Jaito So…what does one select from the gift shop for the man who
stole one's first kiss then proceeded to nearly die?
Jaito …this isn't covered by Hallmark, is it?
Greenling If it is, Shousei might have to kill someone for real.
Jaito There are "I wish you well", "Get Well Soon", and "I'll Mourn
You With Every Shadow" cards available that are a close fit.
Greenling He settles for something Wen will appreciate: not anything
cutesy or pitying. That leaves a card.
Greenling …What the hell is wrong with that last one? Shousei picks
the first.
Jaito The attendant working the stand is…staring at him.
Jaito Just…staring.
Jaito She makes a single stroke with a pen, just out of view.
Greenling Shousei gives her a look that's slightly confused and
possibly a little frightened, then walks over to buy the card.
Jaito She gives a single nod, but shakes her head at the payment. She
smiles, and it would be a very pretty smile if it went higher than her
Greenling "…" Shousei is mildly confused. "I'd like to buy this, please?"
Jaito She nods.
Greenling He attempts one more time to present payment.
Jaito She shakes her head. And smiles.
Greenling Okaaay then. He shrugs. "Thank you?"
Greenling He'll just go see Wen, then.
Jaito She blushes.
Jaito And jots another note.
Greenling Not asking not asking not asking
Jaito As he approaches Wen's room, there's the sound of voices -
notably, Wen's voice "No, I'm tellin' you! Somethin' is weird here.
Kisses says the game is getting REAL. Nothin' like last time, with the
comas…this is somethin' else…"
Greenling …
Greenling Oh, god, this is the worst time, isn't it? Who is he talking to?
Jaito "…this is not something to talk about here. Leave it to the
admins. You aren't even a player anymore…"
Jaito The voice is calm, but firm. Gentle, but very masculine. And by
tone alone, does not expect argument.
Jaito "…hai."
Jaito …Did Wen just fold?
Greenling …There is nothing to do here but hide and wait and then
pretend it never happened.
Greenling Or possibly actually talk to him like an adult but that
would require it being his business.
Jaito (Quick Stealth check?)
Greenling (6)
Jaito "Zouchouten…I understand your desire. It's foolish, however.
You already /are/ a hero. And well worthy of me. I am grateful to
you…so…please. Rest. You'll feel better soon."
Jaito "But…" There's doubt there. Doubt, from Wen. Or is it hurt?"
Jaito "You will. I promise."
Jaito Things fall quiet…but the air is tense.
Greenling …Shousei is trying very, very, very hard not to draw
conclusions from this.
Greenling But the only one he's drawing is, great! My first kiss has
a boyfriend, and punching a wall would make too much noise.
Jaito Out of the room steps a vision of princely beauty. Fair skin,
dark hair, the perfect balance of strength and agility poured into a
fine suit.
Jaito He's got a bag over his shoulder - long and narrow, like a scroll tube.
Jaito He glances at Shousei, raising an eyebrow.
Greenling …/How do you see me fuck you/ oh god what what the hell
no /no how do you see me fuck you/
Greenling Shousei raises the card like a crucifix to a vampire.
Greenling I am here for a reason, I saw nothing, please ignore me, I
hate you, I hate you.
Jaito (How much of this is written on Shousei's face? Deceit if covering.)
Greenling (0!)
Jaito The young man…smiles. "Is that for me? I'm afraid I'm not
actually sick. I'm just visiting a friend. What's your name?"
Greenling "…It's for Wen." Shousei's voice is awkward. The smiling
is not helping. "He's a classmate. I was just." He doesn't even
pretend he's going to finish that sentence.
Jaito "Oh. It must be quite the unexpected event to run into me. I
apologize for startling you. He's awake, if you'd like to talk to
him?" Polite. Kind. A little perfect.
Greenling "It's perfectly fine." Please don't ask me another
question, I'm going to run out of voice soon and may have forgotten to
Jaito He…raises an eyebrow. "Are you two…close? Anthony's always
had trouble making friends."
Greenling He pauses, taking a moment and remembering said breathing
thing. "No. No, not really, I'm just, you know, well, maybe I
shouldn't be here, do you want to give this to him? I can just go."
Greenling If it weren't for the fact he would absolutely never
forgive himself for not apologizing personally at /some/ point, even
if he's picked the worst possible point ever in his entire life that
he could do so, he would be gone already.
Jaito He blinks. "I…see. So you're…closer than usual." His smile
takes on a I-see-what-you-did-there flicker of playfulness.
Jaito Intended or no, it has just a hint of dealing with a precocious child.
Greenling …/That/ sends up a flare of anger in him, and his back
straightens a little. "I really just want to give him the card and
leave. Please? I don't mean to interrupt anything. It's none of my
Jaito From inside, there's a call. "Murakami, is that you?"
Greenling Shousei waits for the man's response, arms crossed
protectively over his chest.
Jaito The young man glances over his shoulder. "Hmm. There seem to be
a number of misunderstandings." He turns back to Shousei. "You should
go see him. Just…try not to rile him up. I care about him a great
Jaito There's just a HINT of possesssiveness there.
Greenling "So I-" gathered- "I don't mean to-" oh god this is all my
fault- "I'll just give him the card and leave."
Greenling If you don't let me be soon I may just throw the card in
your face like a shuriken and try to jump out a window I swear to god.
Jaito Both eyebrows go up. "No need to be so tense. This isn't a
competition. It would hardly be fair. I wish you the best, Murakami.
I'll be in town a little longer. Maybe we'll run into each other."
With that, he steps by, not waiting for a response.
