Theater 1

After a couple days of rather unordinary chaos, Night had been looking forward to at least a normal sort of disruption to life, just this once. Alas, such was not to be. Shortly after the lunch bell, the theatre club had emerged from parts unknown, and next she or anyone else knew, she was at the stage, staring quite…dispassionately at the script (and song lyrics) she was somehow holding.
1:59 AM
Just what the hell had happened here?
2:08 AM Michael_Lin
is attempting to tiptoe past the theatre on his way out of school, trying not to be noticed.
2:11 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Is this some kind of payback for something?
2:12 AM
Shousei is attempting to find some way to sneak out. This is not the first time someone has tried to make him get into theatre.
2:14 AM
Thankfully, he's a terrible actor, can't sing particularly well, and can't be trusted to do much else, so…
2:15 AM Night_Misaki
"SHousei." Oh hell no. If she's stuck here, you're both stuck here.
2:17 AM Michael_Lin
hasn't been dragged in yet. Key word being yet.
2:17 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…This has to be her fault somehow.
2:18 AM Night_Misaki
Somewhere, behind Michael's shoulder, there's a whispering voice. It's not Night. It's the Stage Manager…the hell even is her name? "Lin. Stay." S
2:19 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Night gets /such/ a glare, and Shousei attempts to disappear backstage.
2:21 AM Night_Misaki
Night vaults over a prop piece, down some of the ramps, and down…just in front of Shousei. "Not a chance."
2:22 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…That was impressive.
2:22 AM Michael_Lin
jumps timidly, startled, and nearly hits his head into the wall.
2:22 AM Michael_Lin
2:22 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Still, he stands up straight. "This was /your/ idea, wasn't it?"
2:23 AM Night_Misaki
"Why the /hell/ would this be my idea, have you gone mad?" Night looks…actually, she looks like a normal irritated person, instead of a chaotic stormcloud of rage and shankings. Huh. "But if I can't get out of this, neither can you. Or are you not good enough?"
2:24 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Not /good/ enough?" Well, he isn't, but- "I have things to do! I don't have time for another stupid club! And I don't even /like/ acting." He backs up- clearly there must be /some/ way out of here-
2:24 AM Night_Misaki
The Manager is staring mostly at the floor, shorter than even Michael, and points silently, back in the direction of the stage…and a booth, above the audience seats. "We need more on sound and lighting."
2:26 AM Michael_Lin
really isn't sure how to work it, but just goes that way anyway. It's a good place to hide, he guesses: the idea of getting dragged on stage at all is terrifying beyond belief.
2:29 AM Night_Misaki
"You don't like /anything/, twinkletoes, and there's no escaping, have you /seen/ the Club President?" Night rolls her eyes, before grabbing him by the arm, dragging him past the stage crew and some slouchy terrified kid towards center stage. "You can't sing, can't act…Hell, I could probably dance better than you."
2:30 AM Michael_Lin
2:31 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Shousei's eyes narrow, and he's about to respond with some kind of noncommital snark- not going to let her get a rise out of him- but then she grabs his arm, and he's yanked several feet- "Damnit! Then let me go! If you're so sure of that- you don't even know what I can and can't do!"
2:32 AM Night_Misaki
Aha, there, he's rising to the challenge. Like hell she's going to be the only one embarrassed today. "Then prove me wrong, idiot! I'm not going to believe you're capable of anything until I see it, and neither is anyone else!"
2:33 AM
Never mind how much she's been poking at Michael's potential that's different.
2:33 AM
Totally different.
2:33 AM
Because Reasons.
2:33 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
He huffs, a little unbalanced. He has butterflies for some reason. Her fault. "You first. I would /love/ to see you dance… if you think you're better than me." Shousei doesn't think he's that good at dancing, but… what he thinks and what he knows are different things, usually.
2:34 AM Michael_Lin
can see this from where he is. They're almost like siblings or the idea of what siblings are supposed to be like: part of him (behind glass) is jealous or almost jealous.
2:34 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
If you think siblings are like this, /why/ would you want one?
2:35 AM Night_Misaki
"I'm not a dancer, Shousei, but since that hit a nerve…" She smirks, shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head. "If you're trying to stall for time, it won't help you. All I can prove is that I am much better at breaking things with my bare hands then dancing."
