Terrible Fights

So…a car is sailing towards them. This is by no means a pleasant way to end an already surreal evening.
5:28 PM Kaji is now known as Night
(Initiative? Equal to your base alertness!)
5:30 PM Greenling
5:31 PM Bassist159
(Cam/Car is also on 0.)
5:33 PM
Shousei's perceptions snap to reality. There is a CAR heading towards them both. And yet, from somewhere deep down, it's not half as terrifying as it should be.
5:36 PM
(You may attempt to knock Masaru out of the way, stop the car some other way, or just do whatever the hell you want. But I'd advise keeping the car in mind. Interpretive dance can wait.)
5:37 PM Greenling
Goddamnitgoddamnit- the car is coming this way, they're on the porch, and by instinct, there's not really any way to dodge but /forward/, forward and ducking under it and grabbing his brother.
5:37 PM
The man's even bigger than he remembers, but there's only so much you can do.
(Athletics! Difficulty 2, on top of the whole 'dodging the car' bit. So any extras are compared to Cam's aim.)
5:41 PM Bassist159
Masaru's a little too busy watching a fifty-thousand-dollar-before-permits-and-taxes car go sailing through the air to come up with a witty rejoinder, let alone be of any special help to Shousei.
5:42 PM Greenling
The car goes sailing over them, the tire actually mussing Masaru's hair a bit, before SLAMMING into the porch…and stopping dead, crumple zones flattened.
5:43 PM
There is a crack inthe exterior wall. That's it.
5:44 PM
"…So you saw a siege coming, Yamazaki…fair enough. I'll just TEAR APART THE DAMNED GROUND UNTIL I FIND YOU!!!"
5:45 PM
His horrific blade-and-claw arm writhes, tenses, and /glitches/ on his shoulder, an unnatural bulk. His eyes are glowing…it all looks a bit too much like Paradise. But all too real.
5:45 PM Bassist159
"….Shousei, get off of me."
(Masaru's action!)
5:46 PM Greenling
After the rest of today… honestly, Shousei has reached peak saturation for shellshock. He scrambles to his feet. "I cannot be held responsible for whatever stupid imagined slight you believe me responsible for, Cam Bradley!"
The blade gets pointed at him. "You're just like Michael! Broken bits in pretty meat! Shut up and die quietly!"
5:51 PM Bassist159
Masaru's own thinly reigned-in contempt is held in check primarily by the notion that, if he and his brother fail here, it's likely that the rest of the house will be torn asunder by this lunatic. He makes his way over to the now wrecked vehicle, to retrieve a tire iron, or a prybar, or something. Shousei could distract him until then.
(Gimme a quick Alertness? A good roll will determine the quality of implement)
5:53 PM Bassist159
You get a BRIEFCASE…at least it's full. Bronze-cornered, too. It'll leave some kind of dent. Probably!
5:56 PM
(I'll call that a free action.)
5:57 PM Greenling
"You?! You call /me/ broken? You! Sick, overmuscled freak!"
5:58 PM Bassist159
…Better than nothing. But not by much. Guess we can add ruining a briefcase to the list of shit going wrong today.
6:12 PM
Well, assaulting him with a briefcase is probably folly, italian leather and bronze-cornered though it may be. Better to see if he can provoke the beast into doing stupid. "You're calling my brother broken? That's rich, coming from you. Look at you! You can't even decide what you are, or who you're after. You're babbling incoherently."
6:12 PM
"Really. You can't even maintain that limb of yours, the only thing even remotely intimidating about you. You're a confused child playing at a monster, and my patience is running thin, /boy/."
HIT!!! [ ] [X] [ ], Consequence INFERIORITY COMPLEX
6:17 PM
"You son of a-!!!!" He stomps off to grab a Mini Cooper in the next driveway.
6:17 PM Bassist159
"What /are/ you compensating for?"
He pierced and lifts the car, and starts heading in Masaru's direction. "You're just like them!!!!"
6:19 PM
(Shousei's action. Night is now is visible, not not active range.)
6:20 PM
Night: Is…is that Cam? With a giant, horrible arm of black chitin? Hoisting a Mini Cooper with it? Oh, hey, that's Masaru. Hi, Masaru. Watch out for that car.
