Jaito: In another room, someone is watching an early season of Super Sentai with remarkable enthusiasm.
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[1:17pm] Night_Misaki: …Of course he is. Night wasn't even really sure what she was doing here; god knew she'd seen enough of hospitals to last her a lifetime. And yet, there she was, coming in and eyeing the TV with the sort of bland judgement one might reserve for a cat bringing you a dead mouse. "…They really didn't bother to hire actual writers in the beginning, did they."
[1:18pm] Jaito: "There is a nuance and delicacy here that you're not appreciating. Y'bring my hair gel?" Wen's hair is flat across his brow and showing dark at the roots. This seems to bother him greatly.
[1:18pm] Jaito: Despite this, he smiles wide at the sight of her.
[1:20pm] Night_Misaki: "Why the hell would I have your hair gel? Or any hair gel?" She rolls her eyes in response, leaning against the doorframe. "What were you even doing, anyway? Shousei was convinced he'd killed you."
[1:23pm] Jaito: "I figured. A damn shame, right? It would've cracked him down the middle, but he'd have a powerful and brave legacy to follow once the pieces settled. My own…inheritor. But damn it, wouldn't ya know…?" He finally turns his eyes to her. "I screwed up the finale…"
[1:23pm] Jaito: He's tethered in to an IV drop and monitoring equipment. Some sort of live imaging strip is glued to his chest, where a number of ugly scars still peek over the edges.
[1:23pm] Jaito: Old scars.
[1:25pm] Night_Misaki: "It's selfish, is what it is. It would have shattered him into pieces he couldn't glue back together-it's what happens to most people." Her eyes narrow, sharp despite a truly impressive amount of sleep deprivation. "You can't force strength onto someone. They can only take it by themselves. But I guess this answers why Zouchouten quit the game, doesn't it?"
[1:27pm] Jaito: "Nah…I got fired. By my boss, y'see." He looks away. Despite it all, there's shame there. "And you're underestimating Yamazaki. He's strong. Even stronger than you, I think."
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[1:29pm] Night_Misaki: "Strength doesn't mean he can deal with blood on his hands. He's not broken, Wen, all that would have done is made him scared of his own power." Shousei was normal, in that sense, if hideously, horrifyingly awkward. She sighed, rubbing at her eyes. "Your 'boss'?"
[1:30pm] Jaito: "…eh. Forget about it." He turns back to her, grinning again. "So you missed me?"
[1:31pm] Night_Misaki: "Not particularly. I didn't appreciate doing damage control, it's not really my job."
[1:33pm] Jaito: He winces. "You're like an attack dog, you know that? Jaw locked…but that's a great way to get a shot in the flank. You…look worse than I do."
[1:42pm] • Night_Misaki snorts, waving a hand dismissively. "I've been shot before. I prefer it to having the answers hidden from me…Ignorance lands you at a guillotine."
[1:43pm] Night_Misaki: "I happen to be rather fond of my head."
[1:44pm] Jaito: "Then you oughta look out for it. One day, something you punch is gonna punch back. Hard." He sighs. "Life isn't fair, and if you try to believe in your world? Well, then it gets downright cheaty-"
[1:44pm] Jaito: There's a soft knock at the door.
[1:46pm] Night_Misaki: …Night sighs, switching to Japanese on reflex. "If the rules are in the way, change the rules. If the world is in the way, change the world. It's not a difficult concept…" And then she turns to look at the door. "Yes?"
[1:49pm] Jaito: A remarkably handsome young Japanese man inclines his head. Just make sure that your replacements are truly better than what has come before. Traditions have reason. He wears a simple, but fine-cut Italian suit and an athletic bag over his shoulder - long and thin. Archery? Kenjutsu? Who can say? In English, he adds. "I'm here to see Anthony. Are you his…friend?"
