somethin' screwy
[6:30pm] ashlayne: with Michael's character prof."
[6:33pm] Kaji: "Don't know about the sword. Here…" She pulls on her glasses, with the intent of retrieving the sword. "…Something's up with Lin's profile?"
[6:36pm] Kaji: "I'd like to keep hold of the sword for now, but have a look."
[6:38pm] ashlayne: Will nods. " 'Parently. Xiao sed 'is file looks like 'e never finished chargen, but the file size is several terabytes, and growin'. Even though Michael tol' me later 'e ent been back on th' game since 'e broke 'is glasses at the coffee shop." She slips her glasses on, and pulls up an analysis program, setting the sword as the target. At least the sudden headache is fading some…
[6:40pm] Jaito: (Give me another Scholarship roll!)
[6:40pm] ashlayne: (5)
[6:40pm] Kaji: "Of course not. The AR reacts…oddly to him. My own partner reacted as though Michael was a demon. And he said it was getting stronger after the glasses were broken."
[6:41pm] Jaito: Speaking of that headache - KILL POWER KILL EDGE DEMAND - owww…
[6:41pm] Jaito: Which means about absolutely nothing, but a few of the characters visually leap off of the imagery.
[6:44pm] ashlayne: It doesn't take long for Will's program to finish, and it confirms her suspicions. Her AR glasses come off a second later. "Bloody 'ell, how d'people *work* wit' this mess?"
[6:46pm] Kaji: "Probably not be looking at it as strictly programming?" Night quietly puts the sword away, and sighs "At this point, I believe we can toss whatever theories of what's possible out the window. Whatever Gnosis is, it's making the game real."
[6:48pm] ashlayne: "Ye got 'at right, lass." Not look at it as strictly programming… That might require a more fluid mind than one trained in computer hardware and software… Will thinks back to some of the language games she played with Freyja, and how a word in one language, to them in their game, might link to a completely different word in another language. Like multilingual cockney.
[6:50pm] Kaji: Night goes back to looking at the gnosis code, teasing out some sort of meaning. Meanings fit together to create context…wasn't the point of any language to communicate something?
[6:53pm] Jaito: The great wonder of this new codebase is supposed to be its ability to convey massive amounts of information off of a different, non-binary structure.
[6:54pm] Jaito: But is that even really possible?
[6:56pm] ashlayne: Not short of quantum computing, to Will's knowledge.
[6:57pm] Jaito: …hmm.
[6:57pm] Kaji: Isn't that language?
[6:57pm] ashlayne: …Maybe that's part of it. Carefully keeping her eyes off the laptop screen, Will slips her AR glasses back on her nose and Googles for some quantum computing information, to see if that might help her and Night.
[6:58pm] Jaito: However…with enough samples and hard digging…you two might be able to work out some general translations. It seems to fall into sentences or..some kind of contextual structure. Which would explain some of the complexity. 1 and 0 is simple. A hot or cold 1, a sad or happy 0?
[6:58pm] Jaito: A 1 in this world, a 0 in the spirit realm?
[6:58pm] Kaji: And then what happens at the place where 1 and 0 intersect?
[6:59pm] ashlayne: That's when shit gets real, maybe?
[6:59pm] Jaito: …a different meaning for different locations, realities, and structures…and a whole new meaning for when they interact. Language itself, at its most robust. But can that be coded?
[6:59pm] Jaito: …and, here's the kicker? Would GnOSis work if it DIDN'T interact with real-world data?
[6:59pm] Jaito: There is much to review. But now? There's a direction to poke in.
[7:00pm] Kaji: And pizza to be eaten.