6:20 PM Greenling
Not that Shousei is likely to notice her. He's probably seeing red.
6:20 PM Night
…Just what the hell happens at their family dinners?
6:20 PM
Why don't they invite her to these?
6:22 PM Greenling
"No one cares about your stupid creepy murdering-people issues!" Logic would tell him not to topple the man holding the car, but Shousei goes for the nearest pointy thing and then for Cam on the much more satisfying logic that he's unlikely to be able to dodge.
(Random thing on ground, then? Or are you actually using the Sword?)
6:28 PM Greenling
(using the sword, then. wasn't 100% sure if he still had it.)
(Roll it!)
6:29 PM Greenling
6:30 PM Greenling
…I still have the sword? I still have the sword, Shousei realizes as it cuts into Cam.
…did…Shousei just shear off a good chunk of a Mini Cooper with…an invisible wsword?
6:30 PM
6:31 PM
POWER: 4 vs. ARMOR: 2 - 4 stress! [ ] [ ] [ ] [X] !!!
6:32 PM
He shears through the car and manages to slice open what's left of Cam's coat, leaving bare, half-pale and half-black stone flesh on display. It looks…painful, the way the alien flesh is threading through him.
6:33 PM Greenling
His eyebrow twitches. "Put that /down/, Cam. Before you do something you will deeply regret."
Cam….stares, as Masaru sees the sword in Shousei's hands flicker with static into life. "…but….h-how? The game's not LIVE yet!"
6:36 PM
(Masaru's action, once he's back)
6:38 PM Greenling
"If you want explanations, you /will/ have to earn them."
6:39 PM Bassist159
…His brother just pulled an invisible sword from nowhere. Officially, he's the one losing his mind, not Shousei. But! No. It's fine. He can use this. Just need to think clearly.
6:43 PM
"The game's not live yet? You really don't understand the most fundamental things going on here, do you? You came here, mad with your percieved power, not realizing how out of depths you were, against me and mine. It's pitiful, actually. Give up."
(Roll it. +2 for hammering in that complex. Poor man.)
6:47 PM
6:47 PM
"I…I…I'm the goddamned Devil Prince! The lord of the Black Brigade! I will RULE this planet one day, and I don't have to answer to you anymore, Makoto
6:47 PM
6:48 PM
Without another plan. He swings half a car at Shousei. For what it's worth? His heart isn't in it.
6:49 PM
On the other hand - it's half a Mini fucking Cooper.
6:49 PM
6:51 PM
I suggest dodging.
6:51 PM Greenling
(sorry, chat froze for a minute.)
6:54 PM
…Shousei's eye twitches. It twitches, as the car nears. It twitches, as Shousei ends up /on top of the car/ as Cam's swinging it, raising his sword as if to decapitate Cam- "How /dare/ you mention my father even if he is crazy, you putrid son of a bitch!"
6:56 PM
(only 5. :v)
(New round! Night, what's your Alertness?)
6:57 PM Night
6:59 PM
(I believe that makes it my turn?)
7:01 PM
…Night has mail. At the worst possible time.
7:03 PM Night
Night will get it later! She does not stop, but adjusts the course just so, aiming to blow by Cam-flinch, you son of a bitch, go on-and she doesn't raise her voice. She doesn't need to. "You miserable, pathetic third tier villain. You have no place in my world or my dreams…just vanish. Jack, roast him."
Aye, aye! A Jack Frost materializes and floats back as the bike goes on, raising its lantern..which bursts with flame.
7:05 PM
Ahem, Pyro Jack.
7:06 PM
ATTACK: 7 vs. DEFENSE: 3 - HIT! POWER: 3 vs. ARMOR: -0- [ ] [ ] [X] [X] ,CHARRED
7:06 PM
Cam drops the car, falls to one knee. "…it's…impossible…"
7:07 PM Night
"Shut up. You don't have permission to speak." …Someone may possibly be angry.
"…How can you humans beat me?!" His voice is multiformed, echoing something inhuman. "Damn it, I won't let you trample on everyone as you please!"
7:07 PM
7:09 PM Greenling
Shousei's attempted blow goes wide as Cam drops the car- and gets set on fire. He glances at Night- Night's here. Night just set someone on fire. With her demon.