[1:52pm] Night_Misaki: "A classmate." …Some days, she wonders if she needs to stop reading fewer comic books if she keeps dreaming up eye candy. This is just getting ridiculous. "What's 'better' would always be subjective. One person's 'world' isn't even the same as the next person's. It's simply the way of things."
[1:54pm] Jaito: (Gimme a…Contacts roll.)
[1:55pm] Night_Misaki: (1)
[1:55pm] Jaito: He smiles, and it's a simple, honest, but very faint smile. Ah, but there is only one world. Just a million ways to answer its question.
[1:56pm] Jaito: That smile…she remembers it, from when she was doing a background check on Wen….but…that seems a bit unlikely. Is this guy the head of the largest tribe in the entire game? The "Emperor of Japan"?
[1:57pm] Night_Misaki: …It's official.
[1:57pm] Night_Misaki: She's dreamed up a reverse-harem anime.
[1:57pm] Night_Misaki: Whatever the hell she ate, never again.
[1:58pm] Night_Misaki: "There are as many worlds as there are people to make them. It's all a matter of definition."
[1:58pm] Jaito: He shrugs, setting the argument aside. "It's good that a classmate would be so kind as to look after Mr. Wen. I know he can be a handful-" "Hey, what the hell?! Who is that?!" "…sometimes." He bows his head.
[1:59pm] Jaito: "Toudai Shiro. It's a pleasure."
[2:01pm] Night_Misaki: "…Naito Misaki." She watches him, critical and somewhat wary, before shrugging. "He'd never get his homework otherwise. I'm more impressed at you being here. Isn't it a bit out of your way?"
[2:04pm] Jaito: "A short flight, and well worth it. May I come in?" He glances over Night. "…Naito-san. I guess you must be the one he mentioned. A cruel face, but…the eyes look wrong cruel."
[2:04pm] Jaito: "…Shiro?! Is that you? Shut up!"
[2:07pm] Night_Misaki: "It's up to him whether or not you can visit his room." Night tilts her head and…smiles. It might have even seemed like a normal expressoin on anyone else. "Oh? What is that he's been saying?"
[2:08pm] Night_Misaki: *expression
[2:10pm] Jaito: "I suppose I could go over it, if we have the time out here…" His own smile takes on a rather wicked edge. "COME IN, PLEASE, EMPEROR!"
[2:10pm] Jaito: Shiro shakes his head. "It would seem I've been invited."
[2:11pm] Night_Misaki: "I'm sure we could have a perfectly pleasant conversation some time before your flight back." But she does step back, letting him throught the door….and then digs through her bag to pull out Wen's homework.
[2:12pm] Night_Misaki: Of course she had it, what did anyone take her for.
[2:12pm] Jaito: He steps past her as if he expected to her to move to begin with - someone used to people getting out of his way. "Anthony…" Wen smiles. "Hey, aniki, how-" Faster than an eyeblink, a bokken snaps across Wen's brow.
[2:13pm] Jaito: "I told you to be careful." And just as quickly, he resheathes it.
[2:13pm] Jaito: "…ow," is Wen's clever response.
[2:13pm] Night_Misaki: "Try a spraybottle, I hear those work wonders."
[2:16pm] Jaito: "I did. Also a stun gun. I've found a sharp knock gets the point across." There's that smile again. "Who were you trying to impress this time, Zouchouten? You can't always be the rooster, not now."
[2:17pm] Jaito: Wen…looks down. For a moment, Night has to wonder if he might actually cry. "…you'd like him, aniki. He reminds me of you when you were younger. Except less bishou-"
[2:17pm] Jaito: "That word is forbidden."
[2:17pm] Jaito: "…less bishamon-like."
[2:19pm] Night_Misaki: "…" Night finds herself quiet suddenly needing not to laugh. This is harder than it seems.
[2:20pm] Night_Misaki: *quite
[2:21pm] Jaito: Shiro sighs. "Just…stay out of trouble, please? I'm in enough trouble for leaving the set. But…I arranged for some time off. Training under waterfalls, that sort of thing. I'll bring back some big demon's head."
