Aug 11 14:04:57 <Jaito_> Will was pretty certain that she was going insane. All things considered, you'd think it would be more exciting. Instead it's line…line….hey, I recognize- nope, nevermind…line…line…
Aug 11 14:05:17 <Jaito_> Of all the times for Misaki Naito to be off doing whatever it is the mad teenager does….
Aug 11 14:05:41 <Jaito_> What Will needs…is to put this into some sort of context she understands. Which is code…but this isn't just code, no matter how many algorithms you run.
Aug 11 14:07:45 * Jaito_ is now known as Jaito
Aug 11 14:11:34 <Will> "If I c'd git it all translated inta one universal language… but that's impossible." Yes, she's devolved into talking to herself, while Hati looks on. She's taken to picking his brain a bit, too.
Aug 11 14:11:44 <Will> Picking a *program's* brain.
Aug 11 14:11:48 <Will> Yes, she's surely lost it…
Aug 11 14:15:25 <Jaito> Yaaaaaawn. "You can't read this?"
Aug 11 14:20:31 <Will> "Ent been able ta since I first laid me eyes on it, Hati." And well he should know that. "If ye're keepin' somethin' from me, ye prolly oughta fill me in." Will blinks, trying to clear her eyes before going back to it, and popping another pair of pain pills like candy. She looks from her computer screen to her extensive notes with a frown.
Aug 11 14:21:58 <Jaito> "Well…" The 'dog' tilts its head. "It's close-up, but I can definitely see it…" (Are you currently examining the sword code, the code fragments from Michael, or anything else?)
Aug 11 14:22:12 <Will> (The sword.)
Aug 11 14:22:21 <Will> (Easiest — presumably — first.)
Aug 11 14:22:48 <Jaito> "…it looks like some sort of human sword. Way too small…or too big…or just too /human/ to be anybody else's."
Aug 11 14:24:37 <Will> "Well, I *ken* 'at. But knowin' what it be should be helpin' me ta cross-ref and break down th' code 'neath it." The hacker starts going through her piles of notes, rearranging them (yet again) by association.
Aug 11 14:30:10 <Jaito> "….break down? It's a sword. Why would you break it?"
Aug 11 14:32:08 * xterminus (~ten.letyrutnec.nyd.C1499F8B-ratScigaM|mretx#ten.letyrutnec.nyd.C1499F8B-ratScigaM|mretx) has joined #Research
Aug 11 14:32:17 <xterminus> why you do that?
Aug 11 14:32:44 <Will> "Th' code. If'n I ken figger out jes' how stuff's made wit' the GnOSis, 'en mebbe I ken find a little more about where me girl is. Or some sorta clue ta 'er whereaboots."
Aug 11 14:32:53 <Will> (Because you don't belong in here?)
Aug 11 14:33:44 <Jaito> (Private game. Please go.)
Aug 11 14:38:11 <xterminus> wow what a dickhead
Aug 11 14:38:15 * xterminus (~ten.letyrutnec.nyd.C1499F8B-ratScigaM|mretx#ten.letyrutnec.nyd.C1499F8B-ratScigaM|mretx) has left #Research (Leaving)
Aug 11 14:38:26 <Jaito> (My head. It is a dick. Whoo!)
Aug 11 14:38:40 <Jaito> "Your mate? But…you aren't male. How unusual."
Aug 11 14:38:58 <Jaito> "And what do you mean 'made'? It just is. The hilt is blue."
Aug 11 14:41:05 <Will> Clearly, Hati is going to be little help. "Made. Forged. Coded. And yeh. Me girl… me mate. Ye don' hafta be a boyo t' 'ave… never mind." She's explaining sexuality to a *program*. Gods, she's cracking. But maybe… " 'Ey, Hati. So what yer tellin' me is, all ye see is th' item itsef?"
Aug 11 14:41:47 <Jaito> "….you don't? I knew humans were blind without their magic face masks, but I thought you were smarter, alpha…"
Aug 11 14:44:37 <Will> "I *see* th' construct, Hati. I jes' also see what be beneath it." Hmm… Will slides her AR glasses down to cover her eyes, and reaches out for the hilt of the sword for a moment.
Aug 11 14:47:26 <Jaito> It's code. On a screen. It isn't actually loaded anywhere. Besides - the actual, sealed item file is somewhere else.
Aug 11 14:48:48 <Will> Fair enough. But yet Hati can see it just fine. She looks back to her notes.
Aug 11 14:49:43 <Will> Then, a lightbulb moment happens. When she was in school, one of the ways she learned best was taking what little she knew and playing with it, moving lines of code around until she was happy with the results. What would happen if she did that here…?