7:09 PM
…The reality of the situation is about to set in.
7:10 PM Night
Set in later, finish this now.
7:11 PM Greenling
"You have such a /warped/ view of what's happening here. I think you need to be taken out before you /hurt/ someone." He doesn't want to… kill Cam, this thing looks fairly lethal, but a sword is good for more than that, if you know how to use it. Shousei grips the invisible sword with both hands and slams the hilt into Cam's forehead.
THWACK. Unable to overcome the impact of Shousei's conviction, Cam collapses to the ground. The demon arm shatters in red light and broken pixels, leaving his half-shredded coat to cover his otherwise bare chest.
7:14 PM Greenling
"…Hah," he breathes, eyes wide and sweating. "Idiot."
7:14 PM Night
Night has stopped the bike by now, although she looks…to be debating running him over for good measure. "…Just what kind of parties do you all have?"
7:14 PM Greenling
"…Night." He looks up at her. "We were… we were just going to call you." He wipes his brow, trying to catch his breath and stop panting.
7:16 PM Bassist159
Masaru exhales a few times, walks over, and checks the unconscious asura''s coat for the keys to his motorcycle. First priority, new transportation. Second… "Shousei. Night. You will explain everything that is going on to me, to the best of your ability."
7:16 PM
7:16 PM Night
Where is Masaru? Wh—oh, christ, is that the car? Cam, you doomed son of a bitch. "I was on my way anyway. Get his wallet and sit down, this is going to take a while."
7:16 PM Greenling
"…Perfectly reasonable suggestion."

7:16 PM Night
"The short version is the game's becoming real and was always meant to."
The keys are there and still intact,as is the bike!
7:17 PM Night
Now, what's in her mail?
7:20 PM Bassist159
Leaning over the unconscious Asura. "On the off-chance you can hear me… If you even so much as /dream/ of ever attempting or /considering/ revenge against me or mine, I'd best be getting an apology as soon as you wake up." Jangling the keys, then pocketing them. "Apology accepted."
…Standing up. Adjusting tie.
7:20 PM
"The game?"
7:20 PM Night
"…Paradise. Are you hurt?" This is important.
7:20 PM Greenling
Shousei does not look all that surprised. "Uhm… I'm doing things in the game that aren't supposed to be possible, and then I thought father was implying he knew what was going on, I thought I was crazy but I'm fairly certain I'm not?"
7:20 PM Bassist159
"Only my pride."
7:21 PM Michael_Lin
Among other things, there are two messages from Michael (or, rather, from the Misha Nikaia account).
7:21 PM Greenling
"…Also while the car was flying at me I had a dream about a blue velvet theatre and an odd little man and a woman who looked like Michael, and…" He blinks, dazed. "Oh. Is /that/ why I keep hearing weird music every time I have a meaningful conversation."
7:22 PM
"…No, no, that still doesn't make sense. That's stupid." He sighs.
7:22 PM Night
"Yes, well, I can't fix that." Night lets out a slow breath, scrubbing at her eyes. How long has she been awake…? This fucking day. "…My father, Michael's mother, and your father created something, years before any of us were born, I wager. That something, the GnOsis code, actively rewrites reality." …Let's open those from Michael, then.
7:22 PM Michael_Lin
Phrased in his usual timid way, one is that the timeline to the end of the world is 24 hours at the very outside.
7:22 PM Greenling
"…Basically I think we're in some kind of fucked-up manga and random people are gaining Jungian superpowers."
7:23 PM
He nudges Cam with his foot. He's so very glad Night knows more.
7:23 PM Michael_Lin
The other is a video attached to a simple "you may want to see this".
7:23 PM
And before Michael's messages was one from Will. Something's going down. I don't know what, but X is involved. The authorities are here to "question" me. Don't know what's going to happen, or where this will take us, but I wanted to let someone know. W]
Cam groans, eyes fluttering open. "…'m I dead yet?"
7:24 PM Night
"……..Annnnd they've engineered nuclear apocalypse in about 24 hours. It's survivable, but it's not going to be pretty-do you have a copy of the game? We need to do that." Tired. Tired. "In the game storyline, two skyladder satellites collapse. They're engineering the same thing here-" Night pauses to stop directly on Cam's leg. "Shut the fuck up."
