Texts 1

between Night and "Misha Nikaia".

Night: Precisely. But hey, it's interesting, right? Riiight? We humans know so little we may as well be unarmed.
Nikaia: do you really have nothing better to do then harass people? spend more with your books if you truly lament the state of learning.
Night: Books were never the source of all knowledge, nor is any system of education. What is lacking is the will to search. And wield that like a sword to cut apart the false world. …and no, I don't have anything better to do.
Nikaia: go do that and leave off bothering me. i don't have any answers for you or uncomfortable truths.
Night: Nope. Knowledge is also buried in human hearts. Can't just exclude someone because they're an irritable loner~
Nikaia: and even if i did, i wouldn't give them to you. how is it said? "too easy~"
Night: Besides, the depths of the darkest lakes hold the most guarded of mysteries.
Nikaia: i could always introduce you to a lake. i hope that you can swim.
Night: You seem to be misunderstanding. No matter what you do, everyone will come to form your version of your truth. Also, not with the way you fight you can't.
Nikaia: i said nothing about fighting. there is a saying about assumptions.
Night: You really don't have the power to harm me. The will, certainly.
Nikaia: will finds a way.
Night: And mine will beat your anger. I can't be defeated by a coward hiding behind false serenity.
Nikaia: oh, yes, because everything to you and out of your paradigm is false. silly me, i will be a better doll in the future. go play with yamazaki masaru. i do not have time for your delusions. good night.
Night: …so bitter. What is it that makes you so angry, Lin? My paradigm isn't what makes your mask false, you know.