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Name Wilhelmina "Will" Lawrenson Player ashlayne
Primary Impression Don't Stop Me Now Risk Factor Who Wants to Live Forever?
Flags I'm Going Slightly Mad Gimme the Prize
Under Pressure Pain Is So Close to Pleasure
I Want to Break Free -—-
Stress Refresh Rate 4 / 8
Physical [ ] [ ] [ ] Consequences Aspect?
Mental [ ] [ ] [ ] Mild
Social [ ] [ ] [ ] Moderate
Other? [ ] [ ] [ ] Severe

Functional Utility Baseline Assessment Results

Skills Used/Cap 35
Rating # Skills
Superb (+5) 1 scholarship
Great (+4) 1 empathy
Good (+3) 3 alertness, investigation, contacts
Fair (+2) 5 survival, athletics, conviction, discipline, resources
Average (+1) 7 weapons, endurance, driving, stealth, presence, deceit, intimidation

Demonstrated Resources

Cost Ability
-1 Demonic Parley
List the power you possess, and a name for any relevant points (Persona, Demon name, etc.)
List the power you possess, and a name for any relevant points (Persona, Demon name, etc.)
List the power you possess, and a name for any relevant points (Persona, Demon name, etc.)

Daemons Available

Name Abilities Refresh
Cu Sith

Resources by Line Item

List any specific Arts, equipment, or relevant rules for easy reference.

Significant Relationships

Name Status Consequences Aspects
Freyja Tamm (location unknown) A shared Aspect for the relationship. Number of consequences. Any active consequences

Supporting Documents

Historical File

Male Voice: State your name for the record please, miss.

Female Voice: Seriously, again? [sigh] Will Lawrenson.

MV: Full legal name, please miss?

Will: Fucksticks. Wilhelmina Janine Lawrenson-Tamm. There, happy?

MV: Additional commentary is not necessary, Miz Lawrenson-Tamm. Please just answer the questions. Please state where you were born.

Will: Wall, Hampshire, United bloody Kingdom.

Female Voice: Please refrain from additional commentary, Miz Lawrenson. This is being recorded for posterity.

Will: Yeah, yeah, whatev.

MV: Please provide a short summary of your early life, ma'am.

Will: Bloody 'ell, don't you bobbies know this a'ready? [silence, sigh] Right, fine. Me mor ran off and left me an' me da when I was a couple of years old. Guess that's why I'm a tomboy, bein' mostly raised by 'im. Da was a computer nut like me, an' he taught me a love of 'em early on. I had a head for programmin', too, unlike him; could hold a large number of r… yeh, you prolly ent all that int'r'sted in that, hey? Anywho, he did the bloody best by me he could. He met me morsa when I was thirteen, an' lucky f'r him I showed no interest in datin' boys, which gave 'im more time ta court Alice. Course, wot he din't ken at th'time was me noticin' of other girls meself. By th'time I was gettin' ready f'r me A-levs, Da had decided t'marry Alice, an' high time too, y'ask me. I'd already been callin' 'er Morsa — sorry, Mum — since about six months after they met, see? An' she was quite well an' fine wit' that, her bein' unable t'give me da more little 'uns.

Started my Bach'lor's right outta me A-levs, an' that's how I met Freyja — sorry, chap. Get 'er full name right on there if ya would please. Fredericka Denise Tamm. She was exchangin' from over in North Carolina f'r a semester same time I's takin' a course out'a London proper, an' soon's I laid eyes on 'er I knew there weren't nobody else f'r me.

MV: [sound of clearing throat]

Will: Ohferth'luva… C'n ya blame me f'r stickin' on that point f'r a sec? She's th' whole bloody damned reason I came t' ya in the first place. [unintelligible on playback]

FV: Please continue with your story, ma'am.

Will: Yeh, whatev. Anyway, so Freyja an' I, we promised t' keep in touch with each other, and we sure enough did. After I got me BA, I tried to get a job where she was, cuz she had at least a coupla more years t'go t'finish up her own degree. Tokig lass kept addin' other languages to 'er damn degree program. But I weren't a US person and din't have a green card 'r whatev, so there weren't nobody'd sponsor me when they could get someone from that side o' th' pond t' do th' same job, an' sod diversity. Freyja finally graduated — proudest day o' me life, other than me own — but she had just as hard a time findin' somethin' here as I did there. Fin'lly, we gave up an' looked at Sweden — they had a job there was beggin' f'r someone with her ear f'r languages, an' after she'd been there f'r a minute I was able t'get a visa t'marry 'er there, an' then found me a job and settled with 'er. Got us a house, a two-story beaut, an' our life t'gether was about as perfect as you could ever imagine. Sure, we fought sometimes, but who don't?