[2:21pm] Jaito: Wen grins. "As long as it isn't mine."
[2:21pm] Jaito: "…or hers."
[2:21pm] Jaito: Shiro glances at Night with a raised eyebrow.
[2:21pm] Night_Misaki: "I'd take his hands off, emperor or not." Night gives him a cool look back.
[2:21pm] Night_Misaki: "No offense meant."
[2:24pm] Jaito: "None taken. I can see why he might be taken with you. I think Wen can only appreciate things that hurt him." He lays a hand over the bruise on Wen's forehead. "Stay out of trouble, Zouchouten, at least until I replace you. The Amaterasu crew says get well soon."
[2:28pm] Jaito: There's another knock by the doorway. This one a bit quieter. That's because it's against the wall BY the door. Hersheys Xiao has opted not to get too close.
[2:28pm] Night_Misaki: What do you even say to something like that? She watches, silent and calculating. Toudai Shiro. She'd have to look up that, too. How many players were even going to be on this stage? "…Oh, I was wondering when my day might be ruined, it'd be going too well. Fantastic."
[2:30pm] Jaito: "I'm here for Wen, Night. Don't make a scene in a hospital." She crosses her arms.
[2:30pm] Night_Misaki: "Toudai-san, when is your flight back" She doesn't even bother to look at Hershey's, seeming utterly disinterested.
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[2:31pm] Jaito: "…Toud-" There is suddenly a Xiao in the doorway as well. And a very low creaking sound - does the door need oil? …nope. "….eeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~~!"
[2:32pm] Jaito: Toudai Shiro….sighs and rubs the bridge of his nose.
[2:34pm] Night_Misaki: "…I had been fond of those eardrums."
[2:34pm] Night_Misaki: "I was using them!"
[2:34pm] Jaito: "Shh! You might startle him!"
[2:34pm] Jaito: Everyone in the room may take a moment to consider that. Shiro and Wen both do.
[2:34pm] Jaito: They look at each other, then back at Xiao. "Your friend?" Shiro asks. "…yeaaaaaah," Wen answers. "Sorry."
[2:35pm] Night_Misaki: "…Startle him? What is wrong with you?"
[2:36pm] Jaito: "That's-that's-that's-AKIHI-" "Toudai Shiro, miss. My name is Toudai." He smiles. She goes completely red.
[2:37pm] Night_Misaki: "I know who he is." Night snickers faintly, before reaching in her bag. "It doesn't look like we'll be able to talk here. How long are you going to be in Singapore?"
[2:38pm] Jaito: "A couple of weeks, at the most. I look forward to a chat, though. Anthony tells me that you're very knowledgeable." He steps up Night and Xiao…who hasn't moved even to breathe. He very gently moved her out of the way. "A pleasure, Naito-san."
[2:40pm] Jaito: From across the hall, a hoarse and rather wretched rasp screams, "SHUT UP OUT THERE!!!!"
[2:40pm] Night_Misaki: She scribbles something down on a piece of paper. "Somehow, I doubt you need me to tell you how to contact me, but regardless." Here's her email-and IG screenname. Like hell she'd give her phone number, those are personal and she just met the guy five minutes ago. "Until then, Toudai-san."
[2:40pm] Night_Misaki: …How pleasant. Night steps out of the hall and tries to locate the source of the noise.
[2:41pm] Jaito: The opposite doorway is closed, but that was quite a shriek.
[2:41pm] Night_Misaki: Sure, Xiao's squeeling had probably reached a pitch suitable to torture dogs, but not enough to warrant /that/ reaction.
[2:41pm] Night_Misaki: Hmm…Head tilted. Where was that noise…?
[2:42pm] Jaito: Toudai takes the moment to excuse himself, after adding, "You didn't mention she was cute, Anthony. Behave yourself." And off he goes, setting Xiao back in the doorway like some sort of statue.
