The Cast - Dossiers

Sample Character - Cecilia Warren

Player Characters

Misaki Naito
Michael Lin
Shousei Yamazaki
Will Lawrenson
Alicia Long
Kersan Eko
Annabell May Nolan
Julianne Monroe
Masaru Yamazaki

Persons of Interest

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Hershey's XiaoKazue Yamazaki
Anthony WenIzumi Yamazaki
Makoto Yamazaki
Kogazumi Inoue
Hiroyuki Naito
Iris Lin
Emily Lin
Lilia Lin
Marissa Lereaux
Cam Bradley

A Little Background

Character creation for the game takes a number of paths, including not taking a path at all…

Pure Humans: Anything from trial players to the "hardcore", humans get the benefit of more Free Will (whatever that means, mechanically), but have to rely on their natural abilities and whatever items they happen across or buy. Potential concepts: total n00b, setting artist, lore slut, hardcore challenger, NPP(non-player person), cop, investigator

Atma Corrupted: You chose to play the role of someone whose passions have been converted and subverted into a powerful Hunger…and with that Hunger comes an inner demon. All Corrupted players MUST engage in either PvE or PvP combat at some point, unless they engage in some rather unorthodox business affairs for one very important reason - to maintain their power, and to maintain control of their avatars, all Corrupted players must devour the flesh of a demon or player regularly. Each Corrupted Avatar bears a special mark or brand, which serves as a source point for the monstrous transformation. Potential concepts: player killer, warrior of the tribe, reluctant monster, obsessive powergamer

Demifiend: CLASSIFIED. See the DM. For whatever reason, you have access to abilities that are not listed in the game's official documentation or exhaustive wiki. Just who…or WHAT are you? And why do you have these abilities?

Devil Summoner: With friends like yours, who needs superpowers? Through use of a COMP system, you're able to not only carry a greater amount of digital equipment, but you can also use demon programs as allies. The mysterious Cathedral of Shadows always has a good use for someone with the right demons on a leash… Potential concept: kid boss, gold rancher, loneliest loner, PETA's worst nightmare, Pixie fetishist

Manifest Potential: Reach out for the truth! After taking the rather intensive personality profile for the game, you were given a special character type - you remain mostly human, but gain the ability to call a Persona, an Avatar for your Avatar with its own demonic abilities. Designed by a team of artists across the world, a powerful Persona is much a collector's item as it is a boon in the combat system. The Velvet Room chain of bars serves as a club with exclusive class benefits and a popular hang-out in general throughout the game. Concepts: social gamer, philosophy nerd, 'neighborhood watch', immersion gamer, 24/7 roleplayer

Occult Specialist: Who doesn't love a well-developed crafting system?! The money grinders, gold farmers, and people who have taken to the game as a career flock to this "non-combat" class of builders, gatherers, and lore experts. Concepts: Hikikomori, punch-clock player, grad school project gone out of control, /k/ Anonymous, mythology nerd

Wild Card: CLASSIFIED. Just what happens if the personality profiler can't decide…or what if it finds the answer it was looking for?

Alternate Realities
Gabriel Spencer
Ariel Lin