2:36 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…One of these days I something is going to kill your character and I am going to hide her COMP somewhere and make you find it.
2:36 AM Night_Misaki
And she will break all the bones in your hands for doing so. :)
2:37 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Then prove you can do /something/." He crosses his arms. "Because I'm… I'm not going to do anything in front of all these people."
2:37 AM
He is beginning to think it might be worth it.
2:40 AM Michael_Lin
isn't sure at all. He doesn't even know why he's jealous.
2:42 AM Night_Misaki
Night goes still for a moment, and…huffs. And glares at him. And finally shoves the crinkled script into his arms, and stalks over to someone for a microphone. "Fine. Fine. Then on your word, you're going next, whether you've got it or not."
2:43 AM
Then she stalks to center stage, takes a deep, unshaking breath, and starts to sing.
2:43 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
The sense of impending doom is /definitely/ crowded out by the thought that /he/ might have just hit a nerve with her.
2:49 AM
He stands in the shadows, watching, listening, the sense of impending doom growing stronger. She's good. There are… better, he thinks, she seems to kind of warble a bit in places, but he isn't certain that's not intentional. Shousei mostly only listens to music.
2:53 AM Michael_Lin
can hear this from where he's perched in the soundbooth.
2:56 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Crap. Now he has to follow through on his promise, or run away like a scared child.
2:57 AM
…No. The latter isn't an option. This is going to suck. No, doubly, this is going to suck, because he can't really think of a dance routine on the spot. He'd like to. He's done it before. But right now his brain is full of "oh god no", so he's going to have to go with… something he's memorized. And that's all… ballet.
2:57 AM
He will never live this down.
2:57 AM Night_Misaki
Misaki lowers the mike when done, leveling a glare at the rest of the club that dares them to applaud, before turning to Shousei. Oh, yeah. Your reckoning as come. "Hey, sound! Come on and give us some music!"
2:58 AM
It's quite possible she doesn't know who's up there
2:59 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei slips off his shoes, sits them next to the crumpled script, and slips onto stage with a visage like the world's most terrified lion. He can do most of this with his eyes closed, which is good, because he may well /have/ to.
3:00 AM Michael_Lin
…finds something that's up here. He isn't even sure what's up here - and part of him, curled behind glass and the vague disorientation in his peripheral vision whispers - what does she expect, him to conjure music out of /nothing/? music isn't generally kept up here when not actively in use-but music is found and put on.

3:03 AM Night_Misaki
Luckily for Michael, they're practicing a musical, so there is stuff up there.
3:05 AM Michael_Lin
It's stuff for the musical, anyway, and he does put music on.
3:06 AM
Hopefully you can dance to this, Shousei.
He is certainly going to try.
3:18 AM
The music plays for a few bars before he /does/ quite figure out how to dance ballet to jaunty musical theatre, but he does. At first, he's a bit awkward- surprisingly competent, but awkward- graceful, but off kilter. Soon enough, though, the music seeps in, and it's as if Shousei isn't really there anymore, and the awkward, inattentive, prickly boy has transformed into some kind of sprite,…
3:18 AM
…moving with impeccable grace and precision.
3:20 AM
By the end of the song, it's fairly clear… he may not do this on stage, but he's done this before. Quite a bit. /Somewhere/.
3:20 AM
…The transformation back is almost as jarring, as he dashes off to collect his shoes and possibly die somewhere in a costume closet.
3:21 AM Night_Misaki
…So he is capable. Night, however, doesn't have any of that respectful silence, just this sort of knowing smirk. Did she know he could do that? Not in the slightest fucking bit. She'd rather die than admit that, though.
3:22 AM
At about this time, Michael should become aware he is not alone in the soundbooth.
3:24 AM Michael_Lin
doesn't notice until he turns off the music - and his breath catches in his throat, he really doesn't want to be trapped in here with anyone especially not- but turning his head. Slowly.
3:25 AM Night_Misaki
It's not Night. It's the Manager. How the hell has she gotten up here. She is holding out a clipboard for him. It is a costuming checklist. …Why did she send him to sound if she was going to make him check the costume pieces?