7:24 PM
Open video.
7:24 PM
7:25 PM Greenling
…Shousei looks tired. Very tired.
7:26 PM Night
Night…takes a long breath. And does some hideous, horrific things to several languages.
7:27 PM
"g-g-get me away from her, and I'll help!"
7:28 PM Bassist159
Crouching down. Lightly slapping the side of Cam's face, not to hurt him, just more to help him focus. "No, Mr. Bradley, you are rather alive still. And I am taking your motorcycle, as you decided pitching a my BMW at the side of my mother's house was a good plan. Now… let's discuss how you plan to help."
"..that was a Beemer? Shit…And you /didn't/ kill me? You're softer than I heard…" He chuckles painfully.
7:29 PM Night
"I need to…" …She wobbles, and then forward Michael's emails to Shiro. With a single note: I don't have a better explanation. Warn everyone and prepare. And then she snorts.
7:30 PM Bassist159
"Dead men are useful for little more than fertilizer and particularly macabre lawn ornaments."
7:30 PM Night
"D'you want me to get you something? I think I have some knives and a screwdriver in my bag."
7:30 PM
…Why did she have a screwdriver with her, anyway?
7:31 PM Bassist159
"Oh no. But thank you all the same, Night. I believe Mr. Bradley would rather discuss this…" He tilts his head back, eyeing him as he stands up, "—like a real man, yes?"
7:32 PM
Also Night, if you're close enough he's getting an arm around you for effect.
7:34 PM Greenling
It is at that point Shousei realizes Night's meaning. He decides to step back a bit, arms crossed… glancing at the porch to see how bad the damage is. Surely mother and Izumi would have noticed that…
7:34 PM Night
Of course she is. And leaning into him a little, although whether that's affection or exhaustion is debatable. "If he can find his manhood, you've done miracles."
One single crack. And Cam is up on his feet, despite looking like he's in no condition to do so. "You guys won. Only fair to do whatever I can. The weak follow the strong…for now."
7:35 PM Bassist159
Nodding. "I can respect that."
"Not that…I'll be fighting any time soon. Ugh…all I can manage is that half-form, but…heck, it packs a wallop, huh?" He grins.
7:38 PM Michael_Lin
Shousei, you're getting a message from Michael. Or, rather, the Nikaia account. 'Do you have any idea where Night is?'
7:38 PM Greenling
"Wouldn't know. It's not like you managed to hit anyone," he says breezily.
7:38 PM Night
Night simply…smiles. In the sort of way that suggests she'd like to dissect Cam and study that.
7:38 PM Bassist159
"But you were throwing cars like it was nothing. So point taken." He chuckles.
7:38 PM Greenling
Shousei is the only person who doesn't drag his COMP around with him. Whether this actually affects anything at this point, however…
Rather than glower, this makes him laugh out loud. "Lookit you, Yamazaki. There really IS a spine in there!"
7:39 PM
He clears his throat. "Ahem…Shousei-san, I mean."
7:40 PM Greenling
"There always has been, you've just been mistaking not giving a damn about you for weakness." My phone is buzzing.
7:40 PM
He responds: 'She's right here. We got your text earlier; Cam is here and disabled. Are you all right?'
7:40 PM Night
"…We need to get AR glasses in bulk. And…I need to teach you how to use the code. I think I can."
7:41 PM Michael_Lin
'It's, ah, complicated. Er, where is 'here'?'
7:41 PM Bassist159
If Masaru's glance at Cam could talk, it'd say 'I know, right?' but he's already looking at Night. "I think everyone has their gear still, yes?"
7:42 PM Greenling
'At my house. Complicated is normal for tonight! Do you want me to tell Night you want to talk to her?''
7:42 PM Night
"Mm…I have mine." She gestures at Jack, for effect. "Shousei, you should get…" …What to do about their house? Supernatural wards? Where is she even going to get chalk and that much blood on short notice?
7:42 PM Michael_Lin
'Yes. I have something else that she needs to see.'
7:42 PM
'…in person.'