[2:43pm] Michael_Lin: And there's someone walking down the hallway /towards/ that door. Er. Well, /was/.
[2:44pm] Jaito: "…oh. Well, that was nice. I never thought the Emperor of Japan would vis-" She goes suddenly pale. "Oh, god. I'm the only company employee here. I have to…to…to make sure no one bothers him. Oh, gooooood…" She slumps to her knees. "I don't have time for this…"
[2:45pm] Night_Misaki: "…He's on vacation, chill." Night…blinks down the hallway. Is that…? "…Lin?" Somehow, she didn't think he was here to see Anthony, so why the hell was he here?
[2:46pm] • Michael_Lin turns sharply, in that way Night's seen before - nervous and fluttering.
[2:47pm] Jaito: (Night: Roll Alertness!)
[2:47pm] Night_Misaki: (3!)
[2:47pm] Michael_Lin: …oh. He hadn't expected to see her here.
[2:48pm] Jaito: She can just barely make out: "…need to go now. It isn't time. Be good." from through the door.
[2:49pm] Night_Misaki: "…" He doesn't look sick, and-what was that?
[2:51pm] Jaito: (Night: Lore?)
[2:52pm] Night_Misaki: (3)
[2:52pm] Jaito: (Still enough.)
[2:53pm] • Michael_Lin pauses, staring towards Night, and debating whether he should run away.
[2:53pm] Jaito: Night feels a sudden, terrible presence, but the sensation passes just as quickly. She hadn't felt something like that in a long time…like when going over pages in her father's books that she knew she shouldn't have.
[2:55pm] Night_Misaki: …What? That wasn't…Night is suddenly very still, a brief look of actual fear before the confusion sets in. Had that voice meant her? "…You're not here for Wen, are you? It's a bit crowded just now."
[2:56pm] Jaito: Xiao blinks and looks up at Michael. "Oh…"
[2:56pm] • Michael_Lin shakes his head. "I-I c-came f-for…" he trails off, not exactly wanting to /say/ it to Night, to really talk about his mother all that much (he'd mentioned it to Shousei but even that seemed /wrong/) but his gaze is towards that closed door.
[3:00pm] • Michael_Lin glances at Xiao, lowers his eyes a bit.
[3:00pm] Night_Misaki: "…" Come to think of it, his apartment had been so empty…"…For…family?"
[3:01pm] Jaito: She clears her throat and picks herself up off the ground. "I…should probably go. I need to see what I can do keep Toudai-san's presence off the radar." She gives Michael a warm smile. "You should say hello to Anthony while he's up." She then excuses herself with one parting glance at Night.
[3:03pm] • Michael_Lin just nods, timidly, even though he's sure his mother wouldn't see him any way. Not after last time.
[3:07pm] Night_Misaki: "I'm sorry." She means it genuinely. Even if he is a ghost, being left behind is…she can't imagine something worse. And she's tried, so many times. Somehow, she gets the feeling no one's coming back for him.
[3:09pm] Jaito: "Is someone out there? Michael, is that you?" The voice that calls out is soft, almost musical.
[3:16pm] Michael_Lin: "Y-yes." soft as dust.
[3:17pm] Jaito: "What are you waiting for? Come in…"
[3:18pm] Night_Misaki: Well, she's certainly not going to stop him.
[3:18pm] • Michael_Lin goes towards the door, and going to very softly go in. And close it behind him.
[3:19pm] Jaito: (Night: Alertness)
[3:23pm] Night_Misaki: (2!)
[3:25pm] Jaito: Night catches just a glimpse of a rather eerily familiar face - one right out of an old photograph, before the door shuts.
[3:26pm] Night_Misaki: …Wait, what.
[3:28pm] Night_Misaki: Night stares for a long while, before shaking her head-as if to clear it-and turning to leave. She…has work do to. Ciphers to break. And she should probably go somewhere to level up Jack…