Aug 11 14:52:01 <Jaito> (Give me a quick Scholarship, modified by Lore. So if Lore is lower, then -1)
Aug 11 14:52:28 <Will> (2)
Aug 11 14:54:04 <Jaito> As moves the code, there's a second's splitting headache, Hati whines, and a very angry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! message comes from Bean Sidhe
Aug 11 14:59:10 * Night (~PI.0E58661A.F827A598.578C7D29|nahcijak#PI.0E58661A.F827A598.578C7D29|nahcijak) has joined #Research
Aug 11 15:00:21 <Jaito> "…Congratulations, alpha. You've made a…lump of metal."
Aug 11 15:00:36 <Jaito> It was a small code shift, but then different areas rewrote THEMSELVES like dominoes falling.
Aug 11 15:02:08 <Will> "…Ow." Will checks her nose with fingers for bleeding. That one was particularly sharp.
Aug 11 15:05:10 <Jaito> There is, in fact, a faint trick of blood. Hati sniffs. "You're starting to hear."
Aug 11 15:10:14 <Night> There is also, right about that time, a sharp knock on the door. Speaking of hearing…
Aug 11 15:11:42 <Will> "Hear what?" And then, "Feck." Louder, "Who'sit?" Will gets up to grab a paper towel from the kitchenette.
Aug 11 15:12:25 <Night> "Night." Sounding remarkably tired and exasperated, but maybe that's just normal for her.
Aug 11 15:12:44 <Jaito> "It's Night, alpha."
Aug 11 15:12:54 <Jaito> This is said with remarkable sarcasm.
Aug 11 15:14:06 <Will> Oh, good! Maybe she'd be some help. "I ken hear *'at*, Hati me dear." Will cleans up the blood from beneath her nose as best she can before opening the door. "Where th' 'ell'd ye come fr'm? And hey."
Aug 11 15:17:43 <Night> "…Down the hall." Night has a rather amazing poker face, arching an eyebrow at Will.
Aug 11 15:18:39 <Jaito> Hati sniffs. "She forgets to shower sometimes."
Aug 11 15:19:26 <Night> "…Excuse me?"
Aug 11 15:19:58 <Will> "Bah. Anyway. Sorry 'bout the mess." The hacker steps aside, leaving the door open in a clear invite. "I been pokin' at th' GnOSis code again a bit."
Aug 11 15:21:38 <Jaito> Hati yawns out a little noise and fades in blue code back into Will's COMP.
Aug 11 15:22:20 <Night> "I thought as much." Night steps in, toeing off her shoes out of sheer force of habit and looking around. Is this what her apartment would look like without the books?
Aug 11 15:22:29 <Night> It's been long enough since she moved in she can't even remember
Aug 11 15:28:58 <Night> "What have you got?" With Hati gone…well, no, letting Jack out seems like a bad idea either way.
Aug 11 15:35:07 <Will> Will's apartment is, indeed, very austere, with the sole exception of a framed photo hanging on one wall of Will and another girl standing on the edge of a pier. Will-in-the-pic looks poised to throw the other girl into the water, and the other girl's face is frozen in a laugh. Will herself looks much happier in the picture than Night has ever seen her. Other than that, clothes, pizza boxes, and empty bottles of pop lie scattered,
Aug 11 15:35:07 <Will> and a wrinkled vaguely Will-sized impression is on the bed.
Aug 11 15:35:58 <Jaito> On the screen is totally different configuration of code than any Night's seen yet. So that's nice.
Aug 11 15:36:13 <Will> The hacker herself goes back into the kitchen, throwing away a paper towel. "Not much, sadly. I 'ad a brilliant bloody idea ta try ta poke at th' code meself and try ta do somethin' wit' it…" A gesture indicates the lump of metal.
Aug 11 15:36:39 <Jaito> The code, at least to Night's eyes. It's raw data.
Aug 11 15:37:28 <Night> Memory is a dangerous thing. Night glances towards the picture, more curious than anything else. This…must be 'Freyja', then. That poor girl, whose parents name them after an ancient norse god, anyway? Will's words catch her wandering attention, and she turns back to the screen and the…lump. "Dangerous, but it might be useful. Let me see the code." What words were in there, and in what pattern?
Aug 11 15:37:45 <Night> …For that matter, could something like this be spoken like a language?
Aug 11 15:38:00 <Night> That would sound godawful, this was such a hodgepodge.
Aug 11 15:38:06 <Will> "Be me guest, Misaki. Mebbe ye'll 'ave better luck 'n I had."
Aug 11 15:38:27 <Jaito> (Quick Lore, modified by Scholarship. So if Scholarship is lower, -1)
Aug 11 15:38:28 <Night> "Night," she corrects absently, sitting down to get a better look at the screen.