3:26 AM Michael_Lin
That isn't really better at all that it's not Night. He doesn't ask any questions, though, but takes the clipboard meekly and goes.
3:30 AM Night_Misaki
Meanwhile, Night is going to quietly creepy into the costume rooms and…hide in a dark secluded corner. A different dark secluded corner. Maybe if she stays here long enough they'll give up and she can go back to work.
3:31 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Clearly they are in /opposite/ secluded corners.
3:31 AM Night_Misaki
3:32 AM Michael_Lin
And the door opens, soundless but admitting light.
3:32 AM Night_Misaki
…Aw, fuck. Night…stills, trying not to make any noise until she can see who the hell it is.
3:32 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei is too busy freaking out to notice either of them. Plus, Shousei.
3:34 AM Michael_Lin
isn't paying attention, either, at least for the moment, but just glides forward, still soundless, with the clipboard and his book tucked under his arm.
3:35 AM Night_Misaki
…Stealthy little bastard, isn't it? That means it must be Lin, but Night remains quiet, eyes adjusting to the dark and…watching him. Waiting. Praying he finds Shousei first.
3:40 AM Michael_Lin
He keeps walking past her stealthy corner, completely unawares that either of them are in here.
3:43 AM Night_Misaki
And he doesn't act any different when he thinks he's alone? …That's honestly a little disappointing.
3:43 AM Michael_Lin
What did she expect from him?
3:44 AM Night_Misaki
Cracks in that mask. :
3:47 AM Michael_Lin
It's not a mask…
3:49 AM Michael_Lin
just goes to look at the clothes in the other side of the costume room.
3:57 AM Michael_Lin
…….of course, he doesn't exactly see that there's a person huddled and sitting and kind of trips headlong over them.
3:58 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
It takes a moment for Shousei to react, but when he does, he springs to his feet.
3:58 AM
"What?" Damnit…
4:00 AM Michael_Lin
"I-I'm s-sorry…" slowly managing to pick himself, the book, and the clipboard up, and managed not to stab himself with the pencil.
4:00 AM Night_Misaki
…It takes a great deal of effort not to start snickering.
4:02 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Wh-" Shousei frowns. "Uhm…"
4:03 AM Michael_Lin
"I-I'll g-go."
4:03 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Oh for goodness' sake. Shousei sighs.
4:03 AM
"No. No, don't. I'm sorry. Are you all right?"
4:05 AM Michael_Lin
nods, timidly, clutching the clipboard and book. He just manages to keep on being an inconvenience, really.
4:07 AM Night_Misaki
…A brotherly moment, is it? Night is honestly a bit torn between sneaking out and locking them in here or staying to watch.
4:09 AM Michael_Lin
"I-I'll g-get o-out of your way s-soon." and very hurriedly going to start counting costumes. Well, once he's regained his balance, that is. At least he didn't hit hs head against the wall.
4:11 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…You're not in my way. I shouldn't be in here. …Why are /you/ in here?" Shousei is following him.
4:12 AM Night_Misaki
…Ah, he's still counting. Night does her best to slip quietly further back into the racks.
4:12 AM Michael_Lin
"C-checking c-costumes."
4:15 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Oh… well." Shousei pauses. "…" He kind of wants to talk to Michael, but he doesn't know what to say, or whether Michael cares.
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4:18 AM Michael_Lin
notices the pause: he…probably should talk to his brother, see what he wanted, especially since he'd taken the trouble to help him the other day, though he'd tried to kill him in game. "U-um, y-yes?" even more timidly.
4:19 AM Kaji is now known as Night_Misaki
4:30 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei grimaces. "Did… did I make a fool of myself?"
4:32 AM Michael_Lin
shakes his head. "N-no." he stammers, but it's /honest/, not the placating lies he's learned to tell to keep his mother happy and people away from him. He owes his brother this much, doesn't he? "Y-you w-were v-very g-graceful."
4:36 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
… He sighs. "Thanks. I… appreciate it, I don't want to bother you or anything, but you're the only person I know who's not an idiot or a sociopath."
4:36 AM
"…Or my brother." There is him, but. He's not here.
4:36 AM Night_Misaki
…She is not a sociopath!<D: THat is completely clinically inaccurate!