7:43 PM Greenling
"It's upstairs. Michael is texting me, by the way- I think something strange is happening to him as well." He frowns and shows Night his phone.
7:43 PM Night
"…He wants to…" She…looks honestly a little uneasy. "Yes, he would. Give him the address, we're all here already, that's simpler."
Jack floats over to Masaru. "…I don't get it. You have terrible taste, boss. I'm much handsomer!"
7:44 PM Night
7:44 PM
She will put you in a freezer, buddy.
7:44 PM Greenling
He raises an eyebrow at. The floating demon. In between worrying about his family and worrying about Michael.
7:44 PM
He texts Michael his address.
7:46 PM Michael_Lin
One text back. 'I'll be there eventually. But I, er, will stay outside it.'
7:46 PM Night
"And go get your AR stuff. Keep it with you."
7:46 PM Greenling
He shrugs.
7:46 PM
"All right." Shousei heads inside to grab his stuff… and make sure everyone's okay.
7:46 PM Bassist159
Looking at Jack. "…Excuse me?"
7:46 PM Night
…Oh god.
7:47 PM
My boyfriend and my demon and I should have never let them in the same place. Why didn't I think of that.
7:47 PM
…At least his family hasn't come out during this.
7:48 PM Greenling
Knowing them, mother may well be desperately trying to pretend it didn't happen, and Izumi is probably secretly watching out the window.
7:48 PM Night
Not helpinnng.
7:48 PM
"…I need my hairclips back, too."

"Aren't you a little old?"
7:50 PM
Jack - not helping.
7:50 PM Night
7:50 PM Greenling
…Shousei will get the hairclips.
"Shouldn't you be pestering your brothers, instead of your betters?" Flat stare.
"…b….b-bro. Harsh! As the chaperone of your little princess, you think you'd cut me some slack, y'know-ho?"
7:52 PM Night
"…Ah." That's right, she has…Shousei doesn't need the sword. "…I have something I should give you-what did you just call me?"
7:52 PM Bassist159

7:52 PM
7:52 PM

7:52 PM
Looking back at Shousei.
7:52 PM

7:52 PM
Raising a fist. Don't leave me hanging, bro-ho.
7:54 PM
Jack fades in blue sparkles, knowing the time to retreat.
7:54 PM Greenling
…I don't want to know.
Cam laughs. "It's…really happening. Isn't that…awesome?!"
7:55 PM Michael_Lin
"I-it i-isn't…"
7:55 PM Night
"Define 'awesome', Bradly." She's going to punch something.
7:59 PM
It might be you. c:
7:59 PM Greenling
Dun di dun, Shousei has his AR and some other things in a backpack. He hands Night her hairclip silently.
8:00 PM Night
And she'll just slide those under her hat. What? That's where you store things.
"Michael! Izzat you?! I heard you were dead!"
8:00 PM Night
"You what."
8:01 PM
It's about this point that Night gets a roaring headache and flashing white noise across her vision.
8:01 PM Night
"Why would he be-" How was he in the cell? Not good. Michael you little fucking idiot you didn't.
That all sttle down on Michael.
8:01 PM Night
"-Nngh.." She winces, hand to her head.
8:02 PM Michael_Lin
"I-I'm a-alive." very timid evasion.
Cam winces as well. "…man. My AR is jacked. I guess that's what happens when you eat it…"
8:02 PM Night
"…Lin, what have you done?"
8:02 PM Greenling
"…Why would you even-" Oh! Michael's here.
8:03 PM Bassist159
"Michael." Today is a day for empty declaratives, it turns out. Masaru doesn't like these days.
8:03 PM Greenling
8:04 PM Michael_Lin
8:04 PM Greenling
Wow that is some long hair and what the hell is he wearing.
8:04 PM Michael_Lin
A very tattered school uniform.
8:04 PM
And heeled white boots.
8:05 PM Night
Night, for those paying attention, has gone…very tense.
8:05 PM Bassist159
"…I see you're experimenting with new looks." Smirk.
8:06 PM Michael_Lin
wilts a little but less than he normally would. It's kind of noticeable, especially given the last time he and Masaru were in the same place. "I-it w-wasn't i-intentional."
8:07 PM Michael_Lin
is glowing pretty noticeably, purple and black tattoos.