Aug 11 15:38:59 <Will> "Sorry. Used ta things." Will noted the other girl's glance to the picture, but doesn't comment.
Aug 11 15:39:05 <Night> (…1)
Aug 11 15:39:55 <Night> (er wait no 0)
Aug 11 15:40:00 <Night> (MATH)
Aug 11 15:40:07 <Night> (er.)
Aug 11 15:40:43 <Night> (first answer was right ignore me)
Aug 11 15:41:52 <Jaito> …this is definitely the same code. In a totally different shape. THere's….something painfully familiar in it, like a pattern. The structure isn't lines of code so much as….dammit, what? She's seen this somewhere.
Aug 11 15:44:31 <Night> She taps her nails against the table, irritated. "…where have I seen this, where…" She digs in her bag, looking for that photo again, as if it might have any more answers to give her. What is it she's supposed to find, anyway?
Aug 11 15:48:22 <Will> "I got no bloody clue. All I ken is, 'at's me attempt t' poke at th' code. Din't turn out quite right, hey?" She grabs a soda out of the fridge. "Need anythin' ta drink?"
Aug 11 15:49:24 <Night> "Hm? Eh, tea."
Aug 11 15:52:47 <Jaito> …Hey, boss. Why are you starin' at a rock?
Aug 11 15:53:40 <Night> …Because the rock might help me crack a language that warps reality?
Aug 11 15:54:00 * Will starts a pot. "I still ken't make heads'r tails o' the code, hardly. Nothin' 'elps, and ever' time I try ta do somethin' with it I get a splitting fucking 'eadache." Will pulls out a laptop and boots it up while Night's at her main computer.
Aug 11 15:54:44 <Night> "Don't just think of it as code…it is, but I think if we only look at this from one direction we'll just keep getting stuck."
Aug 11 15:57:51 <Will> " 'At much is fair. I been tryin' ta open up me thoughts a bit more since we talked at th' coffee shop, but me Freyja always said it were one of me faults, thinkin' in somethin' that weren't linear in fashion." As the computer boots up, Will opens up a new document, trying to remember just what it was she had done to make the… lump.
Aug 11 15:59:24 <Night> "This isn't even linear code. It's…criss-crossed. Woven." Night stares at the code, thinking. She's not a programmer, but…What are the words she recognizes? What makes a rock, or a blade, or a person?
Aug 11 16:00:15 <Jaito> …hmm…
Aug 11 16:00:21 <Jaito> Will: Scholarship, Night: Lore
Aug 11 16:00:33 <Night> any modifiers?
Aug 11 16:01:02 <Night> (er)
Aug 11 16:01:13 <Jaito> (Not in this case.)
Aug 11 16:03:23 <Will> (5)
Aug 11 16:03:30 <Night> (6)
Aug 11 16:03:46 <Will> (Wait, whose was the 2?)
Aug 11 16:04:06 <Night> (yours)
Aug 11 16:04:07 <Greenling> (yours.)
Aug 11 16:04:09 <Will> (Cuz I think the 2 was mine. Which makes my roll 7. >.<)
Aug 11 16:05:24 <Jaito> Will: Woven. It IS a code, but position is being measured not just along the lines, but in relation to other lines…but it's…wrong. Flat. Hmm….There are incomplete axes, this isn't meant to be seen flat.
Aug 11 16:06:21 <Jaito> Night: It IS a ritual structure…but this is odd. The actual symbols are pure techno-babble, but the structure…the shape…of course. Root, column, branches. It's a tree.
Aug 11 16:07:38 <Night> "…What? A tree?" That's…rituals in technology. The implications are actually kind of terrifying.
Aug 11 16:08:30 <Will> "A tree? Wha?" Will frowns distractedly, wondering… She's never programmed using her AR glasses before. Would that even be possible?
Aug 11 16:10:15 <Night> "Look at the structure of this. Branches, roots, column…tree. In ritual, that usually refers to Yggdrasil…the druids used tree symbolism too, of course, but they had specific symbols for each one, and the life tree is common-that's not the point. I don't know what they were doing with it, but…"
Aug 11 16:12:41 <Jaito> ASPECT ACQUIRED: The World Tree
Aug 11 16:19:50 <Will> "…" Will looks at the code in mid-air that Night is studying more closely. Then the tea-timer goes off, breaking her concentration. The hacker gets up to prepare some for Night. "So if it's s'posta be seen as kinda a tree structure, I need ta learn ta see this shite in 3D on top o' ever'thin' else…" Will grumbles for a moment, sending out a search on the internet for 3d modelling tutorials after she pours some tea into a mug -
Aug 11 16:19:50 <Will> surprisingly clean -for Night.