4:36 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Anyhow. I'll get out of your way." Shousei moves towards the door.
4:36 AM Night_Misaki
Why does she even care what he things he's a ghost.
4:37 AM
…Somewhere in Night's sudden flood of indignation, she bumps a prop sword.
4:38 AM Michael_Lin
The words get caught in Michael's throat - he /is/ Shousei's brother, but he can't get the words out, and if it makes him happier to not know, what is his right to break that?
4:41 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei hops about a foot away from the clanging prop sword in surprise.
4:41 AM Night_Misaki
Shit. Night goes still, but it's too late, isn't it? It's not like she can hide, she's taller than the racks. :|
4:42 AM Michael_Lin
glances up nervously
4:42 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…" Is she /spying/ on us or- or what- Perplexed face.
4:42 AM Michael_Lin
Oh dear.
4:44 AM Night_Misaki
Night looks, for all the world, akin to a wet cat, except with a much bigger sense of doom and Shousei's possible bloody dismemberment.
4:44 AM
Which may be why she's glaring at him in a way that, were there any justice in this world, would have frosted the room over.
4:45 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Wh- what the hell right do /you/ have to glare at /me/?" Even more convinced you're stalking him now.
4:45 AM
"I just- what do you want?"
4:46 AM Michael_Lin
shrinks back.
4:48 AM Night_Misaki
"The hell d'you care?" She's switched back to japanese and…seriously, what the fuck is her accent? Osaka? Whatever the case, she just stalks towards the door, a storm of not-at-all-tiny indignant rage. "Y'can't even understand the actual proper diagnosis of fuckin' sociopathy. There's nothing I want from you."
4:51 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Ah-" Shousei glares, responding similarly, outside of the accent. "…Well, maybe if you weren't such a creepy jerk someone might /care/."
4:52 AM
"Someone other than a giant rooster who wants to profess marriage."
4:52 AM Michael_Lin
is pretending not to understand a single word.
4:53 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
No one believes you, but hey.
4:53 AM
Well, maybe.
4:56 AM Michael_Lin
is full Chinese as far as you know, Shousei, and was raised by a Chinese woman anyway.
4:56 AM Night_Misaki
"I'm a creepy jerk?" She whirls, grabbing him by the collar. Now might have been a good time to remember she can probably kick you through a wall. "You people always come up with reasons, always some excuse not to care. It never mattered how anyone acted. It never mattered how anyone behaved. Even before I got trapped in this dream, the world was always like this. If it weren't for being a solipsist, it'd be for
4:56 AM
foreign, if not for that, it'd be for being mixed blood. You always have a reason to excuse not caring, don't try to blame it on me."
4:57 AM Michael_Lin
kind of flutters a bit uncertainly, uncertain of what to do.

4:58 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei attempts to step back in shock, but she's got him pretty firmly. His eyes are wide, and… well. "…"
4:59 AM
…It occurs to him that, somehow, none of this has anything to do with someone trying to get one over on him. That's a really strange thought.
"I'm sorry?" He attempts. It's the best he knows how to do. It's sincere at least? He's sorry for… something. Not sure what.

5:00 AM
Maybe racism? That's pretty bad. He doesn't think that's his fault, but.
"What good does that do me, Yamazaki? Humans don't change. You're only ever going to see a crazy witch." Maybe the rumors bother her more than she lets on. Or maybe she's just pissed someone like Wen proposed. Either way, she drops him.
5:05 AM
And tuns for the exit.
5:05 AM Michael_Lin
steps back several steps, while they're arguing and Night is busy yelling at Shousei. Hiding in clothes. See, Michael, this is why your problems don't matter. Your pain (you don't even deserve to feel it) pales in comparison to everyone else's.

5:14 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei just… stands and watches her leave.
5:15 AM
…Today has been the strangest thing.
Confused by Night and oblivious to Michael, Shousei decides he's going to take this opportunity to find his things and flee theatre club.
5:17 AM
They might very well come to steal them again some other day, but hopefully not today?
5:17 AM Michael_Lin
is just going to stay here until everyone is gone.
Shousei may or may not hear a soft rustling as Michael presses himself further back into the clothes.