Greenling Shousei stands there for a moment, trying to collect his
wits. Once the man is thoroughly gone, he mumbles to himself: "I am
not /interested/, I am /embarrassed/, you ungodly fucking /pretty/
Greenling Okay. There. Deep breath. Thoughts collected. Talking to
Wen was going to be bad enough without that, but he's going to face it
with as strong a heart as he can manage.
Jaito "Murakami? …is…everything okay?" Wow. That is some naked
fear and guilt, there.
Jaito Maybe making him wait is making things worse.
Greenling Well, fuck me. Shousei walks in the room.
Greenling He can't help but look nervous.
Jaito Wen is sitting in bed, a sheet up to his waist, chest bare and
covered in sensors. He looks out the window, as if something there is
painfully interesting. His hair is even back up. Someone must have
smuggled in gel.
Jaito "…Yamazaki."
Greenling …It hadn't actually occured to Shousei until that moment
that Wen had been calling him by his character's name.
Greenling He sits the card down next to Wen. "I'm sorry," he says
softly, lips drawn in a thin line.
Jaito Wen looks back, a little shocked. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, you got
nothin' to apologize for. Y'weren't interruptin' anything or
Greenling "I meant for nearly getting you /killed/, not running
facefirst into…" He inclines his head towards the door.
Greenling "I've gathered that this was not technically my fault, but
it doesn't feel that way."
Jaito "Oh. Shiro." He rolls his eyes. "…And it wasn't your fault. I
knew I was bein' an idiot, but I needed to see somethin' with my own
eyes. I needed to see your heart."
Greenling Shousei is getting the impression he actually has no idea
what in hell is going on with those two.
Greenling "Well… do you think you caught a glimpse?" He raises an
eyebrow skeptically.
Greenling …He /is/ significantly more expressive than normal. Let's
see if he notices.
Jaito Wen grins. "Oh, yeah….give it a year or so of hard work? I
might even call you a warrior. You've just got so much…" He glances.
"…well, maybe a little less fear these days." He grins.
Jaito "Maybe I should die more often…"
Greenling "I would /really/ appreciate it if you didn't."
Greenling He glances to the window himself. "Should I also apologize
for making an ass of myself, or would that just get you more riled?
Jaito "Yeah, you did seem to rub Shiro the wrong way…he's so protective."
Jaito He chuckles to himself.
Greenling "That's /also/ not what I meant… exactly. But I'm sorry
for that, too."
Jaito "Shiro's…Shiro. He's the nicest guy on Earth in the scariest
possible way, y'know? It's hard to describe." He shakes his head.
"…I wish I had even half of his strength." The admiration…even
maybe reverence is written on his face.
Greenling Shousei looks at Wen for a moment, then drops his head. "I
was wrong about you…"
Greenling "When you're all right again, do you think you could teach
me more about the Persona, like you offered?"
Jaito Wen immediately grins, warm and bright. "For you, Yamazaki?
Anything. Don't tell Misaki-oujosama, but…I'm starting to think
you're just as interesting. That is…if you'll have me?"
Greenling Shousei is. Well, at first, he doesn't comprehend what Wen
is saying. And then, he's trying very hard not to. And then he's just
kind of staring redfaced.
Jaito Upon Shousei's reaction, Wen's face goes just as red. "H-h-hey!
Don't be gettin' any funny ideas! I meant as a comrade!"
Greenling "I wasn't getting anything!" His hackles are up. "And
anyway, stop being weird!"
Jaito "You first!" He crosses his arms, managing to tear free a few
sensors. Alarms go off.
Greenling "-Stop! Stop doing that, what the hell-" Oh god he's going
to have doctors rushing in here and it'll be all my fault.
Jaito There are already footsteps approaching. "YOU AIN'T THE BOSS'A ME!"
Jaito Even so, he's still sort of grinning. In a 'I'm going to kick
your ass' sort of way.
Greenling Shousei almost goes to stick them back /on/, but that would
be stupid- instead, he stands there for a moment, grimacing, then
looks straight into Wen's eyes. "I swear to god, Anthony Wen, I will
deal with you /later/. And if you /ever/ pull something that stupid
ever again to manipulate me, ants' nests will be a pleasant memory!"
Greenling And then he runs.
Jaito There is bellowing laughter and various pissed-off medical
professionals in his wake.
Jaito His COMP buzzes briefly, then bright starlight flashes before his eyes.
Greenling …Shousei also hadn't realized he'd even brought that with
him. He skids to a halt momentarily, trying not to crash into anyone
while he's being blinded by some kind of brief, annoying
Greenling A hallucination which, scarily, brings the former
conversation into mind- he checks said AR thing.
Jaito As he looks around, there's an extra item on his display. Where
normally, he'd be able to bring up items, his equipment, and so on.
There's a new section "Persona".
Greenling Shousei raises an eyebrow and pokes it.
Greenling What does that do?
Jaito A simple gesture brings up a screen. Two items are listed -
Oberon and ??????
Greenling He sighs. That's it. He's going to have to talk to Xiao again.
Greenling And an email is sent to her admin address: "Dear Ms. Xiao;
Certain events have come to light of late which incite me to question
whether it's safe and/or against the rules to continue playing. The
glitch is definitely still there; I presume at this point that fixing
it is pointless, presuming 'glitch' is even what we're looking at
here, with all respect. Want to meet in-game? <3, Seven Veils"
Greenling …He's not going to rewrite the last part. Oh well.
Jaito THere's an almost immediate response: "So long as you can call
me Kisses. <3. I'll send details tonight."