The Nurse's Office


  • Description
    • Located in the back of the first floor, the school's infirmary is first-class and well appointed with comfortable bed, privacy screens, and even a speaker system for soft music. There's almost a sense of careful reverence - if you treat the infirmary nicely, it'll be nice to you in return. If not…? Well, there's a price for defiling hallowed ground.
  • The Idea
    • A safe place, IC and IG.
  • Aspects
    • A Little Peace and Quiet
  • The Face
    • Name : The school Nurse, Lisbeth Krauner
    • Concept : What's an Austrian nun doing in the middle of Singapore, anyway? And she's not what most people expect from a non - young, lovely, kind, and rather technically adept. She's a licensed resident nurse and med-AR certified and runs a similar infirmary for characters of Paradise.

Notable Details

  • There's a running rumor that the infirmary is haunted, both in the real world and IG.

Past Events

  • The last nurse was fired for inappropriate relations with a student…students…it was quite the expensive scandal to cover, and now even bare details are hard to find.