8:07 PM Greenling

Booooooss. Ruuuuuuuunn
8:07 PM Night
I can't. He's their brother, we can use him.
8:07 PM
I hope.//
8:07 PM Greenling
"What happened?" Shousei steps forward.
8:08 PM Michael_Lin
"I-it h-has t-to d-do w-with e-everything." and giving Night space, but sliding over the camera to her from out of his bag.
8:08 PM Bassist159
"…Well, you certainly wear it well. Might as well roll with it." If I keep talking like nothing is amiss, I don't have to accept that the world stopped making sense somewhere around late afternoon.
8:08 PM Night
She takes a moment, before reaching out for it. At no point does she feel the need to stop leaning on Masaru. It keeps her from having to keep standing on her own.
8:08 PM Michael_Lin
"N-now I-I'm i-in b-both w-worlds a-at o-once." And very carefully ignoring Cam, for now.
8:09 PM Night
"It won't be both at once for long…"
8:09 PM Greenling is now known as Shousei_Yamazaki
Cam…goes to one knee.
8:09 PM
Now that's a hell of a sight. Considering how badly burned he is. He doesn't even hesitate.
8:09 PM Michael_Lin
8:10 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…First intelligent thing he's done all night, Shousei's look says.
8:10 PM Night
Kick him in the face, Michael.
8:10 PM
Do it.
8:11 PM Michael_Lin
Behind glass is that promise of thorns, and when Michael's glance trails hesitatingly over to Cam, he can probably for a moment, see the witch behind glass inside the princess's gaze.
8:11 PM
"Y-you w-wanted a-an a-answer f-from b-before."
8:12 PM
and /this/ is directed to Cam.
8:13 PM Michael_Lin
glances back to his older brother. "I-I d-don't t-think I-I have a choice with it any more."
8:14 PM Bassist159
"Don't be ridiculous, Michael. There's always a choice, no matter how insignificant it may seem."
8:14 PM Night
She flips through the pictures on the camera and…stops. Stops, and nearly drops the camera. "…Where did you…?"
8:14 PM Michael_Lin
"A-aunt I-Iris."
8:15 PM
"T-the s-same w-with t-the video I sent you."
8:16 PM
"T-true." pause. It's so tempting to just text people instead of talking to them. Much easier.

8:16 PM Night
It's the third time today. It's…" …He's still here…?" Forget the apocalypse, Night has more priorities right now and oh, christ, she can't fall apart in front of Cam or Shousei but…"Papa is…" Error, fatal logic hole detected.
"I got your back, Hito-Deva."
8:16 PM Michael_Lin
"I-I d-don't k-know h-how o-old t-those pictures are."
8:16 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…This is reeeaally uncomfortable.
8:17 PM Michael_Lin
"…p-please d-don't c-call m-me t-that."
"Yeah, sure. Just let me live when it's all over?"
8:21 PM
"I mean…heck, I don't want the other guy to win…he's…kinda cracked."
8:21 PM
CAM thinks he's crazty
8:21 PM Michael_Lin
"T-the B-Brazilian m-man?"
8:21 PM Night
…We are so fucked.
8:22 PM
" 'Cracked' is a fucking understatement."
Cam nods. "…I believe in the fight. But he only believes in blood. No compromises."
8:22 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei rubs his eyes. He still doesn't understand anything, except…
8:23 PM Michael_Lin
"I-I'm s-surprised h-he d-didn't j-just k-kill me w-when h-he broke into my apartment." because he could have /done/ it.
8:23 PM Night
"…" Night…offers the camera back to Michael, just. tired. "…Shousei. Your profile is marked by gnosis, I need to look at it…later. What were you seeing? Describe carefully."
8:23 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…So the world is ending in roughly 24 hours. I suppose the only rational step now is to figure out what, if anything, we can do about it, and then hide in a bunker somewhere and pray?"
8:23 PM Michael_Lin
takes it back.
8:23 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"What was I seeing when? I was seeing several things."
8:24 PM Night
8:24 PM
"This is demonic apocalypse."
8:24 PM
"It's following the game storylin—did you read the manual?"
"He didn't read the manual?" Cam snorts.