The City - Pontianak

Themes and Threats

Theme: Peace on the Streets

Pontianak, and even the Ring of Equator around it, has one ironclad rule - the streets and people of the city will live in peace. Fights ranging from price wars to duels can be settled publicly or privately in a number of ways, but any part that steps out of the line is cut off by mutual agreement. "Know where your feet are" is a common shorthand term for the armistice state of the city at large, especially between those in upper Pontianak and those of the Ring.

Faces of the Peace

The Guard Faceless soldiers with all of the equipment of a modern army, and all of the mercy of a well-made PMC. That being all and none. Rumored to be direct servants of the Inner Council.
Principality A demon of the Divine race, it will not brook any disruption to the function of the city and actively monitors the city walls and gates with its servitors, an angelic host.

Threat: Everything Has a Price

Those within the Gates live a life that marries the modern conveniences of the Pre-Fall world to a host of magical wonders. Demons offer power and wisdom both holy and profane. The Ring has shops with every item imaginanable, and more in the back rooms. You'll also find the home bases of small-time mercenaries, PMCs, and every vice or violence you can give a name to. Every appetite can be satisfied, and bribes are a way of life, below…and above, if you know the right people. Sometimes, you're the buyer, other times the supplier. Sometimes, you're the product.

Faces of the Price

The Cathedral of Shadows Demons are confusing to begin with, but when devil summoners, or even demons of their own free will, combine to take more powerful forms, people take notice. Just who ARE these people, and how do they do it? …And for how much?
The Fountain of Youth? There are rumors that the legendary fountain of youth was in Indonesia all along. Who'd have thought?
Jack's Emporium They say that if the Jacks don't have something for sale, they'll know who will. If you can put up with them…

Theme or Threat?: Melting Pot

Here, at least, humans and demons live together in a strained peace. You might be able to run into anyone…or anything, on the busy streets of the Ring. Even in the restricted and totalitarian City, oni sip coffee with internet sensations, and no one bats an eye. Nowhere else in the world can you meet the sort of people you meet at the Equator. And not all of them are friends, to say the least.

The Sanctuary For those who can pay the unknown "Price", sanctuary is recognized and honored within the Gates. There is no extradition, no auditors, no assassins. It is the safest place in the world, and those with the Three Kings' Card are rumored to be untouchable, inside the city or out.
The Queen of the City A pop star known for disorderly conduct, unusual garb, and guerilla concerts, she's become a sort of local legend and a constant source of rumor and scandal.