FV: Please tell us about your involvement with Amala.

Will: I got me a bit o' work freelancin' on the augmented and virtual reality o' the game system, an' Freyja got 'erself a job wit' th' Regional Development Department 'r somethin' famcy like 'at. Short version: she were in charge o' translatin' parts o' th' game into Svenska, Russian, German, an' a couple other European languages. We never wanted t' play on th' Amala Network; woulda been too much like bringin' work home, hey? [silence]

MV: Please continue, miss. What happened next?

Will: After a few years… things changed. Not between me 'n' Freyja, but other things? They got harder. An' Freyja was suddenly… really into th' game. Don't know why, even now, 'cept that it happened right after word of th' first Diver case reached Sweden. I was stuck wit' all th' bills, an' payin' the way f'r two. Freyja almost never left th' game world. But, yannow? I could deal. Still loved her an' all. But then… Then I started hearin' 'bout more Diver cases, y'know? I got worried, and bought me a rig so's I could try t' see what had Freyja so caught up in th' game. Even my daemons, th' little AI progs I created t' help me out in th' game world, couldn't find anythin'.

[sigh] Then things went t' hell. I woke up t' th' sound of glass shatterin', and found the bathroom mirror on th' sidewalk beneath the bedroom balcony broken. There was blood all 'round it, too. [shaky breath] But… no Freyja. Javlar bobbies barely even made an effort t' look f'r her. There 'ad t' be somethin' in th' game that made 'er… disappear. [silence] All this is kept confidential, right?

MV: It's just for posterity, and yes, Miz Lawrenson.

Will: [sigh] Good. Cuz ever'one else I've said this to has thought I was a bit off my rocker. But I think th' Diver cases? They wasn't really tryin' t' commit suicide like th' newsblogs're sayin'. Somethin' about th' Divers is makin' them want t' go into Amala… permament. I think th' other Divers screwed up somehow, or maybe they didn't, I ent sure yet. But I think Freyja succeeded where they failed…. I think she's somewhere in th' game, like permanently.

Related Flags I'm Going Slightly Mad

Psychological Profile

Will is highly intelligent, able to think about some problems on multiple levels. Other problems, though? Not her strong point usually.

Related Flags Gimme the Prize

First Contact

Introduce your character in-depth to the supernatural world through their first adventure, adding Aspects relating to that contact.

Related Flags Insert relevant Aspects

Significant Experience

Determine ties with other PCs and shared adventures. Rivalries, ships crossing the dark, shared tragedies - all are valid connections or sources of Aspects.

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Available Devils


  • Resist: Ice; Weak: Fire
  • Skills: Conviction (Mental) 1, Discipline 1, Endurance (Physical) 2, Presence (Social) 1, Might 3, Fists 2
  • Specialties: Ice Power +1, Pierce Control +1
  • Stress: Physical [ ][ ][ ], Mental [ ][ ][ ], Social [ ][ ][ ]
Art Name Roll Type Action Final Cost Strength Effect
Bufu 3 Ice Magic Attack 1 3 You launch a strike of ice. FROZEN on spin.
Double Fang 3 Physical Pierce Attack 2 4 This attack strikes a single target twice, but still counts as one attack for the purposes of tags or other effects.
Provoke 2 Curse Magic Attack 1 0 Taunt your enemy, potentially sending them into a rage! Threshold of 1 creates ENRAGED aspect with a free tag.
????? - - - - - -

Bean Sidhe

  • Resist: Force; Weak: Curse
  • Skills: Presence 3, Alertness 1, Might 1, Endurance 2, Conviction 2, Performance 1
  • Specialties: Cure Power +1, Support Magic +1
  • Stress: Physical [ ][ ][ ], Mental [ ][ ][ ], Social [ ][ ][ ][ ]
Art Name Roll Type Action Final Cost Strength Effect
Garu 3 Force Magic Attack 1 3 You launch a strike of wind.
Dia - Curative Magic Maneuver 1 - Heal a target's rightmost Physical stress box.
Rakukaja - Support Magic Maneuver 2 - You armor an ally with a protective blessing.
????? - - - - - -