Aug 11 16:22:24 <Night> She takes it, absently, before looking down at the code again. "In 3D…that might be dangerous in this case. Odin hung himself and died on the branches of the world tree for knowledge of the runes." She smirks, almost wry. "I don't happen to have a spear or a noose handy, and I don't really believe in the ressurection."
Aug 11 16:28:56 <Jaito> The code's modeling…actually shifts and forms a somewhat lumpish structure. Part of the code itself is its own structural integrity within the shape. You made a lump because that was the best the altered code could form. Interesting…
Aug 11 16:40:22 <Will> " 'Scuse me f'r a second." Will looks at the code in front of Night, trying to remember what she did from there and rearrange it into a slightly different form. Headaches be damned, she *would* figure this out!
Aug 11 16:40:37 <Night> "…What were you trying to make?"
Aug 11 16:41:25 <Will> "Anythin' I could. Ta see if'n I c'ld use a different approach ta try ta work 'is out."
Aug 11 16:42:17 <Night> …That seems like kind of an odd way to go about making something.
Aug 11 16:43:05 <Will> (6 iirc from my previous roll for this, or is it straight scholarship this time?)
Aug 11 16:46:26 <Jaito> Will: …it's still missing something. Signature, authentication…some portion to make it "Acceptable" code. You can make all manner of templates…you think. With time, and painkillers. But it's lacking something essential.
Aug 11 16:51:18 <Will> "Bugger. Still cain't get it ta do much more'n 'at…"
Aug 11 16:51:45 <Night> "Maybe if you had something in mind to make?"
Aug 11 16:57:12 * Will nods. "Mebbe…" But again, non-linear thinking? Not Will's strong point. Regardless, she thinks for a second, then glances at the picture on the wall. Freyja had always enjoyed archery… Maybe… With a frown, Will tries again.
Aug 11 17:00:44 <Jaito> (Will: Give me a Lore check.)
Aug 11 17:01:12 <Will> (…Why did I not take Lore? At all? >.<)
Aug 11 17:01:22 <Will> (1)
Aug 11 17:05:24 <Jaito> …hm…she can envision it…but there's still something missing. Some sort of recognition element. It involves the system somehow. Maybe…maybe someone with more knowledge of the game software or in-game crafting?
Aug 11 17:06:12 <Night> "…May I try?"
Aug 11 17:06:30 <Will> "Shore thing."
Aug 11 17:08:26 <Night> Night looks down at the coding again. Not a programmer, but she can…work out enough of it. She thinks for something she wants to make—something familiar-and her mind settles on an elaborate cross that seems vivid in her memories. Something of her father's, perhaps, but it's wort trying…
Aug 11 17:08:39 <Jaito> (Go ahead and roll?)
Aug 11 17:09:18 <Night> (lore?)
Aug 11 17:10:52 <Jaito> (Yup.)
Aug 11 17:11:25 <Night> (5)
Aug 11 17:12:54 <Jaito> Without thinking, barely even moving her hands, Night is able to drag the code into place. The glyphs change as part of their position, taking on shapes not even previously modeled…she has it perfect, in her mind and on the screen…but if she moves her fingers, she knows it'll all fall apart.
Aug 11 17:13:09 <Jaito> It's not reinforced. "saved". Lasting, whatever you want to call it
Aug 11 17:13:45 <Night> Just a fleeting whisp of a dream. "…I can't make it stay."
Aug 11 17:14:49 <Jaito> …that's it. Any conjuration is held in place, bound, and controlled….by its name.
Aug 11 17:14:59 <Jaito> The problem is…how is this language even spoken?
Aug 11 17:15:28 <Night> …With difficulty, if she had to guess.
Aug 11 17:16:03 <Will> " 'Ow'd ye do 'at?" Will looks at the model wonderingly, the bottle of pop she'd been about to sip out of forgotten in her hand.
Aug 11 17:17:31 <Night> "It's a memory. I thought of what I wanted and made it…but I can't name it." She stares at the gnosis code, and swears quietly. "How the hell do you speak a language woven of all of them together?"
Aug 11 17:18:16 <Jaito> ASPECT ACQUIRED: The Name of the Thing
Aug 11 17:19:15 <Night> …Well, there was that one guy at the bar…he'd know enough languages, for sure, but how much could she even tell him?
Aug 11 17:19:37 <Jaito> …it's at this point that Will notices the trickle of blood coming from Night's nose.
Aug 11 17:19:47 <Jaito> …and then, Night…well…when did it get so dark…in….here….