Under The Bleachers


  • Description
    • A place to hide, a place to run, a place to sneak a smoke, a drink, a cry, or…maybe even a little love. At least, it was. Now, it's a place for the gang and those the gang allows to come there. If you're welcome, you're welcome. If you're not, you'll leave with bruises if you're lucky. The only question is HOW they haven't all been hauled off for hard caning or worse…
  • The Idea
    • Ye Den of Brigands
  • Aspects
    • Honor Among Thieves
  • The Face
    • Name : The Devil Prince, Cam Bradley
    • Concept : A disaffected and wealthy American with a taste for slumming it, or a cool and calculating father to his band of lost boys? Both? Neither? You decide.

Notable Details

  • The Brigade's grades and PE 'rankings' have actually improved under the influence of the Brigade - not that it makes them model citizens. They're just that cruelly competitive. The only reason they play by the rules is to beat you half to death with them.

Past Events

  • It's rumored that the Devil Prince once dropped dry ice into the heating system of the school. It's never been proven.