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Welcome to Paradise, Citizen of the Mortal Clan

Welcome to the hottest gaming experience in the world. Join in the Danse Macabre and pick your side in the great battle of Law versus Chaos! Step into the Circle of Avarice and take part in a real-world economy and crafting system! Join a Tribe and leave your mark on the hidden world! A new life, a new spirit, and a new adventure is waiting for you.

You just have to open your eyes to see it!

(Financing plans available for game equipment. See web site for details!)

News Stories

Message or Cover-Up? - "Gaming Cult" Bombs Memorial Hospital

- [404, Citylink not Found] - Yet another tragic event has rocked Khoo Tek Memorial Hospital. An apparent terrorist bombing has utterly devastated the state-of-the-art medical center and it has been temporarily closed for repairs. Police and Interpol are currently seeking any information on the group claiming responsibility over the net, a video-game based "cult" known as the Khakkam or "The Wise". Their motives remain, as of yet, unexplained.

Hot Topics on the Amala Network

- CRITICAL: Please Evacuate Kanto Immediately!

[This post has been flagged as inappropriate. All video and image attachments have been removed.]

Please, I implore you - this is not a game. This is not an event. This is not a prank. Please, PLEASE get out of the Kanto region and advise everyone you know to evacuate. I know that this will come as difficult to believe, but evidence has been brought to me proving a horrific plot to re-enact events of the game. Those responsible have access to resources and technology comparable to th game we all love, and intend to make that game a reality. Let us never forget - though we fight in the game, we fight in ruins. In hell on Earth.

Please. Please, do not be in Tokyo if these events cannot be prevented. I'm going there now.

The Sun Shall Rise,

Your (Former) Emperor, Akihito Omega.
Toudai Shiro

- Bring It ON!

I like what I see and I'm soon to see more,
On the day when the king stands equal to the whore.
Like and share if you welcome the coming of God,
On the black, profane Earth where we mere mortals trod.

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Open Missions

- Launch Day

Cap and Tally

Game Start Refresh: 8
Current Maximum Refresh: 12
Max Significant Milestones: 15 (3 per refresh level)

Milestones by Character

Name Significant Major Recent Adventures
Misaki Naito 15 4 Library Adventures 1, Registration, Texts 1, The Faerie War *
Michael Lin 15 4 Library Adventures 1, Registration, Texts 1, The Faerie War *
Shousei Yamazaki 15 4 Library Adventures 1, Registration, The Faerie War *
Will Lawrenson 5 2 Registration
Alicia Long 0 0 -
Kersan Eko 0 0 -
Annabell May Nolan 12 4 Registration - Meeting Young Alice , World Design
Masaru Yamazaki 12 4 -

- * denotes ongoing event

Reminder: Minor milestones (each scene/addition to the story) grants the chance to swap two adjacent skills. Significant milestones grant a skill point and the minor milestone benefit. A major milestone grants a refresh point and all previous benefits.