Stalker 2

And now going to find Night.
12:53 AM Zephyr
Night's address is listed in school information. It's not in a bad part of town, but a part of town a girl living by herself might actually afford, completely with dottery old landlady with a curious obsession with oranges.
12:53 AM Myca
Maybe he can just slide the papers under the door.
12:55 AM
This seems like the best idea.
12:57 AM
And trying to do that, now.
12:58 AM Zephyr
…Unfortunately, there's no room for them.
12:58 AM
There is, however, a doorbell.
12:58 AM Myca
sighs inaudibly, and knocks at the door.
12:59 AM Zephyr
There is immediately a loud crashing sound, and what sounds like a kitten mewling.
1:00 AM Myca
…o-oh dear.
1:00 AM Zephyr
Shortly after, Night opens the door, looking…rather spectacularly disheveled. There are dark rings under her eyes, she's wearing a loose tank-top over jeans, and there is a cat on her shoulder. The apartment behind her…appears to be more of a wild landscape of books than an actual space someone lives. "…Lin."
1:01 AM Myca
"I-I'm s-sorry f-for d-disturbing y-you."
1:06 AM Zephyr
"…Nn. It's fine. What time is it?"
1:06 AM Myca
gives Night the time: it's midafternoon.
1:07 AM Zephyr
"…" Night swears, rather creatively, in a combination of languages. "…Right. Okay. You're here with the school project, right?"
1:08 AM Myca
"Y-yes." Michael holds out Shousei's papers and his own.
1:10 AM Zephyr
"Stay there." She takes them, and starts flipping through them as they are. Hmmm…
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1:15 AM Plushiemancer is now known as Michael_Lin
1:16 AM Michael_Lin
1:17 AM Zephyr is now known as Night_Misaki
1:17 AM Night_Misaki
persuses…and seems to be squinting rather a lot. "…Augh. Come in. Sit…Sit wherever's not covered in books." Off to get her contacts. Goddammit.
1:18 AM Michael_Lin
sits on the floor. Trying to resist the urge to find a corner.
1:18 AM Night_Misaki
With this many book stacks, they're all corners.
1:19 AM Michael_Lin
finds a good corner then.
1:20 AM Night_Misaki
Eventually, Night comes back, having skimmed through now that she can actually see. There are a clear back of fresh bruises along one arm; the culprit is a collapsed pile of books over her futon. There are open books everywhere, mostly dealing with symbolism, and notes written and pinned up all over the place. "…So he did come through. Good…"
1:21 AM Michael_Lin
can't help but peer at the books, though he's trying not to look like he's peering.
1:23 AM Night_Misaki
Symbology. Language. Characters and script from a variety of completely unrelatedly languages. "…You don't want to think too hard on that, I don't think you can pay the price for knowing it." She digs under a pile, and pulls out a larger, printed stack of papers. "It should fit in, but look it over first before I try and tie everything all together."
1:25 AM Michael_Lin
takes the other papers and reads through them.
1:26 AM Night_Misaki
They're well thought out, and meticulously, almost insanely detailed.
1:27 AMDeactivating Flood Protection
1:27 AM Michael_Lin
"I-it'll f-fit t-the r-rest."
1:29 AM Night_Misaki
"Good." And then, quite promptly, without any warning, Night topples over into a stack of books.
1:29 AM Michael_Lin
O-oh d-dear.
1:30 AM Michael_Lin
goes over to check on her.
1:31 AM Night_Misaki
She…appears to not have broken anything, although she does look like she could use about a week solid of sleep. "…'Mfine."
1:31 AM
"I think I broke my dignity."
1:31 AM
"But I'm fine."
1:31 AM Michael_Lin
"M-maybe y-you s-should t-take a-a nap."
1:34 AM Night_Misaki
"Oh, probably."
1:34 AM
She doesn't sound like she's going to.
1:35 AM Michael_Lin
sighs inaudibly. "I-if y-you're s-sure."
1:36 AM Night_Misaki
"…If I'm sure? You're the one who suggested it." SHe picks herself up, carefully, and starts restacking the books. Many of them are rare, old occult books…several in languages she may not actually be able to read. One might begin to get the idea that Night lives alone.
1:37 AM Michael_Lin
It's a very clear idea…
1:39 AM
"G-goodnight." he at least is going to /try/ to leave.
1:39 AM Night_Misaki
"…For the record, Lin, you don't have to be concerned if you don't like me."
1:39 AM
"It doesn't matter to me if you care or not."
1:39 AM
She's not stopping him, though.
1:41 AM Michael_Lin
…of course, he just tripped over a stack of books trying to leave.
1:41 AM Night_Misaki
…She almost audibly twitches.
1:42 AM
"…Put those back first."
1:42 AM
Those, of course, would happen to be…photo albums?
1:42 AM Michael_Lin
"I-I'm s-sorry, I-I'm s-sorry." stammering apologies while putting the books back. And…photo albums?
1:43 AM
It's…sad, in startling juxtaposition how terrifying she is.
1:43 AM Night_Misaki
They're all lableledtimes, dates, placesalthough no sooner than five years ago. In most of them, there's a young girl who's clearly Misaki, and yet…
1:44 AM
she's smiling, genuine and happy and adorable, her hair is long, and she's often with a man, tall and smiling, who must be…
1:44 AM
1:44 AM Michael_Lin
…oh. Her father.
1:45 AM Michael_Lin
closes the photo albums, carefully, and trying to put them back into order.
1:45 AM Night_Misaki
Given they seem to be filed in esoteric latin, this may take a while.
1:46 AM Michael_Lin
The one who Hershey's had mentioned. And if she's that soft and happy /then/, when her father was with her, and looking for information on him now…he shies away from making conclusions. It isn't his place.
1:47 AM Night_Misaki
"…Ah." She's turned to look at him now, having finished her stack, and seems…frozen in place for a moment. Torn open, for the space of a second.
1:49 AM Michael_Lin
"I-I'm s-sorry." Michael backs off from his attempt to put the photo albums back. "I-I s-shouldn't h-have t-tripped o-over t-them t-to b-begin w-with."

1:56 AM Night_Misaki
"…You won't tell anyone. It doesn't matter."
1:57 AM Michael_Lin
It's true, he won't, and still backing towards the door.
Just as long as he doesn't trip headlong into the door, he should be alright.
2:03 AM Michael_Lin
2:14 AM Night_Misaki
"You're going to trip again like that."
2:16 AM Michael_Lin
"…o-oh." going to stop backing up.

2:18 AM Night_Misaki
"Finish putting them away and go. You'd rather be anywhere else, right?"
2:19 AM Michael_Lin
finishes putting them away and goes.